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Monday, September 7, 2009

Mini Report - September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day - hope everyone had a great day.

-Got up on time today
-Headed to Discovery Cove for Trainer for a Day Program
-There were five of us in the program with our trainer (9 people total-very small group today). Scott, Jade-13, Jacob-10, Wendi and me. Our trainer was Bryan
-Nice continental breakfast
-Spent time in the aviaries
-Met a Black Palm Cockatoo, three banded armadillo and an ant eater
-Saw baby dolphins - 1 wk old, several 1 month olds
-Saw the fish house
-Had a great dolphin interaction with Nate the dolphin
-Nice lunch
-Met Calypso the nurse shark
-Fed the sting rays
-Watched the baby dolphins some more - they are amazing
-Had a double foot push by two very powerful dolphins
-Had a dolphin race...My dolphin was Capricorn (Nate's grandfather) is over 700 pounds and over 40 years old
-Spent too much money on photos and stuff
-Came back to hotel - totally exhausted took a nice nap
-Dinner at Everything Pop!
-Am now very sunburnt - Yikes!

Tomorrow is a nice quiet day at Sea World. I have no agenda and no planned activities!


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