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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Have You Tried the Online ADR System?

I went and played with the Online ADR System as soon as I heard about it yesterday. Since I have a trip coming up in September I was able to try it with and without a reservation.

I like the idea. I'm not sure about the reality of it yet. I did see that the items you put in your cart stay in your cart for 2 hours while you continue to use the site. If you are inactive on the site for 20 minutes the items in your cart are released. This is good - it will help people to be able to really shop for those reservations that they want without forcing a too quick decision.

I added my confirmation number and anything I would have booked would have been associated to that reservation. I liked that feature. It also allowed me to add things to my cart without a reservation or I could disassociate from the reservation I had entered. Another good thing - should make it easier for local folks and/or people staying off site to be able to make ADRs.

I did notice that Victoria & Albert's was not available to book online yet. I know it's coming as my itinerary planners told me it would be available soon.

I'm still not fond of the 10 ADR's at a time limitation. It doesn't tell you that you cannot add any more items until you try to add the 11th item. For me, 10 items would force me to do this several times for a single trip that is 10 nights long.

I did try to add items that were at the same time on the same day and it did allow me to. It warned me I was doing it and asked me to remove an item unless it was for a different party in which case I could continue. As I'm sure you can see, this is good and bad.

I found it ironic that it says "Book Reservation" - how many times have we all been told it's not a reservation? I wonder if people will get upset when they have to wait for 20 minutes after their "reservation."

If you want more detailed information about the new system, I know you'll be able to go to any number of blogs and/or podcasts to get it, but I figured I'd give you a quick run down of what I saw in my limit play time.


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