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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Now the Fun Can Begin...

Okay, so a quick update. I took my dogs running this morning and we didn't leave the house until 6:45am - later than I intended to leave. Normally, Jasmine (my black lab mix) is susceptible to the heat and Belle (my yellow lab mix) is perfectly fine. They decided to do some role reversal today and at about 2.85 miles Belle decided to start gagging. Not unusual by itself, but she just wasn't running her best today. So, we had to take the last mile very slowly and stop and get lots of water. Turns out she was perfectly fine, but last year Jasmine had an episode where I had to carry/drag her home because she had heat exhaustion - she's 80 pounds and it was all dead weight and thank goodness we were only about 1/8 mile from home. Ever since that happened, I'm even more careful than I was then and I've always been cautious. She's been fine ever since, but I certainly didn't want the same thing to happen to Belle so we stuck to the shade and slowly jogged to four miles and then walked the rest of the way home. Hosed both of them off with cool water, put an ice pack around Belle's neck and made sure she drank lots of water and she was back to normal within 20 minutes. This is why we run at 4am - guess the summer heat is already upon us and that means less runs with the dogs :(...

On to the SCUBA class. I spent all week studying the book and doing my knowledge reviews in preparation for class. I found the information in the book was easy to follow, not too dry, and a lot of common sense. There's one part that seemed like it would be tricky and I actually started with that - it's using the Recreational Dive Planner (RDP). The RDP is three tables that tell you how long you can dive to a specific depth, wait on the surface and then how long and deep the next dive can be and so on. The booklet that came with the RDP was full of explanations and examples and I picked it up and understood it immediately - it just made sense to me...More on that later. The videos they have you watch are the book in video form and honestly, they put me to sleep more than the book did so I watched them at 1.5x speed and found I actually got a lot out of them that way and it didn't take as long :)!

Yesterday was our first class. We met at the dive shop and headed to a small classroom in the back of the store. We have two instructors (Jeff Sr Instructor and Mike Assistant Instructor), both of them are super nice. There are six other students in the class with me. After everyone came in we signed a form for dive insurance (which the shop provides free during class and certification dives) and were given the option to sign up for a dive magazine for free for six months. Then it was time for introductions - who are you and why are wanting to dive. I was the only one planning on diving at Epcot, but that's okay it makes me feel special. Our schedule for class was three hours for the night and we'd be going through the first three of five sections of the book. Each section would include us going over the knowledge reviews together and then we would take a quiz. The class went really well and it would good validation that I learned the right things and I understood what I had learned.

We were to meet again today at 10am until about 2pm...No pool time today as the schedule wouldn't allow, but we would get our gear for tomorrow. Today we went over the last two sections and there was only one quiz. Once we went through all the knowledge reviews and all the sections there was a final test - 50 questions. That's it, the classroom learning portion of the course is over. Each quiz was 10 questions and reinforced what you learned - they were not too difficult at all. The final was not difficult either - as long as you paid attention to the wording and during the class discussions it was pretty straightforward. The hardest part for people was understanding the RDP - we went over it and over it and some people just couldn't grasp how to use the tables to determine things. I felt for them, but I just tuned out because I understood and I didn't want people's explanations to mess me up. I feel comfortable that I could do it now if I need to and the best part - if you do this a lot they have dive computers that will do it for you!

We all signed our forms for our rental gear and then it was time to go get fitted. I'm not new to wetsuits - I've used them at Discovery Cove, Seaworld and Epcot so I knew what to expect. I'll probably never love the way I look in a wet suit, but I've come a long way from the first time I had one on and I was a size 18/20 to now where I'm a 14/16 (I've been lower and I'm going to get back there). I used to be so self conscious about it - there's no way to hide in a wet suit. One of the other women in the class is a little larger and she was so worried that she wouldn't fit in a wetsuit - I told her not to worry about it - she would be just fine and she was. Heck our instructor and one of the shop owners are both way bigger than her and they both have off the rack suits. The first one I tried on was perfect. Then we had to get fitted for our Buoyancy Control Device (BCD) and guess what I'm a Medium - that's just so cool. Then we got our regulators (mouthpiece you breathe through) and weights and two tanks. By the time all of that was done it was about 3:30pm and I headed home.

I am so excited for tomorrow. Tomorrow we start to do all the things that we learned in the book. I'm nervous - some of the things some really complicated and there's a lot to remember. On the other hand, I'm so excited. I can't wait to learn how to do everything and practice it all. It's going to be a very long day - 1:00pm to 6:00pm all in the pool. We have to take food, water, sunscreen, towels and all our gear to one of the diving pools at a junior high and that's where we start practicing skills. YEAH!

I'll let you all know tomorrow how it goes...Hopefully, I'll be scheduling my open water dives for next weekend!

Photobucket Me in my rental gear


Richard said...

Good luck and have fun with the training dive!
You look good all dressed up there.

Rae! said...

Good luck. I past the entire class, but the part I could not pass was when we did the open water dive test, and had to remove the mask and put it back on and clear it, I panic.I went into full blown panic. I had to be brought to the surface. When I was a kid Another kid nearly drowned me, and my step dad saved me. So I think this is why I am having a hard time with the swimming part.
It is all mostly common sense. I have a wet suit I have a short one and a full one. I think they will be to big now.
Have fun. I was thinking about trying the Sept. Tri in Disney this year.

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