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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Let the Trip Begin - September 5, 2009

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The day started way to early - the alarm went off at 1:55am and I jumped right out of bed and straight to the shower (after letting the dogs out). I was hoping the shower would wake me up. It helped, but man was that early. I didn't stay up too late the night before (9:45pm), but it's been a long week getting ready to head on vacation.

I was ready to go by 2:15am. I spent a few last minutes with the kids (3 dogs & 2 birds). The only part I hate about vacation is leaving the kids behind. I have pet sitters that come in and take care of them four times a day so they are very spoiled, but it's not the same as being with them.

I decided to head out to the driveway to wait for Super Shuttle. At 2:40am the Super Shuttle van finally arrived and I was on my way. After a couple of stops to pick up passengers I was finally at the airport at 3:30am.

The Continental ticketing area was open and there were plenty of passengers and employees. It was pretty painless checking in - except for the $40 baggage fees. Would have flown Southwest if they would have had better flight times. After checking my bags I headed to security and it was pretty quiet so I was through in no time at all.

I am sitting at the gate and waiting for boarding. I have plenty of time for self reflection - I realize I'm carrying about 25 pounds more than I was 2 years ago and I feel it. I'm in good physical shape, but certainly not where I want to be. At this time last year I was getting ready to run the 5K and my first 1/2 Marathon at Disneyland (Check my older posts for a trip report from that trip). I have to say I'm a little sad I am not running the 1/2 again this year, but I'll be there next year so it's okay - besides, I'm going to Disney World!!!

The plan boarded on time (completely full flight) and the flight to Houston was uneventful. I watched Confessions of a Shopaholic during the flight - pretty good movie. We landed on time in Houston and we took off a couple minutes late from Houston (another completely full flight).

On the way to Orlando I watched Bride Wars - another okay movie. I've been stressed about work and money and it's made it difficult for me to get excited about my trip, but now that I'm on the way I'm getting more and more excited. During the flight I had the airline snack - mini turkey sandwich, baby carrots, mini Kit Kat and water. I needed that since I haven't eaten yet.

The flight landed on time and getting off the plane was quick and easy. I took a quick bio break and headed for baggage claim. Amazingly my bags were some of the first off and I was able to get them right away. Next stop rental car.

I headed to the National counter and got in line. A very nice employee was standing there and asked if I'd like to use the Kiosk, I verified that I could with Price Line and I could so I got to bypass all those people waiting for an agent - bonus! I went through the papers, waivers, sprung for the prepaid gas (leaving very early don't want to worry about getting gas) and was on my way out to pick my car.

I picked a Silver Dodge Challenger. I put my luggage in the trunk, my stuff in the front seat and was getting ready to take pictures when some guy came over and said that his wife picked this car. I said, the keys are right here in my hand. He said, her stuff is in the back seat. Okay, I'll find another car, but you should make sure you take the keys if you're taking the car and walk off. I pull my bags out of the trunk and front seat and head off to find another car.

I finally settled on a red Dodge Avenger. It was nice enough so I decided to take it. I could have had the other car since the lady was trying to take a car in a class higher than she paid for. Sometimes I miss the days when someone went and got a car for you and you took what you got, but it's also kind of fun having a choice :)! I took pictures to note the damages I saw and I headed out. Check out was easy and she noted all the damages I told her.

As I'm pulling out of the airport it starts pouring rain, huge thunder claps and massive lightning. It was crazy. Love driving in a car I'm not familiar with trying to find lights and wipers and all that stuff. I thought I go turned around on the way, but I didn't it was good and it felt good to drive. Almost feels like home...

I was at Pop Century by 3:30pm. Bill the security guard at the gate was super nice and pointed me on my way. I parked and headed to go check in. Once I made it in Century Hall I walked all the way across the lobby and found the online check in. The regular line had about ten families waiting and there was no one in the online check in line. I was checked in within about five minutes and I was off to find my room. I think online check in did speed up the process.

My room was in the 60's building, room 5113 on the first floor. The closest parking lot is the 90's lot - close is a relative term in this case. I parked the car and started walking with my laptop bag, purse and two big suitcases. I am usually not a huge fan of first floor rooms, but when I finally found my room I was at the very end of the building overlooking the lake. I don't think this first floor room will be so bad - neighbors on one side only.

Once I was in the room I flopped on the bed - man am I tired and hot. It was 3:45pm and I decided to take a quick break to cool off so I flipped on the TV (Disney Channel of course).

At 4:30pm I headed to Everything Pop! to look around and then grab some dinner. I was starving...there are so many great choices at Everything Pop! it's hard to choose what to have for dinner. I opt for Chicken Penne Alfredo, Tie Dye Cheesecake, and bottled water. I headed back to my room with my food and inhaled it - it was so delicious!

Now I'm full and tired. I fell asleep at 6:30pm and didn't wake up until 8pm. Good thing I hadn't planned on doing anything today. I decided to do some unpacking.

After I got everything out and ready to go for the morning I took a shower and wrote a bit in my journal. It's almost 10p and time for bed and the alarm is going to go off at 4:30am.

From Passporter Pocket
-The weather today was humid when I left home and humid when I arrived.
-The best thing today was driving through the Welcome Arch to Walt Disney World.
-The worst thing today was leaving my kids at home.
-The funniest thing today was the rain, thunder and lightning on my drive to Pop Century.
-Today I tried getting up at 2am and the result was way to early and way to tiring :)!
-The most magical moment today was arriving, driving to Pop Century and checking in.

I walked about 1 mile today.


Chris said...

I like the bit from the Passporter. :-)

Gray said...

I was waiting for this report! I love all the great details! "Bio Break"--heh. Haven't heard that one before, but I like it. I agree about first floor rooms (though for me it's also about safety when traveling alone, not just noise); luckily, Disney World is safer than most places.

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