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Sunday, January 17, 2010

2010 WDW Marathon Weekend Trip Report - January 8, 2010

Friday, January 8, 2010

The first alarm went off at 4am, the second at 4:15am. I opted to get up at 4:15, head straight to the shower and got ready to head out. At 4:50am I headed out to wait for the bus.

I made it on the first bus - actually there were only a couple of people on it...and we headed off to Epcot at 5:15am. It was an uneventful rude and we arrived at Epcot at 5:35am. It was a bit chilly, but at 41 degrees it was bearable. I walked around for a bit and then took a quick bio break.

Now I just stood outside the corral area until it was time to line up. Everyone was asked to get in their corrals at 6:30, so I lined up in the 11 - 13 minute corral. We had half an hour to stand and wait, but the energy was good and the time passed pretty quickly. One thing I did hear one of the announcers say that I hadn't heard before was that anyone doing the 5K, Half and Full could be called one of two names - Dopey or Dumbo. I'd never heard Dumbo before and I still like Dopey better!

It was 6:59 and time to count down the wheelchair athletes. Then it was our turn - 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 - off we go! I told myself I was going to take it slow and easy - would I actually do that?

It took a couple of minutes to hit the start line. The first mile was a bit slow and I mentally kept myself from weaving in and out and passing people. I'm not in this to get a PR, I'm not in this to beat people, I'm just doing a nice warm up for the half tomorrow. My first mile was 12:20 and we've gone around the parking lot and backstage.

I sped up a little in mile two just because it started to thin out a bit and I was feeling really good. We headed towards World Showcase, entering at Mexico. The Cast Members and volunteers are awesome - cheering and yelling and singing and all kinds of goofy things. My second mile was 11:26 and we're heading around World Showcase at a nice pace.

I felt really comfortable all the way through World Showcase, even on the little hills that can catch you off guard if you're tired. After World Showcase we headed in to Future World and past Spaceship Earth, around by the turnstiles and finally back out toward the parking lot for the final stretch. My third mile was 11:14 and I was still feeling really good.

I didn't pick up my pace for the finish stretch as I was just feeling good and wanted to end on a high note feeling good, which is exactly what I did. There it is, the finish line. I cross with a smile on my face (or in my head at least). My Garmin time was 36:56 so I was happy.

I ran the entire course and overall I was feeling pretty good. My right shin was hurting just a little bit - might have to have that checked again when I get home. I headed to get my medallion which was a little congested, but still pretty quick. I headed on and grabbed a water and got in line to get a finisher's photo which took no time at all!

Next up was snacks. This was so efficient, they had snacks all bagged up and just handed everyone a bag - each bag had a banana, orange and a muffin in it. Then more volunteers were handing out pineapple cups and boxes of raisins.

I took the short walk over to the buses and it was a quick trip back to the resort. I stopped to get some oatmeal and headed to my room to eat. After eating I took a hot shower and laid down to watch some TV and fell asleep.

I got up, took another shower and got ready to head out to Hollywood Studios. It was an uneventful ride to the park and a quick entry in. I headed straight to The Great Movie Ride - wow, there's a line, not just a line a 20 minute ride. Oh well...I'm in the line now. I still like this ride, but I do think it's time for an update. Although if you sit on the far left as you go in to the Alien section look at the computer monitors...There's some great funny stuff on there - stuff about welcoming all aliens to the spaceship, conditions are gooey and gross - I'll have to try to read more of those next time I ride because I honestly hadn't ever noticed this before.

After getting out of the ride I met up with Jeff from Team Voice and his Mom, Connie. We sat and chatted for a while and since they had fast passes for Toy Story Midway Mania we headed that way and while they rode I did a quick walk around and met back up with them. Now it was time to head towards Mama Melrose for the Team Voice dinner.

We all gathered in front of the restaurant, made our introductions and chatted for a while. We were all seated together and we had a good meal and great conversation. Rae and Eric brought goody bags for all of us with samples of some great products - thanks guys! If you haven't eaten here, give it a try - it's really a good restaurant. After dinner the park was closed so we all made our way to the front of the park to say our goodbyes, good lucks and see you tomorrows!

Richard was headed to Port Orleans Riverside to meet some friends so we had a great conversation on the way over the resort. We said our goodbyes and I headed back to my room. I had to check in with my niece to see how she and the baby were and to check on my sister how had surgery today. My sister was having some trouble so I made a call to talk to her - the story is always better directly from the source, she was having problems (turned out to be an allergy to Morphine) but was doing okay.

Once I was sure everyone was okay, I started to get ready for tomorrow. I laid out all of my gear, made some changes to my Garmin workout, got my water ready to go and watched the news to see how bad it was really going to be weather-wise. Finally, at 9:15pm I decided I needed to get to bed because 2am was going to come very early!

Next up, the Half Marathon I wasn't prepared for...

Memories of My Third Day
The weather today was very chilly.

The best thing today was the 5K race and meeting all the Team Voice members.

The worst thing today was the weather.

The funniest thing today was the announcer calling people Dumbo for doing the 5k, Half and Full Marathon.

Today I tried the Up & Away Family 5K and the result was a great race that was well organized.

The most magical moment today was the 5K race and dinner with the super Team Voice folks!

Up & Away Family Fun Run 5K


Chris said...

I hadn't seen the 5k medallion till now, and I like it! Kinda wish I signed up to run it simply for the medal! Not sure if I want to do all three next year, but will leave my option open for a while. How quickly does the 5k fill up?

I agree on Mama Melrose, it surpassed my expectations for sure, but the company might have had something to do with it. :-)

-Goof Trooper

Amanda said...

The 5K is usually open for quite a while if I remember correctly, but I always sign up for them...Strange tradition I started on the Minnie Marathon 15K and have continued to do so :)!

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