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Monday, October 12, 2009

Komen Race for the Cure

Managed to make it to the 17th Annual Komen Race for a Cure event yesterday (Oct. 11, 2009) with about 31,500 of my closest friends :)!

My work walk buddy and I headed to Phoenix early yesterday morning to get ready for the Race for a Cure 5K Run. We are part of a team effort that raised $3,302 for breast cancer research this year.

It was a crowded event and unfortunately, I was there with a pretty bad migraine and my friend was having stomach problems. Let me tell you - neither of these things makes for a very fun event!

We managed to run for a little bit in the beginning and then it was mostly walking the rest of the time. Even with not feeling well we maintained at 14:38 per mile pace. Certainly not a pace record setter, but at least we got out there an finished it.

That was pretty much it, we did the event and headed home. I've been dealing with a migraine for two straight days now and I hope I can get it to start easing up soon.

Hope everyone else had a good weekend.


Chris said...

Great job raising all that money for such a great cause! Not to mention sticking through the event in less than ideal conditions. :-)

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