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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Reflections of 2009 and Visions of 2010

I've been mulling this post over in my head for a while now and I hope I can put everything I've been thinking down in writing. I warn you now that this is going to be a long one!

Let's start with 2009
-Started the year out right with the New Year's Day 5K...Finished in 35:22 - certainly not my best time, but respectable considering my lack of training through out the holidays...
-Started the year out at a weight that I never wanted to see again...I have a lot of work to do in this area
-Continued training for the Princess Half Marathon. Hit a long run of 10.86 miles - my longest prior to the race
-Worked on diet and lost a few pounds which would help with the upcoming Half Marathon
-Bought an iPhone (what did I do without this thing)
-Travel to Walt Disney World for the Princess Half Marathon Weekend
-Ran the Royal Family 5K in 33:51 - not a bad time
-Met Rae and E, Kate and Princess Fee. It was a lot of fun meeting people that I had been conversing with online!
-Ran the Princess Half Marathon in 2:40:02...Still didn't get 2:30, but it was still a new PR bettering my 2008 Disneyland Half Marathon time by 6 minutes.
-Joined D23 as a charter member
-Still working out and the diet is going okay
-Get Open Water SCUBA Certification. Find another new hobby
-Go to see Up - LOVE IT!
-Still running - modest mileage
-Juneathon - mileage every day in June, it's a good month for walking/running
-Do some dives at the lake
-Try out the new Online ADR System
-Tragic monorail crash at WDW
-My refrigerator died
-Tried a little track running - not my favorite thing to do
-The summer heat sets in and my mileage drops drastically
-My diet starts to suffer
-I try to pick up my mileage...Not where it should be, but better than July
-My diet is not good at all.
-Stress at work is starting to hit me as more changes are being announced daily.
-Had a fabulous two week trip to WDW - that I still owe you all a trip report from...I had a lot of new experiences, met some great cast members and started longing to move to Orlando.
-Register for the 2010 Disneyland Half Marathon - going for that Coast to Coast medal in 2010!
-Completed the Step Out for Diabetes 5K Walk - no official time and I didn't wear my Garmin, did some little running spurts and realize how far I've fallen in my fitness.
-Walked the Walk for Hope 5K for Breast Cancer
-Walked the Komen Race for a Cure 5K for Breast Cancer
-My bird Sam passed away
-Had a nice Halloween in my Mummy costume
-Stress at work has thrown my diet completely off track. I keep trying to recover, but it's just not happening.
-My mileage is also very low this month.
-Start ramping up the running miles again. No real long runs, but getting out there again.
-Still can't get the diet under control. Now weigh more than I should and still having trouble making myself behave.
-Find a dog and find his real home - thank goodness!
-Try new black running shoes and have trouble breaking them in.
-Register for 2010 Inaugural Wine & Dine Half Marathon.
-Announcements at work continue to stress and trouble me.
-Get in some long runs in prep for January WDW 1/2 Marathon. Finish 9, 11 and 12 mile runs throughout the month. Feel pretty good about that. Wishing I'd done more tempo and speed work though.
-Belle gets sick and is finally starting to get better.
-Re-organization has been announced at work. I have a new boss and a job that I specifically asked to not have...Decisions need to be made.
-I've been blogging for a year now...Thanks for reading!

So what have I learned from 2009:
-I stress eat....It's not even that I eat all bad things, I just eat way to much.
-I let the tiredness from stress stop me from reaching my full potential in my running.
-I need to decide what to do about my work situation. While I'm glad I still have a job, I think it may be time for a change.
-I need to figure out how to maintain my focus when there's a lot going on in life.
-Even with my training not being as focused as I would have liked I logged 614.85 miles of walking/running in 2009.
-I couldn't have done as much as I did this year without the support of my online friends. You guys have all helped me so much that I can't express my gratitude. I hope that I've helped some of you as well!

