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Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Little Walk, A Little Dive

Today has been busy and I'm tired! I got up at 4am and went for a short one mile walk with the dogs. Kept it short, but at least I managed to get a mile in for the day.

At 5am I headed out for the hour drive to Lake Pleasant. It was Fun Dive Day for the diving shop that I took certification from and I decided to be brave and go out and find someone to dive with. I have to say - that is not something I would have done a couple of months ago and certainly not a couple of years ago.

See, I'm a very self conscious, private, shy person and it's difficult for me to talk to people I don't know...Face to face mostly...Can you believe it? Probably not the way I babble on here. Regardless, it's tough for me. It always has been.

So, I got to the lake and sat there waiting for someone I knew. I know the dive shop owners just from dealing with them and one of my instructors showed up. I felt better when I found some familiar faces, but I still didn't have any one to dive with. Finally, I just introduced myself to one of the guys that had been there a while and he didn't have any one to dive with either so we became dive buddies.

Whew - I had someone to dive with. We took our time getting ready and finally it was time to dive. This was a challenge for me. I was testing out my certification and finding out if I really liked diving or if it was the thrill of taking classes that I liked.

Guess what? I really like diving. There's something very peaceful under the water. Seeing fish and exploring is a lot of fun and I really like it. Guess there may be a diving trip in my future after all :)!

I ended up only doing one dive - about 40 minutes or so. My dive buddy only brought one tank with him and he is older and was a bit worn out so we just did the one dive this time. I probably could have found someone to do a second dive with, but it was okay to only do one today.

I also now have someone else to dive with once in a while - in fact, I met another older man that offered to dive with me too if I ever wanted. One thing I've learned about divers is they are generous and accepting. Let me tell you there's also not much you can hide in a wetsuit so you just have to go with it :)!

All in all, it was a good day and I'm getting ready to call it a day...Another week begins early tomorrow, but at least the boss is on vacation so I bought another week with a job :)!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wow - Team Voice Is Alive and Well!

Seems like Team Voice is going full steam right now. Kate did a Disney Tri in May, Jeff W did a 20K in May, Fiona did a 10K in May, Rae did her first Duathlon this month, and Jonathan finished his second Half Marathon today...Sorry if I've forget any other events from other Team Voice members (I did this from memory and I only have so much memory to store these things).

It's awesome to see everyone out there training, working hard and meeting goals.

Now - you all want to tell me how to do it?

I have actually been doing really well with my exercising. It's almost the end of June and I've managed to get miles in everyday so far and there are only a few left. Eating is good and bad. Weight is up and down. I feel better, stronger and I've lost some inches - so I can't complain there.

So, what's the problem you ask? I have no long distance runs in this month...I can hardly make it through a 5K. I'm hoping that it's just because of the blast furnace I live in and the work stress I've been dealing with.

Once we hit July I'm going to get back to mixing up the workouts - running, biking, elliptical and walking...Maybe some swimming if I get ambitious. I'll also continue with the strength training as it has made a big difference. Hopefully that will help so that I can get my distances back up. According to my training plan I should have been back up to the 11 mile range, but like I said - 4 is pushing it.

I'll get there though. I have a vacation in September and I want to keep thinning down and toning up. When I get back I'll be in serious training for the WDW Half Marathon in January.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Thanks All

Thanks for all the supportive comments. Today was better - although still stressful for me because I had to do a training for China....I'm not a trainer.

My boss is pretending things didn't happen. That could mean that everything I said went right in one ear and out the other or it'll be thrown back in my face at a later date to be determined....Nice attitude I have huh?

For the record, I never give less than my best at work, even when I'm ticked off. I was in at 6:10am and didn't leave until 8pm today...Crazy, but the work has to get done and I need the paycheck.

So, for now I'm going to let it be and see what happens. Still think I'll polish up my resume though ;)!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

One of Those Days...

Well, stress came to a complete boiling point today at work. I really almost walked out after 6.5 years. I have reached my breaking point and I don't see an end in sight. I don't even know what to do right now. Thankfully the sane part of me remembered that I can't pay the bills without a job and it would be hard to find something else right now. The bad thing is, I'll be feeling this fall out for a while to come. I was unprofessional. I don't regret the things that I said, but I certainly shouldn't have said them at the time or the location that I did. I have already apologized to my speechless peers...and will probably have to keep doing it for a while longer. It's a long story and it's been a long time coming...I thought I had been expressing myself quite loudly for the past few months, but nothing has changed and it was just one more do this now because I don't believe what you're saying times today and I had a breakdown. Sobbing, angry, agruments....I don't think I've ever done that at this job. Just don't know if I can or want to continue on like this - it's eating away at me and I'm paying physically.

