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Thursday, April 9, 2009

What Do You Think?

Did you see the news about the picnic in the park at Animal Kingdom? I have to admit I saw it on another blog (It's A Disney World After All) and then I went to check out the details at AllEars.net.

It's an interesting option - a new way to dine at Animal Kingdom. It's including on the Dining Plan. There are going to be dining locations throughout the park. It's for three people or more. Yes, that's right - the picnic pricing starts at three people. Okay Disney, we know a lot of people are going to your parks in packs, but don't forget solo travelers and couples. I'm going to reserve judgement on this option as I'm not sure it's one that totally appeals to me. While I think it could be a fun option, I also think that it's something that I would find at my local zoo - now I know, Animal Kingdom is not a zoo, but that's just what it seems like to me. I don't particularly go to WDW to have a picnic, but that's just me. Oh, and sorry vegetarians - there aren't any entree choices for you either. Let me know what you think...

Let's look over at the other coast now. California Adventure to be more precise. Have you seen what they're doing to California Screamin'? I'm kind of sad. The Mickey Head is gone and it's been replaced with a sunburst and says Paradise Pier (you can see the new logo here: http://www.thetravelears.com/2009/03/16/re-imagineering-disneys-california-adventure/) . I saw another picture that had the sunburst, but I can't seem to locate it. While I understand they are re-theming did they have to take away Mickey? Just seems odd to me. I guess I'll have to wait to see the full final results. Do you have any thoughts on this change?


MikeF. said...

I am up in the air about the picnic in the park, but they need to do something to try and get people in the park. And as for DCA I honestly think they have a master plan that in the end will all tie together.

Lou Mongello - WDW Radio said...

I LOVE this idea~ Not only is it a different way to dine in the parks, but will afford Guests the opportunity to enjoy DAK the way it was meant to be - by exploring and savoring the park and all of its many nuances and hidden treasures. I believe that people will see more than they ever thought DAK had to offer

Richard said...

I think the picnic is a fine idea, but a 3 person minimum??

I have to agree--I liked California Screamin' better with the Mickey head!

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