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Friday, March 6, 2009

Tidbits from Day 2 2009 Princess Half Marathon Weekend

Short post tonight as I really need some sleep before the 5K in the morning...

-PLEASE TIP YOUR MOUSEKEEPER...While leaving my room this morning one of the mousekeepers asked if I was the one that called about someone throwing up in the room. She was looking for the room so she could get in and clean up for them. Ewww and wow I hope that guy left a huge tip. If you've ever thought about not leaving a tip I hope this changed your mind.
-The Disney Expos are awesome, full of high energy, excitement and wonderful volunteers and runners.
-If you don't like glitter skip the Princess Half Marathon because it's everywhere.
-Did you know that no one drives the monorails? At least that's what one kid was told by someone in his family today. No, I don't think they were kidding!
-Why is it that Disney thinks all woman runners are a size 2? They were running out of XL shirts and I never saw anything bigger for sale in the merchandise area.
-If you have sore knees, muscles, etc...Biofreeze is awesome. I bought it in roll on form today - boy do I like this stuff.
-Why is the newspaper selling boy in Spaceship Earth turned away from us now? Poor kid.
-Look out for dive bombing birds that like McDonald's french fries in Epcot - you should have seen this lady scream as they tried to take her fries.
-If Donald Duck is a duck, why can't he fly?
-Want to make some magic - offer to take a picture of a whole party. It only takes a second and they will be surprised and happy!

Well, that's it for tonight. More tomorrow!


Rae! said...

I always wondered why Donald can't fly, and I would like to know why the turned the boy around. He has been that way since it reopened.

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