So, how did I combat my emotional stress today? No, I didn't stress eat - yet :)! I went for a quick walk and came back and did an hour on legs and back. Figured the only way I'm going to sleep tonight is to exhaust myself.

Thanks for letting to my self pity...Now back to your day :)!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Stress, Heat, Health, Father's Day

Wow, what a week. I really need to take a vacation - September cannot come fast enough. I've been super stressed at work, at home, just in general. Thank goodness for working out because if I didn't keep that up right now I'd be super ready to explode. I do feel better today (even though I need to get some work done).

Hot, hot, hot - that's the only way to describe summer in Arizona. It certainly makes it difficult to get outside and run. If I don't do it at 4am, it's really hard to get out there and do it at all. Yesterday I decided to take the dogs out for a walk...Just a walk - nothing too fast, nothing too vigorous. It was 8am and about 80 degrees out...Certainly not too hot for a walk. Or so I thought. About a mile in to our walk, Belle (my yellow lab) started snorting - it's nothing new as she has allergies, but I figured I'd stop and let her out of her gentle leader and just use her collar and I decided to do the same thing for Jasmine (my black lab). I'd been stopping them every few minutes and having them drink water and stand in the shade just to be safe, but as soon as we started walking after I took off their gentle leaders, Jasmine fell head first in to the grass by the side walk. I have no idea what happened, she was acting fine going along just fine and then wham she falls over. She has had heat exhaustion before and I was terrified that she was going in to this again. She stood right up and I took them down a little hill and there was a shady spot in the grass and the grass was wet. I made her lay down in the grass, I poured water over her and made her drink....I'm over a mile from the house still - she's 75 pounds and I have Belle. The path back home doesn't have enough shade and I'm sure there's not enough water to get them home. So, I had to call the Calvary - my niece to come and get us. She lives a good 40 minutes away, but that's okay because we have shade and water and Jasmine wasn't getting sick to her stomach or throwing up or getting delirious like she did last year when this happened. My poor baby...Thankfully by the time my niece came Jasmine was doing fine, tired by okay.

This has also been a rough week for me health wise...I just haven't felt good all week - stomach problems, migraines, dizziness, etc....I know it was mostly from the stress and I have to be careful not let that totally overtake me.

Finally, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the father's out there. I wish you all health, happiness, and the presents of your dreams!!!
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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Have You Tried the Online ADR System?

I went and played with the Online ADR System as soon as I heard about it yesterday. Since I have a trip coming up in September I was able to try it with and without a reservation.

I like the idea. I'm not sure about the reality of it yet. I did see that the items you put in your cart stay in your cart for 2 hours while you continue to use the site. If you are inactive on the site for 20 minutes the items in your cart are released. This is good - it will help people to be able to really shop for those reservations that they want without forcing a too quick decision.

I added my confirmation number and anything I would have booked would have been associated to that reservation. I liked that feature. It also allowed me to add things to my cart without a reservation or I could disassociate from the reservation I had entered. Another good thing - should make it easier for local folks and/or people staying off site to be able to make ADRs.

I did notice that Victoria & Albert's was not available to book online yet. I know it's coming as my itinerary planners told me it would be available soon.

I'm still not fond of the 10 ADR's at a time limitation. It doesn't tell you that you cannot add any more items until you try to add the 11th item. For me, 10 items would force me to do this several times for a single trip that is 10 nights long.

I did try to add items that were at the same time on the same day and it did allow me to. It warned me I was doing it and asked me to remove an item unless it was for a different party in which case I could continue. As I'm sure you can see, this is good and bad.

I found it ironic that it says "Book Reservation" - how many times have we all been told it's not a reservation? I wonder if people will get upset when they have to wait for 20 minutes after their "reservation."

If you want more detailed information about the new system, I know you'll be able to go to any number of blogs and/or podcasts to get it, but I figured I'd give you a quick run down of what I saw in my limit play time.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Only One To Go.....

This is a long post

Yesterday was my 90 day ADR window for my trip in September. I am so excited about this trip. I have decided to splurge and really treat myself (again). All my ADRs are done, except one - Fulton's Crabhouse can't be made until exactly 90 days out.

