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Monday, May 11, 2009

Medical Clearance

Got the okay today from my Doctor to go ahead with my SCUBA class this weekend. He even did an EKG to make sure the ticker is still ticking okay - yes it is thank you very much. Amazingly, their scale matched mine this morning - that never happens :)! Blood pressure was good and all signs indicate that I'm doing okay.

I've been studying my Open Water Diver Manual...I've made it through 2 of the 5 sections that I need to be done with by Friday. It's actually been kind of interesting and a lot of the information is stuff you know but didn't know you knew.

Everything is on track for now...


MikeF. said...

Great to hear the ticker is ticking right. Sounds like you are going to have a lot of fun in those Scuba classes.

Chris said...

I'm jealous! Have always wanted to get my diving certification. Did a couple of resort dives in Mexico, but never had the time money to follow through with the whole deal. Keep us in the loop on your cool adventure. :-)

Matt said...

Glad everything is good and have fun at your class! I'd like to get certified at some point as well. It looks like alot of fun!

Princess Fee said...

Wow, SCUBA sounds fantastic!! It's something I would love to do but I don't know if I ever would be able to... Please keep us updated on it all and way to go on being in such perfect health! :)

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