What's in store for 2010
-Run the New Year's Day 5K (This will be the third year I've done this race)
-Up 5K and WDW Half Marathon
-Time to take control of my diet and fitness and work on controlling my out of control eating habits. Learn to eat a more balanced and natural diet.
-Start increasing my mileage and work towards running a full marathon (or more)
-Walk/Run the Lost Dutchman 8K Trail Run. This will be the third year I've done this one too...I don't run this one all out because I'm always worried about twisting an ankle or knee on the rough trail.
-Run Pat's Run 4.2 mile race
-Continue running through the heat of summer, whether on the treadmill or outside.
-Run Disneyland 5K and Disneyland Half Marathon. Hoping that this race is just a walk in the park as I'll be doing runs longer than the 1/2 marathon in preparation for January 2011 and the WDW Full Marathon.
-Run the WDW Halloween 5K and the Wine & Dine Half Marathon. This should be interesting as the two races are happening on the same day. The 5K is in the morning and the 1/2 marathon is at night. I don't typically run as well at night so this one is more than likely going to be for fun more than anything else.
-Continue training for the 2011 WDW Full Marathon (or Goofy Challenge).

Goals for 2010:
-Run a half marathon in 2:30 or less. I've got three chances to make this happen - as long as my finances hold out.
-Get my diet back under control, loss the excess weight and work darn hard to not fall in to the fall holidays eating binge. I've started to recognize the patterns - now I just have to acknowledge them and figure out a more productive way to address them.
-Figure out what I want to be when I grow up (i.e. look for another job)...This is going to be tough on me. I'll be even more stressed than I already am, working in a new job (if I can find one) with eating right and exercising might be very difficult, but I think it has to be done!
-If I can stay on my running schedule it will mean I'll end up logging about 1300 running miles and I have no idea how many walking/biking miles. I will be very impressed with myself if I can do this. It's going to take a lot of dedication, but I think I need that. That will mean doubling my miles from 2009.
-Support anyone that asks for help in regards to their diet and exercise goals

Be prepared for more updates as I can provide them in 2010. It's going to take a lot for me to continue to try to reach my goals and I'll probably ask for advice from all of you along the way!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

To Goofy in 2011 or Not

Would you attempt the Goofy if you've never run a full marathon before? I'd have 50 weeks to train. Anyone have any good Goofy training plans?

What's Coming in 2010 For My Running

I know that I have a Half Marathon coming up....soon in fact, but I couldn't help to start planning for my next running adventures in 2010. I spent some time today finding full marathon plans that look like they will work for me. I found a couple that I am going to combine to meet my needs and I'm very excited to get started when I get back and have a little recovery time after this race.

I also spent time today putting together a new tracking spreadsheet. I have used the same one successfully for a couple of years now, but I think it's time to progress to something a little more comprehensive so I spent some time putting it together. Now I can spend time figuring out the actual training I want to complete.

It's probably very ambitious to plan 50 weeks of training, but I can revise as I go and at least it gives me an idea of what I'll be doing for the year. I think it will help me set little goals and milestones along the way.

I like that I still have a plan and a plan that will last all year. For me that's pretty important and I hope that it will assist me in staying on track.

I have also already registered for quite a few races for next year. I did this the year before last but not this year. I found that when I had races planned that it kept me more focused and knowing that I have to do something or I'll have trouble even in the 5K races.

I have a lot on my mind right now and I'll put more of it in writing soon, but I just wanted to get these thoughts down tonight.

Belle Update: I took my dog back to the vet today and we're taking her off the medication to see how she does. She is not coughing any more and she's eating better. She also played with the other dogs today which is something she hasn't done since she got sick. I'll watch her the next few days and if she doesn't relapse I won't need to re-test her for Valley Fever. The vet thinks she got better without additional medications which is not uncommon with this disease. I have an awesome vet that I've taken my animals to for 15-16 years and he knows I'll be leaving town and my pet sitters can take any of them in while I'm gone and I can settle the bill later. Hopefully, she'll be fine the next few days and I won't have to worry as much about her while I'm on my trip.

