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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Some Days It Just Doesn't Pay...

Tried to go running tonight. Haven't felt great today - no sleep, migraine, sick dog shivering and coughing all night. You get the picture.

Just thought I'd put in some time since I haven't done anything in three days. Bad I know, but sometimes the body dictates and the mind has to comply ;)!

Had trouble putting my shoes on tonight. Seems my legs decided to swell up good today at work - the perils of a desk job. Which later led to a very tight left calf - until it started warming up and stretching out.

Out the door for a warm up walk. My heart rate monitor isn't monitoring. Finally got it positioned correctly and at least it started reading.

Wore the new Camelbak waist pouch full of water to test it out. The verdict is still out. I didn't mind the sloshing noise, but it doesn't fit against me very well and I have to figure out the best way to handle the drinking hose.

Then my darn pants started chafing - not a nice feeling either.

So, I did get 2.82miles in tonight. I can't call it a run, I think I'll just call it a mess :)!

Until next time...Keep on chugging along!


Richard said...

Some days it just doesn't come together, but 2.82 miles of a "mess" is still pretty good for a bad run.

Matt said...

Well, 2.82 miles is certainly better than nothing. Which all I've had time to do!

We'll both make it just fine!

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