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Saturday, January 16, 2010

2010 WDW Marathon Weekend Trip Report - January 7, 2010

The alarm went off at 6:15 this morning and I completely ignored it. I finally got up at 7:45. Checked my work email and then got ready to go for a nice short run.

It was about 8:20am when I headed out the door for a nice 2.26 mile run just to loosen up my joints and get a feel for the terrain and weather. Port Orleans French Quarter is a beautiful resort to run at. There are tons of trails and pathways and running along the river is really lovely. I would highly recommend staying here if you want someplace to be able to come out and do a few miles before hitting the parks or before bed at night.

I was back in my room and in the shower by 9:20am. I dilly dallied for a while and at 10:15 I headed to the food court to grab some breakfast. Oatmeal, fruit, orange juice and water - perfect breakfast after a nice little run!

At 11am I walked around a bit because the buses to the Expo weren't supposed to start running until 11:30am. Finally I headed over to wait since there were some other people waiting too. There was mass confusion on the part of the bus drivers and CM's as to when the buses would actually start running. One couple was told 9, 11 and 12. I looked in the brochure and it stated 11:30 - which I showed to the confused CM's.

As we waited to get the bus confusion sorted out I had a chance to talk to a man that was running the Goofy Challenge for the second time. He's 56 years old this year. The first time he ran the Goofy Challenge he hadn't run a marathon in 10 years and that was only as a joke. He encouraged me and thought it would be fine to run it without running a marathon first as long as you put in the training runs. It was great to talk to him and find out more about the races and how he trained.

The bus came over right before 11:30am and we all boarded and were on our way to the Expo. We arrived at Disney's Wide World of Sports and the line for packet pickup was almost down to where the buses unload. I just got in line and waited with everyone else. It's a little chilly this morning, but in the sun it's perfect. It was crazy as the line just kept going and finally wound its way through a queue line - it was like waiting in line for a ride in the middle of summer, except this line actually kept moving pretty well.

I was in the building pretty quickly and headed straight to the Half Marathon packet pickup line. My line only had one person in it so I had my bib and pin quite quickly and headed to where I saw a sign to go upstairs for the 5K pickup.

Not so quick. There's a guy there and he sends me the other way. I head the other way and another guy sends me down a hallway that appears to lead to nowhere. I eventually run in to a volunteer coordinator and as I start talking to her more guests show up having been told to go this way too. The volunteer coordinator took us where we needed to go - thank goodness I didn't end up having to go back outside and through the first line again! I head upstairs and they are checking ID before you enter the room to get in line - strange since I have no idea what she was actually looking for in terms of the ID. The line for the 5K only had two people in front of me so this line was pretty quick as well. I had my bib, pin, shirt and goody bag and was ready to head out to get my goody bag and shirt for the half marathon.

I knew that my bib for the half marathon would be personalized, but the 5K bib was personalized too. Very cool. I asked for an XL t-shirt and didn't realize til I got back to the room that I ended up with a M...Oh well.

I headed across the way to go get my shirt. It was really quick - there wasn't anyone waiting in line for an XL. I had everything done in hardly any time at all. I stopped right before the entrance to the Expo and got all my stuff organized in to one bag and easier to carry.

In to Expo madhouse - oh my was it crowded in here! I decided to check out the Disney merchandise first. I was a bit disappointed because I know that Champion tends to run small and the largest size I found was XL - I prefer a XXL in this brand as it just fits better. I even asked a CM and he said everything they had was out...Bummer. I did end up buying a long sleeve tech shirt (which I discovered later didn't fit well at all) and a key chain. I had in my hands an in training for Goofy 2011 and an in training for Marathon 2011 shirts - I was going to buy them, but then I chickened out...One I wasn't sure which I was committing to and two they were XL and I didn't want to buy them and then not wear them ever..

I walked around the Expo just soaking in the atmosphere and seeing if there was any new gear that I couldn't live without. The only thing I bought was a travel size Body Glide that was 1/2 off - such a good deal!

I got a Tweet from mla1977 - Megan asking if I wanted to meet because she was at the Expo too. We met up and walked around the Expo together and chatted for awhile, then we headed out to the buses to head back to our resorts.

As I was waiting for the bus, the couple I was talking to on the way over were there and another couple. We all had more conversations about marathons and the Goofy Challenge and I asked for advice. I got the best advice this time - the day before your long run go out and do a nice long bike ride so that you wear out your legs without the pounding, then when you do your long run you'll know what it feels like to run on tired legs and that's how the Goofy will feel! Love this idea and already planning to put in in my training plan and I'm pretty much decided that I'm doing Goofy.

I got back to my room, changed clothes and got ready for Epcot. It was a quick stop and I was back out to the bus and on my way in no time. I had the bus all to myself - yep, there was no one else on the bus and that was kind of strange.

Once at Epcot I headed straight in to the park and rode Spaceship Earth - one of my favorites. Then I headed right back out of the park to wait for Dive Quest. While waiting two guys showed up - a father and son. We started talking about diving and before you know it another guy showed up. Then the conversation turned to the races and I found out the father is running the Goofy. Again I started with the questions - here's another guy that hadn't run a marathon before the first time he ran the Goofy. Another vote of confidence that I could do this next year. The third guy that was there is doing the same as me - the half this year and the Goofy next year. Then a fourth guy showed up and right after that our leader showed up. As one of the leaders was leaving he said - I remember you. I said, I remember you, but you remember me? He said - of course, you're here all the time. I had to laugh at that - I haven't been here since September, but it was cool that he remembered me :)!

The first part of the program heads backstage and we get to learn a bit more about the building, filters, animals, etc...Our leader this time, John, was very knowledgeable, told some great stories and I actually learned some new facts this time. As we headed in to the manatee area we got to see manatee poop first hand - Kringle is being fed more to get more weight on him before he's released and it's causing gastric distress. Then we head to the classroom to sign our lives away and watch the video about what to do and not do.

