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Monday, May 4, 2009

What a Week It Was...

Wow, am I glad that last week is over...

On Monday, I started to get a migraine. Now, this is nothing new to me. I've been getting migraines since I was in the 5th grade, so I've become accustomed to living throughout them. I trudged on.

Tuesday the migraine started getting worse.

By Wednesday, I got up and the migraine was pretty bad. I thought about skipping my speed work, but figured I'd go out any way. I was scheduled to do 7 miles - 3 miles speed...That was one of the worst runs I've ever had. Every single step was pure will power. Nothing in my body wanted to cooperate. I keep thinking, I'll just turn around, but I made myself keep going. In addition to the migraine, my stomach was just not feeling well either - a lovely side effect of migraines. I ended up coming home after a half day in the office and working from home as I just couldn't stay at my desk.

Thursday morning came and my migraine was so bad that if I moved any portion of my body my head throbbed with my pulse. I skipped cardio, but went to work anyway. Rough morning. Then on the way back to the office after lunch, I got out of my car and smelled anti-freeze...Not a good thing. Took the car in and $300 later I made it home.

Friday I started feeling better, just sort of felt like I was in a fog. It was okay. I skipped cardio in the morning, but managed 40 minutes of Pilates in the evening.

Saturday morning I had just the remnants of the migraine hanging on so I did my 8 mile long run. Felt a bit sluggish, but overall, not too bad. Then I had to help my niece paint a couple of rooms. It turned out to be a long day, but my head wasn't throbbing too badly.

Sunday was a rest day and I used it as just that. I didn't get anything accomplished.

Today, I'm dealing with the end of the migraine, but I was able to workout today and I didn't feel like snapping every one's head off so I must be getting better.

Okay, I'll quit whining now. Thanks for reading to my sob story - I think this week will be much better!


MikeF. said...

Sorry to hear about the migraine. I can get them from time to time and when I do I have to go into a dark quiet room and try to fall a sleep. Oh yeah and pray it goes away. Good to see though that you kept pushing on. I have a question about your car. What needed to be fixed. Sorry car nut here. Sounds like it was a pretty easy fix if it only took half a day. Just hoping you did not get taken for a ride. Hope this weeks better for you.

Justin said...

You're a trooper. I get them once or twice a year. There is no way I could power through a workout with a migraine. You are tougher than me!

Amanda said...

Mike - I had a busted radiator hose and faulty thermostat. That was all covered by my warranty, but while I was there I had them change the oil, air filter, hepa filter, and a couple of other routine maintenance things that I can't seem to remember off the top of my head...Nothing drastic :)!

Richard said...

Good job getting in some exercise while you weren't at your best. I've also been a migraine sufferer and I know how hard that can be on you--they usually knock me down so hard I have to hide from everyone and everything. You are a trooper for pushing on like that!

Chris said...

I've never had a migrane, thankfully! I've had people describe them to me and know that it's probably 100x's worse than that. :-(

I think it's fantastic that you keep on your training despite the issues, very inspiring. :-)

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