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Saturday, December 12, 2009

12mi run, 1.16 mile walk and Now It's Time To Taper

Well, I headed out for a 12 mile run this morning. I wanted to get out of the house by 6...oops, it was 8 by the time I headed out. That's okay though.

It was a really beautiful day for a run. There's a wonderful cloud cover keeping the day a little gray, that means no sun blindness today!

I was pretty sick with tummy troubles all day yesterday, but I felt pretty good this morning. I was a little worried because I didn't hydrate as much I would have liked to. I also learned this week that I cannot run with the Camelbak waist pack that I bought - it's just not comfortable, it bounces to much and doesn't sit close enough to my body so I end up readjusting it constantly.

I started running and really felt good. I wasn't going to push my pace to much. It's more about learning to be more consistent with my pace instead of all this up and down I've done in my previous half marathons.

I chugged along...Lots of people on the path today. Looked like there was a Team In Training run going on. That's okay, I like to see other runners out there doing their thing! Four miles, five miles, six miles, six and a half miles and time to turn around and head back. I feel really good today. I keep on going. Finally at 7.8 miles I decided to try a raspberry Hammer Gel. It was fine...I kept going.

I hit 9.5 miles and slammed head first in to the wall...Brick, concrete, steel reinforced, bullet proof and nasty as heck. I can promise you that I didn't even ding the wall, but man did it take a toll on me! I had to walk a stretch - not happy about that...Then I'd run, walk, run, walk...It was not what I wanted to do, but my body was done. Funny thing about it - my legs felt great, my head was in the right place, but my stomach was cramping up and my energy level dropped through the floor. I thought about using the second gel I carried with me, but the way my stomach felt I figured it was safer not to try.

The last 2.5 miles were rough, but I pushed through and finished them the best I could. I ended up with a 12.30 per mile pace. Again, slower than I would have liked, but I'll take it.

I finished up with a walk to hit 13.16 miles for the day - thus completing my Donald Team Voice December Challenge.

I posted over there that I would probably regret going this distance and that's partly true. I regret that I wasn't able to hold the run the entire time and that I'm a bit more sore after this run than I was after last week's 11 miles. On the other hand, I am extremely proud of myself and I feel relatively ready for the Half Marathon in January.

So, now that I've hit the 12 mile training run mark, it's time to start tapering to keep my legs fresh for the race. I'm not good at tapering - I don't want to lose what I've worked so hard for. This time I think I'll be okay with the taper though - I know it's best for me!

I hope everyone else is training hard and getting ready for their races. Can't wait to get to WDW and push myself in another race!


MikeF. said...

Who cares about that wall!!!! You finished!!!! And wall be damn that is what matters! Great Job Amanda! See you in a few weeks.

Megan said...

Great job pushing your wasy through! We did 12 last week and 6 this week. It started raining just as we left the parking area and it was icy on portions of the path, so I just focused on miles instead of running after I finished my first 2 miles. I wish I had your weather today!

Rae! said...

YAY!!!! You made it!!! Hammer works great should try the sustained energy it helps ALOT!
Don't taper yet to early. You have time to get another nice long one in and plenty of short ones.
Carry some of the Heed with you. Keeps you balanced. I have some samples of the endrolytes,from them too.

Rae! said...

Oh yeah did you want to wear a Team Voice shirt?? I have a few left? Size?

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