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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Oh How They Taunt Me...And Inspire Me

Darn, why do I watch The Biggest Loser? Well, because I do find it motivational and the transformations are phenomenal.

So, how are they taunting me this time? If you've followed my blog, you'll remember I was a bit up in arms about the Half Marathon Challenge....Well, now they've upped it - the final four contestants are doing a Full Marathon.

You are probably wondering why it taunts me that the contestants would be doing a Full Marathon...Let's start with the fact that they have 26 days to train for it....Yes, I realize they've been training for 6-8 hours a day and that has gotten them in to good shape, but is it marathon shape?

Here I am, running for two plus years. I've completed two half marathons and I'm scared to death to tackle the full marathon, but they have these people competing for 26.2 miles. The training they've been doing is great and yes, they have strength and they have cardio down, but in my mind, training for a marathon requires a completely different kind of plan. Yes, it incorporates strength, endurance, cardio, but it also takes heart, soul, hydration, proper fueling, correct footwear, etc...Where is the emphasis on these things?

Pushing the body to do a full marathon without training is irresponsible. This is how stress fractures happen. This is how exhaustion happens. This is stupid. Since when did the Biggest Loser become the how to run a marathon show...Is there too much emphasis being placed on running and not enough on how to be healthy and happy?

I love running. I run to get healthy. I run to lose weight. But most of all, I run because I love it. I can challenge myself and while I may never be as fast as the person next to me, I can push me to finish when no one else can. It's a sense of accomplishment. It's pure joy wrapped in pain and agony some days. Running is a way of life. The marathon is something a person should aspire to, not be thrown in to.

As, I sit here and watch this, I see two of the four people are injured before they start. Yet, they start. How many people think that's smart? Is the game worth more than the contestant's health? How are they teaching responsible weight loss and exercise by allowing injured people to start a full marathon?

Now I don't want to sound like I think no one should run a marathon. I think it's great and the fact that I, as an overweight person can hope to run one when I'm ready is super. Everyone should be given the chance when they are ready...That being the key - when they are ready!

Thank you to the Biggest Loser for at least not making it look easy for most of the contestants. Any runner can tell you that it takes a lot of mental fortitude along with the physical ability to finish a marathon.

Kudos to the contestants for doing what they've done. As mad as I am at the way they've done this, you can't take away the finish from those contestants. Yes, I'm a sucker and it totally chokes me up to see them finish....Why - because I know how it feels to finish something you never would have dreamed of doing before losing weight. There's a high that comes along with that finish and a feeling of invincibility.

Then there's Ron - what a complete and total inspiration...How he did it is pure and total determination! Wow - amazing! I hope he doesn't suffer any long term damage from this...Good for him for taking responsibility and owning up to his mistakes and trying to correct them now.

I can't explain how it angers me, inspires me, motivates me and makes me hate it all at the same time.


Richard said...

I'm a fan of The Biggest Loser show, too, and often turn to it for inspiration. I have to believe if their trainers and medical consultants thought the marathon was dangerous for the contestants, then they wouldn't have done it.

Rae! said...

I know what you mean. But they had the doctor right there. They only thing is they just didn't fuel right. I am EVER so proud of Ron. I just finished watching it and I cried through the entire show.
I am totally inspired by them. And inspired by the older man we met during the Half who just had hip replacement surgery 5 months before doing the GOOFY!!!!!
I know I can do this!!!!
And thank you for calling me out. The funny thing is I was working out when you posted. I unlike the others I need that. Thank you.

Megan said...

I agree with you that having them do the marathon was not the wisest thing. And to top it off, some people may look at it and think what we do is easy. I signed up for the WDW full after I returned from my first half. I gave myself 10 months to build up to it after having already trained for 8 months for the half!

Seeing them running did get me off the couch to get a workout in at 9:45 though!

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