Final Race Instructions Available

You can now print the Final Race Instructions for the WDW Marathon Weekend Races!

On a side note - I'm thrilled they have switched to the "D" Race Timing Tag! I used one of these in a local race last year and it's so nice not to have to wait to have the chip removed and it's super light so don't feel it on your shoe.

See you at the races!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

10 Days Before I Leave

I can't believe it....I just did my online check in for January...That must mean that there's only 10 days left before I head to "The World" for another race trip!

I guess I'm nervous and excited all at the same time! It doesn't seem possible that it's almost time to run another half marathon.

I've slacked the last few days instead of running my last eight mile long run. I haven't been feeling the best and I figured it would be better to hold off rather than go out and have a horrible run and run the risk of feeling worse. I may still get that eight miles in - just going to play it day to day now.

Now I suppose I'll have to start thinking about what I'm bringing to WDW with me...I feel very unprepared for this trip...So not like me.

Hope everyone else is getting ready for their big race(s) and looking forward to another fun year!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful day and enjoyed time with your family and friends!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

9 Miiles - Confidence Builder or Killer?

Tuesday I took my Jasmine out for an easy 3 mile run...Little did I know that she was planning on killing us both by running 10:57 per mile. Actually it felt good to get a little speed back. I know, it's not fast, but I haven't been pushing my speed at all so this was a nice change. My little fat dog just wanted to kick some pavement butt :)!

Took yesterday off as I had to run to the vet to get Belle more medicine to last over the weekend. Her first Valley Fever test came back negative, but she has all the symptoms so we're going back in on Tuesday to draw more blood and test again. She isn't any worse, but she's not really better either. Thankfully the medicine helps her not cough as much so that's a good thing. I just want to get her treatment started and have it going for a few days before I head to WDW. It's going to be harder than ever to leave her this time.

This morning I headed out for a nice long run - 9 miles was the goal. I knew where I wanted to run and I got ready to head out. A little chilly this morning - 34 degrees F and yes, I realize that isn't super cold, but I haven't been running in the mornings so I have run in the 30's at all this year. So, long sleeves and gloves were in order. While I was at Target the other day I purchased a pair of Champion fitted running Capri pants - yes, I look like a fool, but they are super comfy and they don't ride up or chafe at all. Grabbed my water and headed out the door.

I did my little warm up walk and then I started on my run. I felt good, oddly good. Decided to let my body set the pace to start with and I'd adjust as needed. I knew I wanted to push myself a little bit today - how much I wasn't sure. Turns out I was in the mid 11 minute mile pace. Decided to let it go for a while and see how I did.

Got to the part of the run where I was going to cross the major road to start heading along the canal...Oops, not so fast...There's a bunch of construction going on and I can't get to the canal...Have to head a different way which means I'll have to pay readjust where I turn around and head back, etc...Oh well. Off I go in the other direction.

I'm still feeling pretty good. I hit 3 miles, 4 miles, 5 miles and turn around to head back. Guess I'm doing an out and back after all. It's okay, the canals are peaceful today - fish are jumping to get bugs, there are other runners and people walking their dogs and I'm just enjoying my run. At 6.5 miles my stomach started acting up a bit - nothing too bad, just a bit uncomfortable. I keep trudging along.

I decided against using the gel I brought with me today. Since my stomach wasn't feeling great and I was still feeling pretty energized I decided I didn't need it. I hit mile 7 and I'm starting to wane a bit. Now it's a mental battle - my legs feel great. No pain in my hips, very little pain in my knees and ankles, but my mind started that - you should walk - chant...I pushed it down and kept going.

Mile 8 and I'm almost done. 8.5 miles and it's tough. 8.75 miles - just push it and get it done. I do just that and I finish the 9 miles without any walking. I'm very tired, very tired for sure. I have my cool down walk and I sip my water as I walk along.

