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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Another Week Done...

So, I went out for a little walk with the dogs this morning.  The weather is beautiful and we were having a nice time just taking our time not worrying about speed.  I wanted the dogs to just have fun so we'd stop and play at parks, and mud puddles and whatever else they wanted to do.

We were about a quarter of a mile from home when around the corner came a dog.  He was very cute - he crouched down like he was going to pounce on the girls...when in reality he was just being shy.

The dogs and I kept going and we had a new friend following us.  The dog was walking with us.  Now, I didn't want the dog to follow us home.  I tried to shoo him away, tell him to go home and nothing was working.  He just kept following us.  He was very skitterish around me, but was curious about the girls and was sniffing them whenever he could.  I finally stopped and crouched down.  Every time I'd try to grab him he would dart just out of my reach.  So, I crouched there and waited until he came to sniff one of the girls. and I grabbed his collar.  Well, turns out it's just a flea collar, but I had him.  He tried to get away, but as soon as I picked him up he just calmed right down.

I kept trying to figure out where he came from.  I finally saw a guy working on his van and asked if he knew who the dog belonged to.  Well, it turns out that the dog has been wandering around for a few days and no one else had been able to catch him.  Lucky me.

Well, I'm a sucker.  I can't leave a dog out on the streets to get hit by a car.  After all, that's how I got Ralph, my 16 year old Shih Tzu/Terrier mix, I rescued him from the streets.  So, I carried the dog home with us.  He's in my backyard - I put one of the girls' puppy collars and a leash on him.

I cannot just give him to an animal control shelter.  They are so crowded, the average time an animal has to be adopted is 48 hours.  I can't do that to an innocent animal.  I'll have to try to find a no kill shelter that has space this week - as if I have time for that ;).

Here's a picture of the little guy...
Found Dog

He's had some food and water and we just had a good play time.  He's very sweet.  I just gave him a toy to play with.  I think he's been with people and just got away.  I hope I can find his home.


MikeF. said...

You have a big big heart. I hope you find the little guys family.

Matt said...

How can you not be a sucker for a face like that! He is cute and mutts make the best pets, I've found.

It's really ironic though... My dog died suddenly last week (kidney failure) and in the same week another dog finds you.

Good luck on finding his home

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