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Monday, May 18, 2009

One Big Step Left...

I spent Sunday in the pool...Relaxing!

Yeah, right...Actually, I spent over six hours in the pool. Doing what? Getting my confined SCUBA lessons all done. I am now SCUBA Certified - of course, that's only half the certification that I need.

The last big test will be completing my four open water dives. That's going to happen on Saturday and Sunday at Lake Pleasant. Exciting huh?

Normally, the confined dives are split in to two classes, but because of pool scheduling we had to do ours all in one day. It doesn't sound that intense - five dives each learning new skills. Physically, it wasn't so bad (until today), but six hours in the pool with all the gear is certainly tiring.

We had to start the class by doing an 800 meter swim and then 10 minutes treading water. This was all okay. There weren't any time limits on the swim and form didn't matter. I really dogged it, I didn't want to get too tired and since I haven't been swimming for quite a few months I am out of practice anyway. The floating (treading water), not such a big deal as I could float all day!

Then we got down to business. We learned so many things and there really wasn't anything I just couldn't do. There were a couple of things that I would forget from time to time, but nothing I didn't finally figure out. There were a lot of mask skills which I found very helpful once I got over the I won't snort water up my nose fear :)! Then of course there was learning how to go up and down, change to an alternate regulator, do an emergency ascent, and a ton of other skills.

We were scheduled to be in the pool from 1-7pm and we ended up staying until 8pm so we could all finish and not have to do another session. Everyone on the class passed and now we're all ready to take our Open Water Dive Tests. Most of the class will be doing it this weekend, but there were a few people that will be waiting.

Four dives, two days over a three day weekend - sounds okay to me...Wish me luck, I did fine in the pool, but being in open water is a whole new world. I used to be deathly afraid of what was under the water in the lakes I grew up swimming in (no, not in AZ in WA)...So, I'm a little nervous, but as long as I stay focused I'm sure I'll be fine and it's not like I'll be the only one in the water.

I just have to keep telling myself - Epcot Dive Quest...I so want to go to the bottom of the tank this time. I've also found out that there other aquariums that have dive programs and who knows, maybe someday I'll actually take a real dive vacation. Once I'm certified I'll have that option!

If anyone wants more information about the skills or has any questions about what I've learned so far, leave me a comment and let me know. I'll comment back with any answers that I have.


Princess Fee said...

Congratulations!!! What a major achievement - you are on your way to Dive Quest! I am so jealous... I would love to do the Dive Quest, so maybe I'll look into acheiving this sometime in the next few years...

I have to admit that I only recently saw the Girls Next Door episode where they all go for the SCUBA certificate, so I have no doubt that you will be brilliant during your outdoor, fresh water dives!

Richard said...

That all sounds great!
We all have our fears, and overcoming them is always a big step. Good luck with the Open Water Dive Test, I have every confidence in you.

Chris said...

Best of luck on the dives, still jealous. :-)

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