The end of my 9 miles and I realize that I just ran 9 miles in 11:55 per mile. Holy cow - I can't believe it. I maintained that pace the whole time. I was pretty consistent and while I'm going to pay for it later, I did it.

So, was my run a confidence builder or killer. Both! It was a builder because I was able to run the full 9 miles and I ran it faster than I have in a long time. It was a killer because it was only 9 miles and I'm pretty spent - it worries me that I'm that tired and I will have to pull more out to make it another 4.1 miles.

I'll head out on Saturday for an 8 mile run. I'm planning on taking this one slow and easy - not pushing at all. This will be my last long run before the half marathon. I'm going to try to get a couple miles in each day the following week and then it'll be time to head to WDW.

I feel good about my gear - even if I do look the fool :)! My shoes are broken in nicely - my feet are a little sore in the arches today, but nothing drastic. I'll take my fuel depending on how I feel during the race. My stomach is finicky when it comes to sports drinks, I can't drink them during the race so I'll have to make sure I drink my water and take gel as I need it - sports drinks for me are for when I'm all done running and I'll be more than ready for one then. I'm about as ready as I'll ever be and I should probably start packing soon as it's going to be a busy couple of weeks before I head out.

I hope everyone else's training is going well. Merry Christmas Eve - enjoy any festivities you have planned for today!

Monday, December 21, 2009

WDW Marathon Weekend Fun!

You can now view the Half and Full Marathon Courses in 3D here: http://disneyworldsports.disney.go.com/dwws/en_US/info/detail2?name=MarathonMapDetailPage (Note you'll need to install Google Earth Plugin to view)

Get the Up! and Away 5K Course Map here:

Get the WDW Half Marathon Course Map here:

Get the WDW Full Marathon Course Map here:

View the 2010 Marathon Weekend Program Online here:

Enter your celebration here:
http://disneyworldsports.disney.go.com/dwws/en_US/events/eventDetail/detail?name=WdwMarathonDetailPage Click on Event Details and then What Will You Celebrate?

Have your spectactors check out the online route planner to help find you on the course here:

Track your runners here:
http://live.activeresult.com/msg/MSG-signup.tcl?event_id=3 (Don't forget to confirm to ensure updates are sent)

Fear and Doubt

I still have a sick dog at home. Took her to the vet again on Friday and now we're waiting for the results of her blood work to come back. It looks like she has Valley Fever - a nasty little fungus that settles in and causes lung problems, achy joints, etc...She lost 5 pounds in two weeks and I'm now working very hard to get the pounds back on her. If the results come back positive for Valley Fever it will be a minimum of three months of pills two times a day. Hopefully, she will recover. Thankfully, the other two dogs are fine and this is not a contagious disease - she can't pass it to me or the other dogs. Poor baby just lays across my lap and sleeps whenever she can.

I put off my nine mile run on Saturday because I wasn't feeling well. Sunday about the same so I put it off again. Thought I'd go out and run my nine miles this morning. I headed out and at 3.1 miles I turned around and walked back home. I just wasn't feeling it. Nothing felt right in my pace or anything else. I'm upset with myself for not being able to finish, but I'm not completely down about it. As the race gets closer I have to listen to my body and if I'm not feeling it I'm not going to push it and get injured. I'll try again on Wednesday and see how it feels then instead.

So, the fear of course is my fear of injuring myself. I always get this way as I get close to a race. I don't want to get hurt and miss my races. I know how not to get hurt, but it's still always in my mind. I can get past this though.

Doubt...I always doubt myself and my abilities as I reach race time too. I know that I've put in some work, but not as much as I should have. I know that I can finish the race - I've done it twice with less training and injured legs. Still, there's that part in my head that makes me think I've gotten in too deep. Again, I'll get past this and move forward.

