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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tidbits From Day 1 2009 Princess Half Marathon Weekend

Just a few food for thought points from my first day in WDW:

-Do You Disney Weave?
What's that you ask...I have a way of moving through theme parks that doesn't require me to slow my stride and still avoid hitting tourists. It involves shifting your body from side to side while in motion to avoid strollers, kids, people stopping in front of you, etc....Now maybe it's just a solo or adult without kid motion, but I thought I'd let you think about it and see if you do the same thing. It's like weaving through traffic in a car only you're on foot. I'm tired and I may not be doing a good job describing what I mean.

-Parents - Please don't get lost
While waiting for the monorail to come back to the hotel a young girl wandered up to one of the cast members and just looked lost. The cast member told her not to worry her parents were lost and he'd find them. She just stood there so crestfallen and then the tears started. She wasn't hysterical, just quiet tears and it about ripped my heart out. Thankfully the lost parents were found rather quickly, but in my opinion the damage was done (at least for me). Please keep your eye on your children, forget schedules and just pay attention to your loved ones!

-An Ewww Moment
While I can appreciate this to some extent it is still not cool. On the Magical Express bus on the way to the hotel in the row in front of me was a Mom and Daughter (Dad was across the aisle). The little girl goes to wipe her nose on her hand and her Mom says, "Wipe that on your sleeve not your hands." I suppose this makes sense, but gross. Certainly not something I really wanted to hear. Like I said - just ewwwwww.

Well, it's been a very long day and I need sleep. I'll try to post more tidbits tomorrow. Follow me on Twitter for more up to the minute updates on what I'm doing and where I'm at!


Rae! said...

Glad you made it safe And we will be up later this evening!!! How is the weather?

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