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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Reflections of 2009 and Visions of 2010

I've been mulling this post over in my head for a while now and I hope I can put everything I've been thinking down in writing. I warn you now that this is going to be a long one!

Let's start with 2009
-Started the year out right with the New Year's Day 5K...Finished in 35:22 - certainly not my best time, but respectable considering my lack of training through out the holidays...
-Started the year out at a weight that I never wanted to see again...I have a lot of work to do in this area
-Continued training for the Princess Half Marathon. Hit a long run of 10.86 miles - my longest prior to the race
-Worked on diet and lost a few pounds which would help with the upcoming Half Marathon
-Bought an iPhone (what did I do without this thing)
-Travel to Walt Disney World for the Princess Half Marathon Weekend
-Ran the Royal Family 5K in 33:51 - not a bad time
-Met Rae and E, Kate and Princess Fee. It was a lot of fun meeting people that I had been conversing with online!
-Ran the Princess Half Marathon in 2:40:02...Still didn't get 2:30, but it was still a new PR bettering my 2008 Disneyland Half Marathon time by 6 minutes.
-Joined D23 as a charter member
-Still working out and the diet is going okay
-Get Open Water SCUBA Certification. Find another new hobby
-Go to see Up - LOVE IT!
-Still running - modest mileage
-Juneathon - mileage every day in June, it's a good month for walking/running
-Do some dives at the lake
-Try out the new Online ADR System
-Tragic monorail crash at WDW
-My refrigerator died
-Tried a little track running - not my favorite thing to do
-The summer heat sets in and my mileage drops drastically
-My diet starts to suffer
-I try to pick up my mileage...Not where it should be, but better than July
-My diet is not good at all.
-Stress at work is starting to hit me as more changes are being announced daily.
-Had a fabulous two week trip to WDW - that I still owe you all a trip report from...I had a lot of new experiences, met some great cast members and started longing to move to Orlando.
-Register for the 2010 Disneyland Half Marathon - going for that Coast to Coast medal in 2010!
-Completed the Step Out for Diabetes 5K Walk - no official time and I didn't wear my Garmin, did some little running spurts and realize how far I've fallen in my fitness.
-Walked the Walk for Hope 5K for Breast Cancer
-Walked the Komen Race for a Cure 5K for Breast Cancer
-My bird Sam passed away
-Had a nice Halloween in my Mummy costume
-Stress at work has thrown my diet completely off track. I keep trying to recover, but it's just not happening.
-My mileage is also very low this month.
-Start ramping up the running miles again. No real long runs, but getting out there again.
-Still can't get the diet under control. Now weigh more than I should and still having trouble making myself behave.
-Find a dog and find his real home - thank goodness!
-Try new black running shoes and have trouble breaking them in.
-Register for 2010 Inaugural Wine & Dine Half Marathon.
-Announcements at work continue to stress and trouble me.
-Get in some long runs in prep for January WDW 1/2 Marathon. Finish 9, 11 and 12 mile runs throughout the month. Feel pretty good about that. Wishing I'd done more tempo and speed work though.
-Belle gets sick and is finally starting to get better.
-Re-organization has been announced at work. I have a new boss and a job that I specifically asked to not have...Decisions need to be made.
-I've been blogging for a year now...Thanks for reading!

So what have I learned from 2009:
-I stress eat....It's not even that I eat all bad things, I just eat way to much.
-I let the tiredness from stress stop me from reaching my full potential in my running.
-I need to decide what to do about my work situation. While I'm glad I still have a job, I think it may be time for a change.
-I need to figure out how to maintain my focus when there's a lot going on in life.
-Even with my training not being as focused as I would have liked I logged 614.85 miles of walking/running in 2009.
-I couldn't have done as much as I did this year without the support of my online friends. You guys have all helped me so much that I can't express my gratitude. I hope that I've helped some of you as well!

What's in store for 2010
-Run the New Year's Day 5K (This will be the third year I've done this race)
-Up 5K and WDW Half Marathon
-Time to take control of my diet and fitness and work on controlling my out of control eating habits. Learn to eat a more balanced and natural diet.
-Start increasing my mileage and work towards running a full marathon (or more)
-Walk/Run the Lost Dutchman 8K Trail Run. This will be the third year I've done this one too...I don't run this one all out because I'm always worried about twisting an ankle or knee on the rough trail.
-Run Pat's Run 4.2 mile race
-Continue running through the heat of summer, whether on the treadmill or outside.
-Run Disneyland 5K and Disneyland Half Marathon. Hoping that this race is just a walk in the park as I'll be doing runs longer than the 1/2 marathon in preparation for January 2011 and the WDW Full Marathon.
-Run the WDW Halloween 5K and the Wine & Dine Half Marathon. This should be interesting as the two races are happening on the same day. The 5K is in the morning and the 1/2 marathon is at night. I don't typically run as well at night so this one is more than likely going to be for fun more than anything else.
-Continue training for the 2011 WDW Full Marathon (or Goofy Challenge).

Goals for 2010:
-Run a half marathon in 2:30 or less. I've got three chances to make this happen - as long as my finances hold out.
-Get my diet back under control, loss the excess weight and work darn hard to not fall in to the fall holidays eating binge. I've started to recognize the patterns - now I just have to acknowledge them and figure out a more productive way to address them.
-Figure out what I want to be when I grow up (i.e. look for another job)...This is going to be tough on me. I'll be even more stressed than I already am, working in a new job (if I can find one) with eating right and exercising might be very difficult, but I think it has to be done!
-If I can stay on my running schedule it will mean I'll end up logging about 1300 running miles and I have no idea how many walking/biking miles. I will be very impressed with myself if I can do this. It's going to take a lot of dedication, but I think I need that. That will mean doubling my miles from 2009.
-Support anyone that asks for help in regards to their diet and exercise goals

Be prepared for more updates as I can provide them in 2010. It's going to take a lot for me to continue to try to reach my goals and I'll probably ask for advice from all of you along the way!


Matt said...

All things considered, I say you've had a pretty good year with lots of accomplishments.

We also have similar (if not exact) goals for 2010 so lets encourage each other!

Chris said...

I think you had a great year, look at all that stuff! Tons of racing, training, finding animals owners :-), and even staying employed (no small feat as you very well know).

How do you feel about making 2:30 on the 9th? You could add in some speed work of some sort to your training regimine for 2010 if you don't get there next week. The interval and tempo runs really helped me to gain strength and endurance (not to mention a ton more cross-training which I hadn't really done prior). If I can be of any help, just let me know! I'm not an expert by any means but I'd really like to see you reach that goal this year!

Amanda said...

Thanks Chris. I don't feel great about the 2:30 for this race. I know that I neglected the speedwork that I should have done...My plans for 2010 have plenty of speed and tempo work built in so I think there's a good chance I can get that 2:30 at some point this year!

Richard said...

We have some similar goals in there, Amanda! I like the way you spell it all out and then plan to go after those goals. Stress eating is one of the hardest things I have had to overcome, and it still comes back to get the better of me sometimes.
Keep up the good fight!

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