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Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Little Walk, A Little Dive

Today has been busy and I'm tired! I got up at 4am and went for a short one mile walk with the dogs. Kept it short, but at least I managed to get a mile in for the day.

At 5am I headed out for the hour drive to Lake Pleasant. It was Fun Dive Day for the diving shop that I took certification from and I decided to be brave and go out and find someone to dive with. I have to say - that is not something I would have done a couple of months ago and certainly not a couple of years ago.

See, I'm a very self conscious, private, shy person and it's difficult for me to talk to people I don't know...Face to face mostly...Can you believe it? Probably not the way I babble on here. Regardless, it's tough for me. It always has been.

So, I got to the lake and sat there waiting for someone I knew. I know the dive shop owners just from dealing with them and one of my instructors showed up. I felt better when I found some familiar faces, but I still didn't have any one to dive with. Finally, I just introduced myself to one of the guys that had been there a while and he didn't have any one to dive with either so we became dive buddies.

Whew - I had someone to dive with. We took our time getting ready and finally it was time to dive. This was a challenge for me. I was testing out my certification and finding out if I really liked diving or if it was the thrill of taking classes that I liked.

Guess what? I really like diving. There's something very peaceful under the water. Seeing fish and exploring is a lot of fun and I really like it. Guess there may be a diving trip in my future after all :)!

I ended up only doing one dive - about 40 minutes or so. My dive buddy only brought one tank with him and he is older and was a bit worn out so we just did the one dive this time. I probably could have found someone to do a second dive with, but it was okay to only do one today.

I also now have someone else to dive with once in a while - in fact, I met another older man that offered to dive with me too if I ever wanted. One thing I've learned about divers is they are generous and accepting. Let me tell you there's also not much you can hide in a wetsuit so you just have to go with it :)!

All in all, it was a good day and I'm getting ready to call it a day...Another week begins early tomorrow, but at least the boss is on vacation so I bought another week with a job :)!


Richard said...

It just shows how great it can be to try something new. I'm really glad you enjoyed diving wish you many long and happy years of diving.

Princess Fee said...

Way to go on getting out there and diving again! It's always nerve-wracking the first time, isn't it? It's not the same, but I was like that before going to yoga classes - it's difficult by yourself, especially when you're not an 'in-your-face' person.

But am so happy you found someone to dive with and that you enjoy diving! Congratulations! :D

Matt said...

That sounds like alot of fun! I might have to look in to doing something like that. Maybe you could do DiveQuest at Epcot, next time you're down.

FYI, I'm actually a rather shy person myself, yet on here I rant and rave, haha. So I know how you feel.


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