Yep, that means I am doing the Platinum Package. I'm a huge package fan because I know that the majority of my trip is paid for and there really aren't any surprise expenses. I also, do a lot of figuring to make sure that if I'm going to be using a package that I get my money's worth.

My method of touring isn't for everyone. If you're only interest in going to the parks are the rides, this trip probably wouldn't be for you. If you're in to trying new experiences and seeing things that not everyone gets to do, then stick around and see what I have planned this trip.

I must admit, there are a lot of things on my itinerary that I've done before. Does that mean I'll be bored - I don't think so. Does that mean I won't learn anything new - again, I don't think so. Every experience is what you make it, the people included in the experience and who you get teaching you.

My absolute favorite resort is The Contemporary (Tower Room with a theme park view), but it wasn't in the budget this year. So, I'll be visiting the Animal Kingdom Lodge. I stayed there for Minnie Marathon Weekend and had a standard view room. While it was nice, I didn't love it. I'm hoping that having a Savannah View room will make a difference. I think it will :)!

One of the perks of doing the Platinum Plan is that you get personal itinerary planning services. Now, I did this in 2007 at The Contemporary and my Itinerary Planner was based at the Grand Floridian. I only worked with one person and I was a little disappointed with the speed at which my arrangements were made and I was lucky to even get in to Victoria & Albert's and was on the wait list for Chef's Table. This time I've been working with the Animal Kingdom Lodge staff and let me say WOW! I've worked with at least five different people, they've answered questions for me, given me suggestions, added things to my itinerary, explained things, checked on things they didn't know and have really made the whole experience as easy as 1,2,3.

During the planning process I asked if there were any ADRs that I should call for and there was only one they wanted me to try for. That was Victoria & Albert's Chef Table. No problem, I'll make the calls and they'll make the calls and hopefully one of us would be able to get an ADR. More on that later.

Gasp, I do also spend some time off site and this trip is no exception. I'll get in to that as well.

So, here are my plans.....

Saturday, September 5, 2009
Depart Phoenix and Fly in to Orlando
Check In: Pop Century Resort
Rest and Relax
Dinner at Everything Pop! - One of my all time favorite food courts!

Silly me, I'll be leaving my house at 2:30am...Why, because I wanted to get in to Orlando before dinner time and since there weren't any affordable non-stop flights with better times this is what I will endure. Hopefully I can catch some zzzz's on the plane, but I don't have anything planned for when I arrive so I'll have time to recharge before the fun begins.

Sunday, September 6, 2009
Sea World: Mammal Trainer for a Day Program
Dinner: Dine with Shamu

I love animals and I really enjoy Sea World. The Mammal Trainer for a Day program takes you backstage to interact with seals, sea lions, walrus, beluga whales and more. The Dine with Shamu dinner is a buffet at a backstage pool with a whale and trainers.

Monday, September 7, 2009
Discovery Cove: Trainer for a Day Program

This program provides additional dolphin interaction time, a double foot push, photo op with two dolphins, backstage tours, feeding opportunities, all meals and equipment included. Another expensive program, but another one that's completely worth it.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009
Sea World: A relaxing day to enjoy the shows, rides and park

Wednesday, September 9, 2009
Check out Pop Century
Check in Animal Kingdom Lodge
Breakfast: The Mara
Backstage Magic Tour
Dinner: The Wave

This will be day 1 of the Platinum Plan...I am so excited for the Backstage Magic Tour. I've wanted to do this tour for years so I was super excited it is included in the plan this year. I know I will still miss Concourse Steakhouse, but I'm glad I'll be trying The Wave.

Thursday, September 10, 2009
It's my birthday - I don't really "celebrate" birthdays, but I figured I might as well and I actually booked the trip before they announced the "Celebrate You" promotion for this year. I'm looking forward to a $75 gift card since I'll have a 10 day park hopper pass already.

Breakfast: Room Service
Around the World on a Segway Tour
Lunch: Electric Umbrella or Sunshine Seasons
Seas Aqua Tour
Dinner: Coral Reef
Illuminations VIP viewing

Room Service - also included in the plan, got to love that. Ah, the Segway - I love the Segway and what could be better than a tour around World Showcase? The Seas Aqua Tour and some snorkeling with the fish. Then I'll have dinner while watching them swim around. The Itinerary Planner added the Illuminations VIP Viewing - I like Illuminations, but I don't usually go out of my way to see it so this could be nice.

