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Monday, November 9, 2009

Digs Has Gone Home!!!

The puppy I found yesterday has gone home!!!  You have no idea how good that feels.  Having three dogs is enough, but throw a fourth one in the mix and it might has well be a living example of the chaos theory!

My girls are quite protective and started to really show it tonight as the new guy wanted to play with me :)!  They had quite enough of this interloper and wanted their Mom back to themselves.

The first thing I did yesterday was post a found notice on one of the local lost and found pet sites.  Didn't hold a lot of hope, but had to try.  Then I took the fella in to my vet today to see if he had a microchip - he did not.  I spent the day trying to find a new home for him.

At 8:30pm I received a call from someone I didn't know and let the answering machine pickup.  A little girl left a message saying that she thought I had her dog and to call her back.  Thank goodness I have Caller ID because she didn't leave her number :).  I called right back and the Mom answered - we had a bit of a language barrier, but I got her to describe the dog and found out his name and she said she had a license for him.  I agreed to bring the dog to the local Lowe's which is less than a mile from both of us and her husband was going to meet me there.

Packed the little guy up and we headed out.  I pulled in and parked and the little girl was standing outside.  As soon as the pup saw her he was completely excited.  He was so happy and so was she.  Dad came out of the store and said that the kids had cried for hours when he got away and he was so happy that they found him.

I explained that I found a tick on him and that I sprayed him with flea and tick spray, I trimmed his toe nails and that if he has a license he needs it on his collar.   I don't know how much of that made it through the translation barrier, but I hope some of it stuck.

He asked how much I wanted for returning him and I told him - nothing, I just want to make sure he got home and stayed home with them.  That's where we left it.  I did find out his name is Digs and he is 10-12 months old...I was pretty close on his age.

I can only hope that the kids will take good care of him now that they know what it's like to not have him.  I had my reservations about sending him back home with them - that's just me.  My animals are my kids and I can't imagine not going all out to find them and make sure it doesn't happen again, but I managed pet stores and I know that's not how everyone else feels.

I am very happy that he didn't end up being a foreclosure puppy...We have a rash of dogs left in backyards when people leave their houses.  That's inexcusable and while I don't condone animals getting out it's forgiveable - abandonment is not!

Okay, off my soapbox for tonight.  Now my kids and I can get back to our normal routine :)!


Richard said...

Awww, what a great story. It was so great to have worked out so well.

MikeF. said...

Glad to hear Digs found his family.

Chris said...

You did a great thing, glad it all ended well. :-)

Matt said...

Yay! Congrats to Digs and you for finding his home.

DebWDW said...

Love happy endings!

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