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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

To Goofy in 2011 or Not

Would you attempt the Goofy if you've never run a full marathon before? I'd have 50 weeks to train. Anyone have any good Goofy training plans?


Chris said...

Yeah, first, drink a bottle of tequilla....then you'll be of sound mind to tell everyone that you're going to run 39.3 miles in 2 days... That's kinda how I did it...LOL

No really though, I think I'd take on a full marathon prior to committing to the Goof. I did the full this past October and I'm still a little leary about doing both next year. From what I've heard, most people will pick one race to "run" and the other is just a training drill to walk/run or just take it easy. I'm planning on going very light on the half and then running the full pretty much normal, but we'll see.

I think my training plan is going to be to steadily increase the miles from 70-100 a month to 100-150 a month with more frequent long runs (gearing up towards the middle of summer). I'm also going to consult the running experts that I work with who've done ultramarathons and such. I'll share any advice I get with ya. :-)

Richard said...

Oh yes, hit the tequila bar in Mexico pavillion first!

I am doing Goofy here soon and I did not run a full marathon until this past November (although I had done a 50K a couple of years back), so that is not too far off of where you are. I would consider completing a full marathon next fall as part of your Goofy preparation, or at least completing several 20+ mile long runs.

I say go for it!

Amanda said...

Thanks for the comments...I'm seriously considering the Goofy! I'm probably Goofy for even thinking about it, but I really think with a year to train I should be able to do it! Can you tell I'm talking myself in to this?

Matt said...

I know I'm SERIOUSLY thinking about it. We'll have to convince each other to do it next week at the Tequila Bar!

Carter said...

You can do it if you have the will to do it. No, it is not easy, but where else will find more magical support? Focus on the goal, but go into it relaxed and take it mile by mile. The allowed pace is manageable, and the Goofy is filled with lots of walkers. Don't psych yourself out...it is the most fun you will ever have putting miles on your sneakers. Look forward to it and enjoy the ride!! Seriously...you can do it. Find the will, and the way will follow.

Carter said...

Also...a lot of training plans suggest doing at least one 26-28 mile run to condition your body and mind to that distance. Makes sense, as there is a BIG difference once you pass the 20 mile mark or so. I suggest finding a low key marathon around October to sign up for as practice--something to run at a "training" pace. First, it will give you an idea of how a race plays out and what your physical advantages and obstacles are, as well as giving you a chance to identify any problem spots. Secondly, it will take the pressure off of you for Disney...you will then know you can do it, so you can go into the race with experience and confidence. The more relaxed you are, the greater your success and enjoyment. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, it will give you a benchmark marathon experience that will make you enjoy and appreciate the Disney experience even more!

Casey said...

Do a marathon first. You have no idea what you're in for. And the reason you don't go over the 20 mile mark usually while training is because it takes your body a long time to heal from a 20 plus mile run. Ask a marathoner... over 20 miles is a whole diiifferent run than running less than 20.

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