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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wow - Team Voice Is Alive and Well!

Seems like Team Voice is going full steam right now. Kate did a Disney Tri in May, Jeff W did a 20K in May, Fiona did a 10K in May, Rae did her first Duathlon this month, and Jonathan finished his second Half Marathon today...Sorry if I've forget any other events from other Team Voice members (I did this from memory and I only have so much memory to store these things).

It's awesome to see everyone out there training, working hard and meeting goals.

Now - you all want to tell me how to do it?

I have actually been doing really well with my exercising. It's almost the end of June and I've managed to get miles in everyday so far and there are only a few left. Eating is good and bad. Weight is up and down. I feel better, stronger and I've lost some inches - so I can't complain there.

So, what's the problem you ask? I have no long distance runs in this month...I can hardly make it through a 5K. I'm hoping that it's just because of the blast furnace I live in and the work stress I've been dealing with.

Once we hit July I'm going to get back to mixing up the workouts - running, biking, elliptical and walking...Maybe some swimming if I get ambitious. I'll also continue with the strength training as it has made a big difference. Hopefully that will help so that I can get my distances back up. According to my training plan I should have been back up to the 11 mile range, but like I said - 4 is pushing it.

I'll get there though. I have a vacation in September and I want to keep thinning down and toning up. When I get back I'll be in serious training for the WDW Half Marathon in January.


Matt said...

You'll be fine. Just keep the faith. We're all behind you!

Princess Fee said...

Like Matt said, we're all behind you! I have no further races until the Half in September and I haven't started my proper training yet... I have no idea how I will honestly run 13 miles again, but I know you all will be there cheering me on!

Just keep doing what you're doing - keep being active and eating healthy. I have found my weight staying the same, but I am feeling good about myself and my body. We have to look at ALL the positives!

And I am so in awe that you can run at all in the summer you guys have!!! :)

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