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Monday, May 25, 2009

Virus, Certification, & Memorial Day

Warning - this could get long....

Okay, it's been a while since I've posted...It has been a crazy few days for sure.

Last week a virus hit our corporate network and caused us a lot of grief. In fact, I'm still dealing with that grief. The virus infected pretty much every workstation, laptop and server. I've been scanning, cleaning, scanning, cleaning and updating non-stop since last Thursday. Normally, I would have just helped with this effort, but our Windows Admin is on vacation and I'm the backup so it's all on me right now. It's part of the job and I don't mind, but what terrible timing it has been.

Friday I stopped to pick up my SCUBA gear for my open water dives starting on Saturday. I was very excited to get in the lake and do some real dives, but of course, I had to stay up late Friday trying to stop the virus from spreading further.

Saturday morning started at 3am. I left the house at 4am and arrived at the lake at 5:15am. It was cloudy and sprinkling and looked to me like it would be a perfect diving day. Everyone showed up and we geared up for our first dive. Okay, this is it...We started our first dive and down we went to the bottom of the lake. My diving buddy and I were the first to dive down and we sat on the bottom of the lake. As we were sitting there a fish swam right in front of my nose and just kind of hovered there staring at me. It was the coolest thing ever. He stayed there until I exhaled and the bubbles scared him away and then apparently, he went behind me and stared at the back of my head. The visibility in the lake was horrible. As we started doing our skills we lost everyone. One instructor and my dive buddy and I were the only people we could see - where did everyone else go? We didn't know so we finally surfaced and waited for them to do the same. After that, the dives went much more smoothly - we all just had to hang on to each other so we didn't get lost. Despite the murky water, it was still a lot of fun. I loved it. We completed three of our four dives for certification and I was headed for home by 12:30pm.

Of course, there were more problems with viruses and I ended up having to work the rest of the night Saturday, but what're you going to do.

Sunday morning started at 4am and I was on the road to the lake by 5am. I arrived at the lake at 6:15am and everyone else was soon to follow. We suited up for our last certification dive. It was a good dive - sort of. I couldn't seem to hover for anything, but I finally managed. We finished up our dive and guess what - I'm an open water certified scuba diver now. It's so cool. We did a short dive with the entire class before getting out to change our tanks. Then, my dive buddy and I decided to do a dive all on our own. The instructors waited for us on shore and off we went. It was just so cool. We had a great time, saw some fish, some garbage, hit some thermoclines (areas where the water temperature goes from one temperature to another - colder one) and finally made our way to shore. It was a great day.

I was headed back home by 11am and guess what I did...Yep, more stinking virus cleanup and that's pretty much what I've been doing since. I've been a bit lazy today, sitting around working and watching TV and not much else.

I would like to say - Happy Memorial Day! I hope that everyone took a few minutes to reflect on the lives of those we've lost that have helped us secure our country. I know many of us have lost loved ones over the years to war and I want you all to know that I appreciate everyone of those brave people for doing something I wouldn't have the courage to do. Thank you to all our armed forces, reserves, etc...YOU ARE APPRECIATED!


Richard said...

SO sorry about the virus issues, but WTG on getting the Open Water Certification--that is just so cool! I am already waiting to hear about that EPCOT dive.

Princess Fee said...

Congratulations on your Certification!!!! I cannot wait to hear about your Epcot Dive either!!! And you have inspired me to look into diving too - I think I am going to save up and treat myself to the certification next year.
Hopefully you're not working on the virus much more...

Rae! said...

And the joys of computers!!!

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