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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Man, Oh Man...Under 100!

Under 100 what you ask? Days until I leave for a fabulous Walt Disney World vacation of course!

Okay, so it's possible that I shouldn't have gotten my SCUBA certification...I want to go diving so bad. That's just crazy I know - especially since I live in Arizona and I just got my certification. I just had so much fun I feel like going and diving again.

Back to the topic at hand. I am so excited to go to Florida in September. I have lots of new and exciting things planned and I'll be sharing those as plans firm up. Yes, my 90 day window is coming up so I hope I'll be able to make some ADRs soon - I hope free dining doesn't make it too difficult.

I've been really slacking on the running front and I need to get back in gear. I have to say the break has made my right shin feel a lot better so it may have been good to break. I have been keeping up with my strength training and work is starting to settle back down a bit so I should be able to get my routine back this next week. I find that I'm hungry all the time - I know a lot of it is mental and caused by stress so I'm working on that.

Some good news - my niece is pregnant with her second child. Man does that make me feel old :). Her little girl is almost nine months old and a true joy - I can only hope the second is as happy and healthy. My niece is Diabetic so it carries some risks, but I think they'll both do fine.

Some sad news - my sister-in-law is waiting to find out if her breast cancer is back. She's only been cancer free for about nine months. While haven't been super close to her since my brother passed away, I wish her well and hope the news is good.


Princess Fee said...

I will keep your sister-in-law in my thoughts... And congratulations to your niece too! I wish her a very safe and happy pregnancy!

And way to go on the countdown - I imagine that it's less than 100 days until my Disneyland holiday (as that's in Sept too)... But can't wait to hear all about your preparations!

Oh and a break from running is definitely good - helps those ol' muscles get themselves back together!

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