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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Camp Fire at Grand Floridian

Have you seen the news about a new recreation option at the Grand Floridian? Check out the following link from Travelears.com:http://www.thetravelears.com/2009/04/16/sweet-fun-now-offered-nightly-at-disney%e2%80%99s-grand-floridian-resort-spa/

The Grand Floridian is now going to be offering a Mickey shaped campfire for roasting marshmallows and enjoying s'mores. There will also be a family friendly movie played on the beach. Of course, you'll be able to purchase marshmallows and s'mores kits to enjoy.

Here are a couple of thoughts that I have about this new offering:
1. I love the movie on the beach idea. It's the same sort of offering that the Yacht Club has been doing and I think this is a great family friendly activity.
2. I can understand the campfire at Fort Wilderness and I could see it at Wilderness Lodge - these locations lend themselves to the outdoors and campfires. I'm not sure how the theme of the Grand Floridian fits in with campfires.
3. These activities will add a more relaxed feeling to the Grand Floridian - something I think many families don't see the Grand Floridian as having. It may just remove the high brow reputation among the younger families.
4. I wonder how much money they make from s'mores and marshmallows...
5. I hope that people do enjoy these activities, but I probably won't be partaking. I have always wanted to stay at the Grand Floridian ever since my first trip in 1991 - some day I'll do it, but it won't be because of these new activities :)!

So, I really don't have a problem with these new activities. I really do think they would be fun for families and I hope it works out. I'm all for widening the offerings at WDW so that more people have even more to enjoy...Now, if I could just get them to rebuild Horizons ;)!


Richard said...

I don't really know if a campfire and s'mores "says" Grand Floridian to me, but it might well turn out to be a nice touch on the outdoor evening experience.....and don't get me started about Horizons-I still remember my wife's first post-Horizons visit when she asked where it was and I had to explain the whole story.

Maroo said...

Wow...I just found your blog through Jonathan's blog (All About the Moust podcast)... It caught my eye because I have been starting to tour Disney solo! Took my first semi-solo trip in Feb and it was a lot of fun. I enjoyed the solo part a lot! :) More than I thought I would.

I am also on the weight loss track, too. But it will be a while before I can do a 10 minute mile! Wow.

So, if it is ok with you, I am going to "follow" along on your blog! :) I am just starting this blog stuff...

MikeF. said...

We tried to do that campfire at Beach club this year and everytime we got down there they were all sold out of the kits for the night. They went pretty quick. but it was kinda cool to watch a movie on the beach. And how can I forget "It's fuuunnnn toooo be Freee!"

Amanda said...

Welcome Maroo. I'm glad you're going to be following along!

Jeff W. said...

Horizons is an attraction I miss. Loved moving sideways into the room with the big screen for the shuttle launch. Being able to look over the edge of the ride with the screen wrapping around you r vehicle and "apparently" seeing the ground under the launch tower was neat. I'm sure that if it were around today it might seem dated but I am into the whole nostalgia that once was Epcot Center.

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