Time to get dressed. I head in and my wetsuit booties are two sizes too small - I go out and ask John to get me size 8 instead of 6. I head back in and guess what - my wetsuit is two sizes too small. Back out to John and he brings in two new options. This is the first time that I've ever had to change what they've given me...At least everything fits now.

We head onstage and then backstage where we get to meet our dive master, Bruce, our videographer, Will and our safety diver Jon. We got our briefing on the equipment and what to do and not to do with the animals, then we suited up and headed in the water to meet in the middle.

As we started to submerge I couldn't descend and Jon hooked two more weights on my vest and down I went. Much better. The first part was follow the leader. We went through some crazy swim throughs and areas that were difficult to navigate. It was crazy fun. Finally we were on our own and I stayed with Christopher (one of the other divers) around the tank looking for his family. He finally found them and I headed off to wave at people, do somersaults and look around. It's a lot of fun playing with the kids watching and being part of the show.

I went in search of the sharks. Bruce asked if I wanted to see them and I said sure. He took me to the bottom of the tank and had me lay on the bottom and shallow my breathing - one of the sand tigers swam right next to me - reach out and touch close. Then Bruce took me to another area and I did the same thing and here comes the shark right next to me again. This is awesome. The only problem I have with doing this is the shallow breathing - I don't like doing that very much.

Bruce pointed to a place higher up and started to ascend and all of a sudden I got super dizzy and disoriented. It was a bit strange and surreal feeling. I didn't like it and I signaled Bruce I was headed up. We reached the surface and he explained that I had just experienced reverse equalization and if it happens again just stop moving and it'll clear in a second or two. Not something I hope happens very often that's for sure.

We headed back down and all too soon time was up and everyone headed back to the surface. My left ear popped hard and hurt a little bit, but other than that it was a great dive. We all headed back to the locker rooms to shower and change. I was done before any of the guys were done - well I was pretty quick :). Next we headed to get our dive stickers and watch the video of our dive. The DVD costs $35 and all of that goes straight to the Disney Conservation Fund so of course I bought it. We also each got a cloth bag to put our wet things in. The sad part - no t-shirt or collector pin, just the bag. I was a bit bummed by that as I was hoping to wear the t-shirt the next day. We all said our goodbyes and headed off.

I decided to head to World Showcase to look for food. I was starving - I always am after diving. As I walked around I was so hungry that I just couldn't decide what I wanted. I stopped in at Mitsukoshi to look around then headed out of the park. I was trying to take it easy today so that I wouldn't wear out my legs - too bad I dove and walked all the way around World Showcase. It's okay though, I feel good.

Out to the bus stop and the bus was there so I was on my way back to the resort. It's a quick bus trip and when I arrived I headed to the store to get some big bottles of water. Next up the food court - a cheeseburger and fries was on the menu for me tonight.

After I got my food I headed to my room to eat and check email. Then it was time to lay out my race gear for the Up & Away 5K. The forecast is calling for sleet and/or snow flurries tomorrow night in to Saturday morning - anyone up for a half marathon in the snow?

I finally decide it's time for bed around 11pm as 4am is going to come early in the morning, but I'm looking forward to the 5K!

Dive Quest Pictures

Memories of My Second Day
The weather today was cold but sunny.

The best thing today was meeting Megan, Packet Pickup/Expo and Dive Quest.

The worst thing today was walking too much and the reverse equalization disorientation.

The funniest thing today was the crazy antics of people and cast members in the packet pickup line at the Expo.

Today I tried running at Port Orleans and the result was a beautiful place to run.

The most magical moment today was getting up close and personal with the sharks during Dive Quest!


Richard said...

Loved reading about the dive, I hope to get certified one day when I have the time (and of course the money).

After finishing the Goofy, I can tell you that I agree that the Goofy is doable without a previous marathon, providing you do the proper training runs. I did my weekend Sunday long runs after Saturday bikes of 1.5 to 3 hours, this way I got my training time covered on tired legs. In the end, my legs stayed fresh on Goofy's marathon day so I must have trained OK. I am confident you will be fine. You even have me considering doing the Dopey next year, too.

Megan said...

Yay! I was one of the best things about the day! Your shirt that is a medium, was that the 5k shirt? I got an XL for my half shirt and I'm swimming in it. I should have realized that it is a men's XL. The large that I got for the full (registered for it before I joined TnT) fits perfectly. I also went back on Friday and bought the In Training for 2011 for the full. I wore it today at the gym, but no one said anything.

Chris said...

Love the review of the diving. :-) Now, DiveMaster Bruce wasn't a great white shark, was he? "Names BRUCE.." LOL Especially given the attraction just around the corner.

I've heard all kinds of the same thing about running and Port Oleans just recently. Isn't that funny? Might have to stay here in the near future, perhaps next marathon trip.

I think you'll be fine for the Goofy, but I'd still advice that you try to get a marathon in this year if you can find one that suits you. The sheer distance is just something to have in mind so you won't worry about that aspect when you "Goof", you can just soak it all in knowing what to expect with the miles. You'll be fine either way though. :-) I had all kinds of "interviews" with Goofy folks as well during this last trip and they did similar training. Back to back long runs was the most common training technique. Also, I heard from a couple of folks that did same day longer runs, like two 12 milers...one in the morning at a regular pace and light 12 in the evening. I may actually try both techiques through the course of training in the year. I think the bottom line being that we all need to probably add 40-50% more miles per month with most of it being running. Of course, cranking up the cross training will help the joints and build the non-running muscles as well. Holy chatterbox! Sorry about that. Us "Goof Troop" folks need to stick together though. :-)

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