The worst part and I only have myself to blame for this. I have totally blown my diet out the window. What does this mean? It means that I'll more than likely be running this race the heaviest I've run a half marathon. That was not how this was supposed to go. I've let the stress rule me and my eating habits. I know it, I try to stop it and then I just give in. Do I feel better when I eat the extra food - no. Does it make the stress go away - no. So, why do I keep doing it? Well, if I knew the answer to that I wouldn't have the weight problems that I have. I am working on it though and I'll keep working on it.

I hope everyone else is training hard, making plans and getting ready to run the best races you can! We're getting close now and I can't wait to meet you all at WDW!!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

12mi run, 1.16 mile walk and Now It's Time To Taper

Well, I headed out for a 12 mile run this morning. I wanted to get out of the house by 6...oops, it was 8 by the time I headed out. That's okay though.

It was a really beautiful day for a run. There's a wonderful cloud cover keeping the day a little gray, that means no sun blindness today!

I was pretty sick with tummy troubles all day yesterday, but I felt pretty good this morning. I was a little worried because I didn't hydrate as much I would have liked to. I also learned this week that I cannot run with the Camelbak waist pack that I bought - it's just not comfortable, it bounces to much and doesn't sit close enough to my body so I end up readjusting it constantly.

I started running and really felt good. I wasn't going to push my pace to much. It's more about learning to be more consistent with my pace instead of all this up and down I've done in my previous half marathons.

I chugged along...Lots of people on the path today. Looked like there was a Team In Training run going on. That's okay, I like to see other runners out there doing their thing! Four miles, five miles, six miles, six and a half miles and time to turn around and head back. I feel really good today. I keep on going. Finally at 7.8 miles I decided to try a raspberry Hammer Gel. It was fine...I kept going.

I hit 9.5 miles and slammed head first in to the wall...Brick, concrete, steel reinforced, bullet proof and nasty as heck. I can promise you that I didn't even ding the wall, but man did it take a toll on me! I had to walk a stretch - not happy about that...Then I'd run, walk, run, walk...It was not what I wanted to do, but my body was done. Funny thing about it - my legs felt great, my head was in the right place, but my stomach was cramping up and my energy level dropped through the floor. I thought about using the second gel I carried with me, but the way my stomach felt I figured it was safer not to try.

The last 2.5 miles were rough, but I pushed through and finished them the best I could. I ended up with a 12.30 per mile pace. Again, slower than I would have liked, but I'll take it.

I finished up with a walk to hit 13.16 miles for the day - thus completing my Donald Team Voice December Challenge.

I posted over there that I would probably regret going this distance and that's partly true. I regret that I wasn't able to hold the run the entire time and that I'm a bit more sore after this run than I was after last week's 11 miles. On the other hand, I am extremely proud of myself and I feel relatively ready for the Half Marathon in January.

So, now that I've hit the 12 mile training run mark, it's time to start tapering to keep my legs fresh for the race. I'm not good at tapering - I don't want to lose what I've worked so hard for. This time I think I'll be okay with the taper though - I know it's best for me!

I hope everyone else is training hard and getting ready for their races. Can't wait to get to WDW and push myself in another race!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Some Days It Just Doesn't Pay...

Tried to go running tonight. Haven't felt great today - no sleep, migraine, sick dog shivering and coughing all night. You get the picture.

Just thought I'd put in some time since I haven't done anything in three days. Bad I know, but sometimes the body dictates and the mind has to comply ;)!

Had trouble putting my shoes on tonight. Seems my legs decided to swell up good today at work - the perils of a desk job. Which later led to a very tight left calf - until it started warming up and stretching out.

Out the door for a warm up walk. My heart rate monitor isn't monitoring. Finally got it positioned correctly and at least it started reading.

Wore the new Camelbak waist pouch full of water to test it out. The verdict is still out. I didn't mind the sloshing noise, but it doesn't fit against me very well and I have to figure out the best way to handle the drinking hose.

Then my darn pants started chafing - not a nice feeling either.

