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Thursday, December 24, 2009

9 Miiles - Confidence Builder or Killer?

Tuesday I took my Jasmine out for an easy 3 mile run...Little did I know that she was planning on killing us both by running 10:57 per mile. Actually it felt good to get a little speed back. I know, it's not fast, but I haven't been pushing my speed at all so this was a nice change. My little fat dog just wanted to kick some pavement butt :)!

Took yesterday off as I had to run to the vet to get Belle more medicine to last over the weekend. Her first Valley Fever test came back negative, but she has all the symptoms so we're going back in on Tuesday to draw more blood and test again. She isn't any worse, but she's not really better either. Thankfully the medicine helps her not cough as much so that's a good thing. I just want to get her treatment started and have it going for a few days before I head to WDW. It's going to be harder than ever to leave her this time.

This morning I headed out for a nice long run - 9 miles was the goal. I knew where I wanted to run and I got ready to head out. A little chilly this morning - 34 degrees F and yes, I realize that isn't super cold, but I haven't been running in the mornings so I have run in the 30's at all this year. So, long sleeves and gloves were in order. While I was at Target the other day I purchased a pair of Champion fitted running Capri pants - yes, I look like a fool, but they are super comfy and they don't ride up or chafe at all. Grabbed my water and headed out the door.

I did my little warm up walk and then I started on my run. I felt good, oddly good. Decided to let my body set the pace to start with and I'd adjust as needed. I knew I wanted to push myself a little bit today - how much I wasn't sure. Turns out I was in the mid 11 minute mile pace. Decided to let it go for a while and see how I did.

Got to the part of the run where I was going to cross the major road to start heading along the canal...Oops, not so fast...There's a bunch of construction going on and I can't get to the canal...Have to head a different way which means I'll have to pay readjust where I turn around and head back, etc...Oh well. Off I go in the other direction.

I'm still feeling pretty good. I hit 3 miles, 4 miles, 5 miles and turn around to head back. Guess I'm doing an out and back after all. It's okay, the canals are peaceful today - fish are jumping to get bugs, there are other runners and people walking their dogs and I'm just enjoying my run. At 6.5 miles my stomach started acting up a bit - nothing too bad, just a bit uncomfortable. I keep trudging along.

I decided against using the gel I brought with me today. Since my stomach wasn't feeling great and I was still feeling pretty energized I decided I didn't need it. I hit mile 7 and I'm starting to wane a bit. Now it's a mental battle - my legs feel great. No pain in my hips, very little pain in my knees and ankles, but my mind started that - you should walk - chant...I pushed it down and kept going.

Mile 8 and I'm almost done. 8.5 miles and it's tough. 8.75 miles - just push it and get it done. I do just that and I finish the 9 miles without any walking. I'm very tired, very tired for sure. I have my cool down walk and I sip my water as I walk along.

The end of my 9 miles and I realize that I just ran 9 miles in 11:55 per mile. Holy cow - I can't believe it. I maintained that pace the whole time. I was pretty consistent and while I'm going to pay for it later, I did it.

So, was my run a confidence builder or killer. Both! It was a builder because I was able to run the full 9 miles and I ran it faster than I have in a long time. It was a killer because it was only 9 miles and I'm pretty spent - it worries me that I'm that tired and I will have to pull more out to make it another 4.1 miles.

I'll head out on Saturday for an 8 mile run. I'm planning on taking this one slow and easy - not pushing at all. This will be my last long run before the half marathon. I'm going to try to get a couple miles in each day the following week and then it'll be time to head to WDW.

I feel good about my gear - even if I do look the fool :)! My shoes are broken in nicely - my feet are a little sore in the arches today, but nothing drastic. I'll take my fuel depending on how I feel during the race. My stomach is finicky when it comes to sports drinks, I can't drink them during the race so I'll have to make sure I drink my water and take gel as I need it - sports drinks for me are for when I'm all done running and I'll be more than ready for one then. I'm about as ready as I'll ever be and I should probably start packing soon as it's going to be a busy couple of weeks before I head out.

I hope everyone else's training is going well. Merry Christmas Eve - enjoy any festivities you have planned for today!


Matt said...

Merry Christmas and see you soon!!!

Richard said...

I really doubt that you looked like a fool, and the important thing is not how you looked but how you felt. You did a good job!
I'll be seeing you soon at WDW.

DebWDW said...

Great job! I dilute Gatorade by half with water, which is easier on my stomach. See you soon!

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