Friday, September 11, 2009
Breakfast: Room Service
Backstage Safari Tour
Lunch: Tusker House
Dinner: Jiko

The Backstage Safari Tour - I love Animal Kingdom and seeing behind the scenes is so cool. I'll be trying Tusker House for lunch - I hope it's as good as all the reviews I've read. I know I'll love dinner at Jiko!

Saturday, September 12, 2009
Breakfast: The Wave
Wilderness Back Trail Adventure
Horseback Riding
Lunch: Earl of Sandwich
Cirque du Soleil
Dinner: Fulton's Crabhouse

A jam packed day for sure. I love parasailing, it's so peaceful and the view is unreal. Then I'll be spending some time at Fort Wilderness - more Segway fun to start. Then, I'm going horseback riding - another activity that I've wanted to do for years and finally figured out a way to fit it in. After Fort Wilderness I'll head over to Downtown Disney and grab a bite to eat, do a little shopping and then enjoy Cirque du Soleil. To end the evening a fabulous meal at Fulton's Crabhouse.

Sunday, September 13, 2009
Breakfast: ABC Commissary
Lunch: Hollywood Brown Derby
Dinner: Yachtsman's Steakhouse
Fantasmic! Reserved Seating

A day at Hollywood Studios with a quick breakfast and a great lunch. Then head out for a nice dinner at Yachtsman's Steakhouse - a favorite of mine. Ending the evening back at Hollywood Studios for Fantasmic! at the suggestion of the Itinerary Planner. Another show that I can take or leave, but what the heck :)!

Monday, September 14, 2009
Breakfast: Kona Cafe
UnDiscovered Future World Tour
Lunch: Chefs de France
Behind the Seeds
Dinner: California Grill

Tonga Toast anyone? Well, actually I'll probably do some Macadamia Nut Pancakes over at Kona Cafe. Then it's off to Epcot for another tour - this time of Future World. Lunch at Chefs de France and then Behind the Seeds. Another tour that I've wanted to do for a very long time. To end the day I'll head back to The Contemporary and have a great dinner with a view at the California Grill!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009
Breakfast: Room Service
Keys to the Kingdom Tour
Dinner: Artist Point
Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

Did I mention that Room Service is included? It's sure handy on days that start early. Over to the Magic Kingdom for the Keys to the Kingdom Tour - more Utilidors and lunch at Columbia Harbor House. Dinner at the Wilderness Lodge's Artist Point and then back to the Magic Kingdom for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009
Breakfast: Boma
Lunch: Yak & Yeti
Dinner: Narcoossee's
Wishes Cruise

A full day at Animal Kingdom - I love this park and never have trouble spending a whole day here. And I get to have Yak & Yeti for lunch so what could be better? Then I head to the Grand Floridian for dinner at Narcoossee's and finally the Wishes Cruise.

Thursday, September 17, 2009
Breakfast: Grand Floridian Cafe
Lunch: Pecos Bill's
Grand Floridian Spa
Dinner: Victoria & Albert's Chef's Table

I'll be trying out the Grand Floridian Cafe for breakfast and then heading out to the Magic Kingdom for a couple of hours. Back to the Grand Floridian for a nice soak and facial at the spa. Then the highlight of the trip - Chef's Table at Victoria & Albert's!

V&A was the only ADR that I called and made myself. I was on the phone at 7am (4am AZ time) and was connected over to Victoria & Albert's. I asked for Chef's Table for Friday, September 18th, but they do not do Chef's Table on Wednesday or Friday any more...So, I tried for Thursday or any other day that was available during my stay. She was surprised as she had availability on Thursday. As she was going over the do's and don'ts she told me the price was $175...I said, but I only have to pay the difference between the regular dining and the Chef's Table right? No, I've never heard of that. I said, really because I have an email from the Itinerary Planner at AKL and I also see that there will be upgrade charges handled separately from the plan for the Chef's Table or wine parings. She asked the person next to her and they said they've never heard of that either. I read her the email from the AKL Itinerary Planner and the note at the bottom of the PDF that has all the package inclusions. She took the time to look up the PDF and saw exactly what I saw. Then she told me to make sure I bring the PDF with me so there wouldn't be any question. She was super nice and she said she'd do what she could to make sure everyone was on the same page with this. Trust me, I'll be calling before I leave to verify that they are going to honor this - while I know the meal would be worth the price, it should only be about $50 more than the regular dining cost and I'd prefer to pay that over the $175 :)! Either way, I'm going to do this dinner - I've been trying since 2003 to do this meal!