So, I did get 2.82miles in tonight. I can't call it a run, I think I'll just call it a mess :)!

Until next time...Keep on chugging along!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Print Your WDW Marathon Weekend Waivers!

Everyone registered for any of the races during the WDW Marathon Weekend should have received an email that you can now print your race waivers. Don't forget that there is one waiver per race so if you've registered for more than one race you'll have one waiver per race!

I printed my 5K and Half Marathon waivers today. I love doing this - it makes the registration real and means the races are getting closer!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Walt...What A Week! (long)

If you read my previous post you know I was cursed with some new black shoes. That started out my week. It was a horrible run with new shoes that should have made me feel like I was running on air...No suck luck.

Back to work time for me. How did my day go? Well...I've had better. My boss had scheduled a meeting one on one to discuss our new organizational chart. Prior to this, we were having meetings to discuss where I wanted my career to go and what I wanted to do. I have said the same thing for almost seven years. I've been very clear about where I want to go - always. I'm not shy and I know how to speak my mind. So, the new org chart was displayed and I was put in to a position that I specifically said I wasn't interested in. How do I take that? Not very well...I've swallowed a bitter pill and tasted really bad right now. I have been trying to keep an open mind, but I feel like I've been thwarted again. Every time there's a possibility that I might get to start moving in the direction I've been trying to go I get slapped back in to the same role...I have a lot of serious thinking to do for sure.

I came home and wore the dreaded black shoes for a walk. It was okay. Not great, but at least I didn't feel the waffle pattern on the ball of my foot this time. I took both dogs with me so that was nice.

I've been hand feeding one of my dogs (Belle) for several days. She is not feeling good and I am very concerned about her. I think she may have a fever too. Then when I came home...I put on the dreaded black shoes and didn't even make it out the door before I changed in to my old shoes. I did head out and finished a 5mi run, but boy did I feel dead at the end.

Belle started hacking - a horrible cough. Needless to say that this continued all night. She was on the bed and shaking and I'd cover her up then she'd have to cough and she'd jump down, cough and then jump back on bed. It was a very long night.

I worked from home so that I could take Belle to the vet...besides I wouldn't have been any good at work with an hour of sleep. I got Belle to the vet and she had a pretty big fever and looks like she has bronchitis or something like that. She was given a shot of fever reducer and sent home with 10 days of antibiotics and fever reducer pills. Poor little girl just doesn't feel very good at all.

I got another new pair of shoes out and put them on and I was feeling the same problems with the laces as the black pair of shoes. Well shoot, that's not good. I decided to completely unlace the shoes and try a new configuration. Put the shoes back on and thought they felt pretty good. I decided not to give up on the black shoes and reconfigured the laces. Put the shoes on and decided to hit the road for a 4mi run. The shoes worked - not too bad at all. Just needed a new lace configuration to make them feel better. I've also learned that I don't do well running in the evening after I've been sitting all day - my legs are swelling up just enough to make my legs tight and feel like lead. I can work them out after a couple of miles, but those first couple of miles are rough! The Wine & Dine 1/2 Marathon ought to be interesting if I can make it down for that one.

The bitter pill was definitely in full force today. Man, I didn't want to stay in the office at all. Which is super silly because none of the bosses were in and it was nice and quiet. Needless to say, I am definitely thinking it's poisoning me staying there. I have never cared about the money - it's about being happy and I realized that I'm just not happy, even though I work with a great group of peers.

I went out for walk with Jasmine, my other lab, after work. Did a nice 5K. Figured that would be good as I was going to shoot for 11mi the next morning. Belle seems to be feeling a bit better today with no fever, but still hacking.

Happy Birthday Walt Disney! How I wish I could have met you or been around to see how you came up with the wonderful ideas you had. I would take a tenth of your creativity! Thank you for the beautiful things you created.

