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Monday, November 30, 2009

New Black Shoes...Love 'Em or Hate 'Em

Have you ever run in black running shoes?

Since it was time to get out a new pair of shoes and start breaking them in for the Walt Disney World Half Marathon I figured I'd pull out the black shoes. So, I got ready for my run today in my new black shoes and black running socks and headed our the door.

Today was all about a 4 mile easy run. Now, the new shoes are the same brand and style I've been wearing since I started this running adventure. Breaking them in really hasn't ever been a problem - the only thing I have to fiddle with is making the laces loose enough and tight enough in the right places to keep my feet happy and my toes from falling to sleep.

I started out for my .25mi warm up walk and felt pretty good. The shoes have lots of cushion and springs. My favorite part of new shoes is the bounce you feel from all that unbroken support.

Time to run. After about 1.25mi I had to stop and readjust the laces. My toes were pretty much asleep and I can only wiggle them so much while running. Kept running. Stopped again to readjust the laces. Kept running. Okay, this is just not working today. Why can I feel the waffle pattern of the soles of my shoes in my entire ball of my foot? I must be mentally making that feeling happen. There's no way that I could feel that right? I've never had that feeling before. I run some more. I stop and try running without tightening the laces at all.

At 3.1 miles it was just too much. I stopped running, took the shoes off and walked for a few minutes in my socks. This has never happened before and I hope that the next run in these shoes will be much better. If not, I have have several other new pairs to switch to - thankfully. I picked up a few pairs during a great sale so at least I'm not stuck with one bad pair of shoes if these don't work out.

So, I wonder if black shoes are bad for my karma. I felt like I was trying to be a tough runner. It's weird looking down and seeing black running shoes instead of white. I know...I'm crazy :)!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. It was okay here.

I've been quite remiss in my training over the last week. I've skipped two long runs now - an 8 and a 10 miler. I'll be trying for 11 this weekend anyway as I am running short on time and I'd like to make it up to 12 and still have time to taper...I think I'll be able to do it.

I ate pretty poorly over the week and weekend, but I still managed to drop a few pounds last week so I ended up with a loss of 8 pounds for November. I am happy with that. I know I can do better so I'll have to keep going and working hard in December.

I'm excited and nervous for January. I really cannot wait to meet everyone - that is so exciting! I really want to break that 2.5 hour 1/2 marathon goal of mine (third time's a charm right?). I'm nervous that I'll get injured before the race, but I'm doing my best to prevent that.

That pretty much wraps it up for me for today. I hope everyone is training hard and getting ready for whatever race you're tackling in 2010!


Chris said...

I bought a pair of black Asics GT-2130's over the summer and used them for my marathon run. Bought black cause it was the only color they had left in this model. :-) Honestly though, they were the same shoe as my other 2130's so I can't say I've experienced the whole karma thing. Is this a new model for you?

Congrats on the weight loss, 8lbs is nothing to sneeze at!

Keep following whatever routine you have and I'm sure you'll stay healthy for January.

Richard said...

Later today I start breaking in my new pair for running the Goofy, so I hope I have better luck than you did. My current pair is still good, but I know they won't last too much longer, so I figure I bette be ready.

Good luck on going under 2:30. I have yet to do that myself, although I do have several times in the low to mid 2:30's. Maybe one day I'll get under 2:30 myself.

MikeF. said...

I too had bought a pair of Black Asic 2130's because that was all that was left. And I had some really bad runs in those shoes. I can walk in them just fine, but running was not fun. And I always used that brabd of shoe to run in. So I hear ya on the whole karma thing.

Rae! said...

SO are the missing the insert?? And I can't wait to see you!!! I had a black pair of Adidas and they were awful.I wore them in TOT 13k. Need I say more....

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