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Monday, March 9, 2009

Tidbits Days 3/4 2009 Princess Half Marathon Weekend

Sorry I haven't posted each day, but I have been busy and then too tired to post. So, here's some more tidbits from my long weekend in WDW.

Day 2
-I'm not sure how I feel about having to show your room card during extra magic hours. It's kind of a pain

Day 3
-Sometimes even two alarms cannot wake you up.
-Men running in kilts okay, man dressed in full Minnie Mouse costume kind of strange
-The Royal Family 5K had a ton of characters out around the course. Probably the most I've ever seen on Disney 5K course.
-The Royal Family 5K had finishers medallions with purple ribbons for women and blue ribbons for men.
-An older gentleman on one of the buses proclaimed that Disney must paint every two years or so because the colors are all so bright
-T-shirt saying - "If you choke a Smurf what color does it turn?"
-At Animal Kingdom a guest asks - "If the bats relax do they fall?"
-At Animal Kingdom a guest says - "Now I know why the Impala car has that symbol - it's a real animal!"
-At Hollywood Studios a guest on The Great Movie Ride asks - "Are those all real people?"

Day 4
-Walking around before the Princess Half Marathon - a tiny lady and a great big belch, priceless!
-Happily Ever After Party at Hollywood Studios was great, but I was too tired to truly get the most out of it
-The Princess Half Marathon was a sea of pink runners
-The Happily Ever After Party was a see of blue "I Did It" runners
-A guest comments as I was leaving Happily Ever After Party - "I want a Biofreeze bath." A friend responds - "Maybe not a bath, there are parts I don't think I want frozen."
-A cast member at Hollywood Studios Villains in Vogue - "I have an inny outy" (strange conversation to come in to the middle of)
-On the bus back to the Polynesian there are signs, one of them says:

Guest Drop Off
Does that mean guests are being kenneled or do they call the pets guests too? It struck me as funny as I thought about people being kenneled at WDW :)!

I am headed home this morning and I am going to tease you by saying I will probably finish my May 2008 trip report before I do my Princess Half Marathon trip....Maybe :)!


Chris said...

Congratulations on the Race, great time as well. There were two Amanda's from AZ, were you guys together? Just a guess since your times were pretty similar and appeared you were from the same place.

Anyhoo, congrats!

Amanda said...

Chris -

That's funny - I don' t actually know the other Amanda listed. Pretty coincidental that we both are from Gilbert and were very close in times though!

Rae! said...

I am glad you had fun. I am so proud of you. You are really fast. And I didn't notice the kennel sign until after the race. I thought the same thing. I will send you the picture that E got of you.

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