The morning started out a little later than I intended, but I didn't dilly dally around. Took care of the kids and geared up for an 11mi run. Yes, in the black shoes :). I was hoping to run the full 11mi - no walking, and I would have liked a good time. As I took off for the run, I revised my goal and decided to go for the run the whole distance without regard for the speed. After all, this is the longest I've run since March - the Princess Half Marathon. My longest run during this training cycle has been 6mi - since I've skipped my 8mi and 10mi...So I went for broke and shot right to 11mi - stupid, but necessary.

It was a beautiful day for a run. Needed gloves to keep the fingers warm, took 20 ounces of water, a Hammer gel and a pack of Jelly Belly Sports Beans. Away I went down the road. My speed was slow, but I was going to try to keep it steady.

At mile 3 I ran in to another runner and we started talking. He asked how far I was going today - funny, this is something I always think about as I pass other runners, but would never ask. Don't want to mess with any one's groove. I answered that I was shooting for 11 today. This shocked him I think - let's face it, I don't look like a traditional runner ;). He is planning to run the Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon in January. Mind you, this is a week after the WDW 1/2 Marathon. He said that the furthest he'd ever run was 8 miles and that was 20 years ago. In my head I'm thinking he's not going to have a fun time. He had a lot of questions, so I did my best to answer them. I gave him advice on fueling, hydration, training by increasing miles slowly, etc...He was a faster runner than me so we parted ways after a good discussion. I wish him luck, I think he might need it because it doesn't sound like he's done any real training. Of course, he could just be one of those lucky people that run easily and don't have to work as hard for it.

I continued on my way. I turned around at 5.55mi and headed back the way I came. At 6.5mi I got out my Hammer gel. This was the first time I've tried Hammer - I am a bit impressed and think I may have found my new brand of gel. I found it was easy to swallow and didn't take as much water to rinse down as some of the others I've tried. It was a little thicker than I expected, but that could have been because it was pretty chilly out. This one was raspberry. Anyway, I felt a pretty immediate energy boost from this gel and it really helped me keep going. I liked it, it felt good...Of course, I'm a skeptic and I think my mental ability to keep going has a lot to do with how far I can go too.

I continue to plod along. I'm slower than I want to be, but I've come to grips with that and decided that was okay for this run. Distance was key today. I started feeling like I was fading again just after 9mi and so I pulled out the Sports Beans. These are not my favorite fuel, but it's what I had on hand and they do help. The problem I have is the amount of chewing I have to do and the amount water it takes to get some of the sugar out of my mouth.

I continue trudging and I did it...11 full miles of jogging - no walk breaks. I did have to stop at cross walks, but I kept moving even at those. I feel really good about the distance and my body is doing pretty good too. I got home and stretched and hydrated and had breakfast and felt pretty good.

After a nice hot shower and lunch and more hydration I was tired, but not terrible. I headed out to do my grocery shopping. I figured it would be good to get out and do some more walking to keep myself from freezing up. It seems to have worked. I can still move and with little pain!

On this run I decided that I would have liked to have more water with me. Even as cool as it was today, I could have used more than 20 ounces. I purchased a new Camelbak waist pack that holds 45 ounces. I'm hoping that will help me with the 1/2 and work as I move on to training for a full marathon in 2011.

Poor Belle has a fever back and she's just not feeling great, but she's not coughing as much today. I hope she starts feeling better soon!

Questions for you runners out there:
What is your fueling strategy for a half marathon?
When do you use fuel?
How much fuel do you use?
How much fuel do you carry with you?
What are your favorite brands?
How much water do you go through during a half marathon?

While I'd still like to break the 2hr 30min mark on the next half marathon, I don't think that's reasonable for this one. I just haven't put in enough effort on increasing my speed during this training cycle. So, I've revised my goal and decided that I should focus on running the full 13.1mi instead of worrying about my speed. I've never been able to run a whole half marathon yet and I think that's a more reasonable goal for this one. There's always more races to work on getting under 2hr 30mins!

I hope every one's training is going well and you're all getting excited for your races in January - I know I am!

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