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Thursday, October 29, 2009

October's Almost Over...

I know that I've been quiet this week. I've been trying to get ready for Halloween, which means making my costume...Now I know why I usually just buy things and put them together. Should be okay for this year though!

I've run two days this week and walked one. I should be able to get out and run again tonight - it's only going to get to 65 here today (chilly for AZ)! Walk tomorrow and Sunday and run Saturday.

There are two races this weekend that I normally do, but I think I'm going to skip them this year. I need to train more than I need to race. We'll see though - both are fun races and I feel guilty not
running them.

I started a 10 week half marathon training plan this week. I combined the plan I used before with a new one I found. Four running days a week - one of those days a long run. A good two week taper before the race. I think it's going to work well for me. On non-running days I'm going to walk. Next week I'll add strength training back in too. Figured I'd start slow since I was so lazy for the last two months.

I've also got my eating back to a more manageable place. This week I've been making better choices and I think I'll be okay. Want to get some weight off to make the running easier - although I've felt pretty good running this week.

On the job front, I'm still really torn. More huge changes this week threw us in a bit of a tailspin. I know what I'd like to do, but I don't think I'll be able to do it any time soon. Just trying to stay
open and see what happens.

Well, that's it for now. I'll post costume pictures tomorrow and I should be able to continue my trip report this weekend.

Hope every one's making good choices and training hard. January is just around the corner.


Chris said...

Sounds like you're right on track with the training, great job!

Can't wait to see the costume pics ;-) I'm not big on costumes for myself, but love to see other peoples creativity.

Richard said...

I love your Halloween spirit. Just take care of yourself and you'll be better able to handle any other issues at work as you need to.
Thanks for the reminder about January, lots of training for me between now and then!

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