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Monday, August 31, 2009

Counting Down to Vacation

I've been absent for the last week or so...It was a really rough week for me physically and emotionally last week. Battling some inner demons I guess. It really threw me off track - I didn't work out one time last week and I ate horribly. Of course, the scale didn't lie this morning either. Well, I'm working on all this. I'm disappointed with myself for not being where I wanted to be by vacation, but it's time to move on.

I spent this weekend trying to get ready for vacation. Why does it always seem to sneak up on me and cause me to have to rush the whole week before I go. I spent a good portion of Saturday in the backyard cleaning up - silly me didn't think I'd be out there very long, but it was pretty much all day and I have the sunburn on my back to prove it. Man is my back sore!

I still have a lot of things to get done this week to get ready to go. Usually, I'd already be packed, have most of the housework done, etc...This time not even close. Going to be some late nights this week getting everything done that's for sure.

This week is going to be run and walk whatever distance in whatever time I want. No watching the Garmin for pacing and distance for me. I don't want to over do anything on the exercise front with all the cleaning I need to do at night. This morning was a nice 2mi run and it did feel good to get out there and just go.

Hope everyone is ready for September because it's here!!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Wow - I Did It!

Amazingly enough I managed to get in six miles this morning. It was grueling at the end, but I'm very happy I got out there and did it and as always I learned a bit about myself during this run.

1. I have to get over this mental problem I have where I don't think I can do it because I haven't run as many miles as I'd like.

2. Physically the six miles was easy. I guess all the strength training with wall sits, one legged wall sits, lunges, etc...has really made a huge difference in my leg strength. Plyometrics has helped to strengthen my hips and I didn't have any pain the entire six miles. Amazing.

3. I just might be able to do my next half marathon in 2 1/2 hours yet...Third time's a charm right?

4. I don't like the little punk kids I meet while running. I actually yelled at two boys to quit throwing rocks at ducks or I was going to pick up rocks and throw them at them and see how they liked it. It makes me mad that kids have no respect for other living things.

5. Anger can fuel a great run when you think you can't go on. I used that anger at mile 4.5 and kicked up my pace and felt great...Someone want to do something stupid at the Half Marathon in January so I can yell at you? Just kidding :)!

6. Holy cow - I just did six miles at a 12:00 minute per mile pace...Not bad considering that's the longest run I've done since May 6th (can't let that happen again).

7. My stomach was not happy with me for eating way too much peanut butter on tortillas for dinner last night. Don't ask - I had a little PB overdose last night :)!

Friday, August 21, 2009

The End of Two Races

I am very sad that Disney is retiring the Race for the Taste and Tower of Terror fall races. If you want to run these races this fall is your last chance.

I am excited to hear what will be unveiled for fall next year. We'll have to wait to hear what's next in the Endurance Series...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hello World!

Yes, I've been neglecting the blog...Why? I got sucked in the world of Harry Potter again. Once I start reading those books it becomes an obsession and I have to keep reading until I finish them all...Doesn't matter how many times I read them I still love them.

I've been trying to exercise and eat right and this week wasn't bad. I've done pretty good with the eating and I've been good on strength training and only so-so on the running front. I think I have a fear of doing my long run. I don't know why exactly, but I just haven't been able to get myself out the door to go for the long run. That's going to stop - next Saturday I'm doing my six miles and that's that! Overall, I feel pretty good about things. I definitely need to kick up the running and I know I'll be okay and be able to do it as we get ever closer to January and my next 1/2 marathon. As soon as I return from WDW the race season starts up again here in AZ and I'm sure I'll be doing a good number of 5Ks. I love doing these as you can go slow or go all out and no matter what you're out there doing it and it feels great!

The car needed a new battery yesterday and now I've got to get two new tires, windshield wipers and an oil change tomorrow. Wasn't planning on that little expenditure this week, but hey, the car's gotta be taken care of too!

Went for another dive out at the lake today. It was a lot of fun. I've discovered that divers are similar to runners. Everyone is very welcoming, helpful, friendly and just happy to be there doing what they do. Maybe that's one of the reasons I've taken to it so much. It was a fun day, but visibility in the lake was about 5-10 feet. I ran into a bunch of trees - one of them attacked me and scratched up my arm pretty good. Sounds funny to dive with trees doesn't it - I think so :)!

So, I'm an obsessive planner and for some reason I've been having trouble sitting down to finish up things I want to have done for my trip. Don't get me wrong - all my ADRs are done and I'm more than ready to go, but I'm not as ready as I usually am. I've only got a couple of weekends before I go so I'd better get my rear in gear and get everything together so I am ready to go.

Well, that's it for now. I'll try to post some of the things I do to get ready for my trip as I complete them. Hope every one's doing well!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

1 Month To Go...To WDW That Is

I am getting so excited now...I have one month left until I go to Walt Disney World for two whole weeks. I am so ready!

It's been crazy busy at work and the atmosphere is not getting any better...Lots of bad news comes along quite often these days. I'm just holding out as long as I can and hopefully this will either work out.

I feel like I'm only giving my exercise half my heart...Doing okay with the strength training portion, but slacking big time on the running...It could be a mental block, work stress, heat or a combination of all those things, but I know I need to get back in gear. At least I'm still doing something.

I need to crack down on my eating too. I seem to be stress eating...While I'm not necessarily eating bad things, I'm eating too much. Hopefully, I can get that back on track too!

Hope everyone is having a good August...Just keep swimming :)!

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