Friday, September 18, 2009
Breakfast: Room Service
Dolphins In Depth
Lunch: Rose & Crown
Epcot Dive Quest
Dinner: Le Cellier

My last day and it should be pretty special. I can't wait to see the Dolphins, but I am so excited that I'm going to dive at the Living Seas! Oh my goodness, another thing I've wanted to do for a very long time. I cannot wait. Then I'll end the trip with a fabulous meal at Le Cellier!

Saturday, September 19, 2009
Head home and back to reality...Makes me sad already.

While I haven't left a ton of time for rides, I should still be able to get quite a few good rides in. Since I'll be back in January for the Half Marathon I should be able to work a few rides in on that trip to and I won't have any real plans (other than the races) that will stop me from enjoying the parks!

I've come to the realization that this might be the last long trip I take to WDW in quite a while. As I'm planning on more half marathon and marathon trips they will probably be shorter. That and I've decided that I really want to try a diving trip or two - right now I'm thinking either Hawaii or Bonaire...We'll see - I'm not really good at staying away from Disney Parks for too long!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ahhhh....New Shoes and Juneathon

This week marked the start of a beautiful new relationship - yup, it was time for a new pair of shoes. I sure do love new shoes. I fell in love with Nike Pegasus a couple of years ago and I have stocked up so that I don't have to worry about the changes they make each year. Crazy right, but I figure I bought the shoes so now I have to use them :)!

So, why else do I love new shoes - they make me run like lightning...Okay, so my version of lightning :). They just feel good and I start out on my task thinking I don't want to do this, I'll take my time, I'll just have to see how far I can make it. Then wham - my feet hit the pavement and I just feel good and it makes me go.

How are you doing with Juneathon? I have to say, I was nervous committing to some mileage each day, but I think it was just the motivation I needed. Thank you Team Voice for keeping me going. Normally, I'd break my workouts up to running, biking, and elliptical, but I have a gym aversion this month (so far) and I am so happy being outside that I've gone to running or walking each day and it's just so great. So far, I've managed to get miles in each day and I think I'll be able to keep it up through this month!

The only bad thing, it's making me super hungry. I've had to up my calories to stave off the hunger monster. I know that's not a bad thing, but we'll have to see how my body handles the extra calories. Hopefully, I'll at least maintain, but I would rather lose some more :)!

I hope everyone else is keeping up with their miles for June and don't neglect your strength training. Did I mention that I have visible muscle on my triceps? It still amazes me....

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

103 Degrees and Me

I have to say that my workouts have been tough this week.

Monday I didn't want to get out of bed at 4am, so I ran at night. Just a little two miler with the dogs. It was hot out, but that's not so bad. Can anyone explain why it feels like you've never run after you take a week and a half off? That's how I felt - drained, out of sorts, just wrong. At least I got some miles in though.

Tuesday rolled around and it didn't feel any better at 4am, so I didn't get up to work out. When I got home from work I did my hour of legs and back and felt a bit ambitious so I thought I'd see if I could put some miles in. Well, I don't normally run after a strength training session and now I know why :)! My goodness, my legs where trashed. I was already sore from running Monday, then I did legs and back and my legs were jelly. I did manage to get a mile in so that was better than nothing.

Wednesday the alarm rings at 4am and guess what - yup, I didn't feel like getting up again. So, I geared myself up all day long to do my four miles when I got home. I got geared up, stepped outside and headed off. About at quarter of a mile in I realized there was no way I was doing four miles. It is blazing hot outside - yuck! My lungs were burning, my body ached and I knew I was in trouble. I managed to log two miles...when I say log, I mean, I didn't run, walk, jog or any of the normal modes - I logged. My legs felt like two logs attached to my body.

For some reason this week I don't feel like I'm running in my body. Mentally I know what I want to accomplish, but my body has completely different ideas. It's ridiculous. I feel like I just started running again. I certainly need to pull it together and I will :)!

I'm doing better on the eating front at least. I'm sure that everything will start pulling back together again soon. I just need to fit the pieces back together because somehow they've fallen apart and it's taking some work to figure out where they all need to go again.

Thanks for listening to my rambling!

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