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Friday, January 15, 2010

2010 WDW Marathon Weekend Trip Report - January 6, 2010

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The alarm went off at 4am and I managed to get up at 4:15am. I fed the dogs, took a shower and was ready to head out at 5am. Of course I had to give the kids a talking to - always have to let them know they need to be good and not eat everything in my house. I moved all the furniture out of the living room so the dogs won't eat the new furniture - I'm sure they'll eat the walls, rugs and cabinets instead! Hopefully, Belle will stay healthy and all the kids will behave while I'm gone.

At 5:12am I got a call from Super Shuttle saying they were on the way. I got all the animals ready and headed out to the driveway to wait for the blue van to appear. I was on the shuttle and on the way to the airport at 5:23am and surprisingly, I was at the airport, checked my bag and made it through the long security line by 6:17am. Then it was time to sit at the gate and wait. While I was waiting I was talking to a nice lady from Key West about life in FL, pets, and work. It certainly helped pass the time.

So here I am going on another half marathon trip. Crazy huh? I weigh the most I've weighed for a race, my niece is having her second (and last) baby today and work pretty much sucks! So goes life. The funny thing is, I feel really good about the race. I want to run, I want to run well, and I know I'll finish!

The flight to Denver was uneventful. It was fun to look at all the snow on the mountains - I think I need to visit Denver soon. My niece should be having the baby soon. I'm a bit sad I'm not there, but that's the way the timing worked out this time. Flying tends to make me emotional for some reason - strange I know because I love flying. As we wait to take off we're told we're waiting for a few minutes for 40 bags to get loaded - this will be important later.

We took off from Denver on time and the flight to Orlando was very uneventful. We landed five minutes early and I have to say we had a really good flight crew. Here were a couple of my favorite comments. Before take off - Buckle your seat belts because the captain just informed me that he'll be trying something new today. After landing - We're five minutes early, next time we're 1, 2, 3 hours late we'll call it even. Taxiing to the gate - Now you know why our fares are so low, we fly you half way and drive the other half.

I got of the plane and didn't have any messages about my niece and the baby. She should have had him by now. I do some messaging and find out that Mom and baby are both fine - Ryan was born at 11:48am, 11 pounds 4 ounces and 22 inches long.

Needed to make a quick pit stop and then headed down to baggage claim. I'm waiting, and waiting, and waiting. I see other people from my flight get their bags and my bag still hasn't shown up. Blast it - my bag is missing. Guess those 40 bags didn't make it on the plan after all. I headed in to baggage claim office and entered a claim. She expected it to come in on the 6pm flight and they will get it to me. I explain that it's important because my race gear is in there - she assures me I'll get my bag tonight. At least I always wear my racing shoes.

I headed down to Magical Express and decide to go ahead and wait in line (even though I have my paperwork) because my flight information showed up on line, but not on the paperwork. I wanted to make sure I was on the list to come back to the airport - don't need any surprises on that one.

It's 5:30pm and I'm on the bus and have an hour journey ahead of me. It really did take almost an hour. I arrive at Port Orleans French Quarter and get off the bus. The Christmas decorations are still up and Christmas music is still playing. I headed in to the lobby and got in the online check in line. the lobby is small, but nice. I was helped pretty quickly and was headed out to find my room in no time.

Sometimes it would be helpful to be able to read...I thought my room was 4120, but I couldn't open the door - oh, that would be 4210. Sheesh - apparently I'm dyslexic tonight. Amazingly, the door opened right up on 4210!

My first impression of the room was that it is a nice sized room, it seems a little old and in need of a refresh, but there's really nothing wrong with it. The theme is pretty nice, it's understated, but recognizable enough. After I do a quick sweep of the room, I realize that I'm starving and the fact that I have no clothes, toiletries, etc...is starting to sink in.

I figured I'd take the boat to Downtown Disney, but somehow I ended up on the Riverside boat. It was so cold - I am wearing a long sleeve t-shirt and I can tell you it's not enough. I'm in trouble as I don't think I have enough cold weather clothes. I got off the boat at Riverside and headed to the bus stop. The 15 minute wait for the bus felt like hours in the cold, but I finally got on the bus and headed to the Marketplace.

It was a mad dash to World of Disney to get some clothes - a nightgown, t-shirt and jacket were purchased. Yikes - why are clothes so expensive? Next I headed to Earl of Sandwich to grab some dinner. I bought a sandwich, chips and soup and decided to head back to the resort to eat.

I was glad to be back in my room and finally getting to eat. Yum - I really like Earl of Sandwich, reasonably priced and good! After eating I checked in to find out that my niece had a rough time this time and is pretty sore from all the needle sticks and c-section, but the baby is perfect and didn't have to spend any time in NICU!

Next call was to Southwest to check on my bag since I still haven't heard anything and it's after 10pm. I spoke to a very nice lady and she assured me I'd get my bag tonight and to expect them to call within an hour or so to make arrangements. She also gave me another number to call for a status update.

I finally give up on my bag at almost midnight. I get ready for bed and just turn off the lights and all of a sudden there's a knock on my door. I go look through the peep hole and sure enough there's someone there with my suitcase! Yeah!!!!! I am so happy and relieved, I was really panicked about buying new running gear at the expo - not only because I wouldn't be able to test the gear, but because it was going to cost a fortune.

After all the excitement it's time for bed as tomorrow is the Expo and Dive Quest!

Memories of Journey
The weather was chilly when I left and cold in Denver and cold in Orlando when I arrived.

The best thing about my journey was making it to Orlando.

The worst thing about my journey was my bag not making it with me.

The funniest thing about my journey was the flight crew from Denver to Orlando.

During my journey I tried Southwest's early bird check-in and the result was probably not worth the extra money on the flight out since I'm usually near a computer in time to check in.

The most magical moment of my journey was seeing the Welcome to Walt Disney World arch over the road from the Magical Express bus!

Memories of My Room
The first impression of my room was that it's a good size, but seems like it needs a refresh.

The best thing was being close to lobby, store, food court and bus stop.

The worst thing was the old fashioned heater/cooler.

The amenities were good, nothing overly fancy, but definitely usable.

I tried the boat to Riverside and the result was a very cold ride to go catch a bus that I could have taken from French Quarter...Live and learn.

The most magical moment was seeing the towel flower made by Mousekeeping.


Richard said...

When I travel for a race, I always keep my race gear with me just in case of bag issues like that, so glad it wasn't a big problem in the end. I had one of those same dyslexic room issues, and it was after I had been in the room already. I can't wait to see how you write up the actual race report when you get to that point, of course I'm writing a several part blog myself.

Congrats on the new family member, 11+ pounds, wow!

Chris said...

Glad at least someone in the group is adventurous! Then we can all reap the benefits of your learnings. :-D

As with Richard I make at least the running shoes part of a carry on as the other stuff you can typically get at the expo, but if you can fit the other stuff it's a good idea.

Congrats on the new family member!

Chris runs after daylight said...

I'm with Richard on this. Always a good idea to carry your entire race bag with you onboard the plane; checking it as luggage is a gamble. Glad you got it back, that would have been the pits :)

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