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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Step Out for Diabetes 5K

This morning marked my return to the walk/run circuit. Yep, it's race time in AZ - finally :)!

Today was for the American Diabetes Association - a nice 5K walk to get the blood pumping. The day started out at 6:45am when a friend picked me up and we headed out to the event.

We arrived and parked and headed in to the event. One of the things I hate about this event (I've done it before) is that you sign up online, go through the waiver process, make donations, etc...but when you get to the event you have to fill out a form with your name, information, donation amounts and sign the waiver again...This is the only event I do that doesn't use the waiver you sign online - I mean honestly they've been doing these events for so long that they should be able to figure this out most of the other races in town have figured it out.

Today's goal was to walk the course and just try to get back in the swing of doing events. This event is pretty laid back in terms of pace because there are a lot of kids and a lot of people that just cannot move quickly. My friend and I are both the type that look for space - being squished with the masses isn't the most fun for either of us.

The event started about 15-20 minutes late - another pet peeve of mine...Please start the event on time. Anyway, I don't know if it is the economy or the sweltering heat that made the turn out light, but it definitely was not as crowded as last year.

We were all squeezed together at the start - typical. Then we headed out and the course was really tough to find a free spot to get around people. Eventually we did some off road running whenever we saw a spot ahead that would give us some room to breathe. It was also pretty hot this morning, both of us were hot before we even got started. By the time we finished the race it was already 93 degrees out. I'm also still fighting this cold so my breathing is way off and I had a little trouble breathing, but that I know will get better.

I didn't keep my pace today - in fact, I didn't even wear my Garmin. I figured that since it was the first walk I'd keep all pressure off and just let it go. It's been about 3.5 weeks since I've run and it felt good to try my legs out a bit. I can tell I have a long way to go before the 1/2 in January. I can feel every extra pound with every step. Time to get back on track and get my eating and exercise back under control.

We had a good time and finished somewhere around 40-45 minutes. We did more running than we had intended so our pace was slow, but quicker than just a pure walk.

I feel good that we did the event and I think it was a good wake up call for me to get my act together. The next two Sundays I have breast cancer runs so it should be interesting!


Matt said...

Regardless of some of the circumstances, you got out there and did it. Congrats! You rock!!!

MikeF. said...

I hate hate hate having to fill out duplicate paper work. It just drives me nuts.

Princess Fee said...

GOOD LUCK for the forthcoming Breast Cancer races. And WAY TO GO on that last one - how liberating it is to not time yourself and just to take it as it comes. Fantastic! :D

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