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Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Last week was only marginally better in terms of exercise. I managed to do my strength training, but not run. Eating was also out of control.

This week is going better. I think I've got my eating back under control - finally. I managed to get in a 2 mile run Monday evening (it was 108 out). I worked my chest and back yesterday - I don't think I'll ever be able to do push ups well, but I keep trying. I'll try to head out for another 2 miles tonight and maybe do some Pilates. I feel pretty good so far this week and I want to keep that momentum going until I head to WDW in Sept.

My new refrigerator is working well. The delivery guys were not so great and I ended up doing the water hookup and explaining how to get it in the house, but you know how it goes. At least it's there and I have cold food again :).

I am very ready for my vacation. It's been such a long year so far. I did manage to get a new evening gown for my Victoria&Albert's dinner and a new swimming suit. Should I start packing now? I only have about 45 days or so to go!!!!

I don't have any races scheduled right now. There are very few events in AZ during the summer. I think everyone figures people wouldn't be stupid enough to want to race in this heat. Strange since other parts of the country are hot and they still have races. So, racing is on
hold until the fall. When I get back from WDW the race season will have started and I'll get busy again.

Hope everyone is doing well. Drop me a note and let me know how it's going for you.


Rae! said...

Hey!!!! Glad things are going better. I hear everyone talk about V and A. Where in the World is it, and how good is it??
Ya know there are a couple of races at the World in Sept. Just letting you know. ;0)
Where are you going to be staying at?

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