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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Did Anyone Else Notice...

In the latest Walt Disney World Marathon newsletter that the Circle of Life 5K in January has been changed to Family Fun Run 5K. I also think it said that it will be at Epcot now instead of the Animal Kingdom.

I was a little sad to hear that because I've done a couple of 5K's at Epcot and was looking forward to doing a different location.

Regardless, the 5K's at Disney are always fun and a great way to get a feel for the weather and terrain before that longer races!

Anyone else registered for this event? It's 95% full as of today. The full Marathon is 77% full, the Mickey's Marathon Kids' Fest is 60% full and the Half Marathon and Goofy Challenge are full!

The Expo will be held Thurs-Sat, January 7-9 at Disney's Wide World of Sports.

The Family Fun Run 5K and one portion of the Kids' Races will take place Fri, January 8.

The Half Marathon will take place Sat, January 9.

The Full Marathon will take place Sun, January 10.

You can purchase training tech shirts. Women's shirts are $34 and men's are $34 as well.

There are spectator packages and the race retreat for participants.

There will be a pasta party on Thurs, January 7 and an after race celebration on Sun, Jan 10 at Hollywood Studios.

Of course we'll hear more as we get closer.


Chris said...

With the tight fly in and fly out schedule I'm going to stick with the one race deal, but yeah, I noticed they changed the 5k locale. I purchased one of the tech shirts for my wife, nice shirts :-)

Richard said...

I didn't really notice about the 5K. Interesting. I'll go look at those training shirts, although my wife would be the first to say I don't need another shirt! ;)

DebWDW said...

My knees can only take one race. Thanks for all the info, I haven't gotten around to reading up on the weekend yet. When do you leave for vacation?!

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