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Friday, March 20, 2009

I Guess I Am 23

Every one's talking about D23 on pod casts, blogs and forums. The opinions seem to vary from I hate this to I love this and everything in between.

I waffled back and forth for a few days. Do I join? Do I not join? Is it worth it? Why do want to do this? Of course, I could list a hundred other questions I asked myself as I listened and read all about it.

My emotions on the concept ran from hot to cold. I'd listen to one podcast and think - no way, I don't need to join that. Then I'd listen to the next podcast and think - oh, that's a great point, I do want to be a part of this club. I'd read blogs and go through the same back and forth. I really couldn't decide what I wanted to do.

Then, I was sitting at my computer last night and I just went to the site and signed up. Why? You know, I'm still not entirely sure, but I hope to find out through this next year.

When the Disney Visa came out I signed up immediately - unfortunately, I no longer have this card and it saddens me still. I had the actual Disney Credit Card - which I'm still bummed that they ended this too. I was a Disney Club Member and I am a Disney Movie Club Member. So, I guess I've always wanted to feel a part of the Disney company. I subscribed to the Disney Magazine for years. Maybe that's what led me to join.

I don't plan on traveling to the Expo this year, even though it sounds amazing. So, that wasn't the draw.

I am excited about the membership kit and the gift. I am also excited about the magazine - and yes, I know I could go get it from the bookstore - call me lazy on that one. Yes, the charter member certificate was a draw for me - I know what a sucker.

I don't know what the future of this "club" holds, but I am hoping it's something good. I would love to see them include some form of thank you for traveling to the parks and at this point, who knows, maybe it will.

For now, I'll sit back and wait for my membership kit and hope that it wasn't money completely wasted. If it turns out to be a joke, at least I have the option of not renewing next year.

So, whatever your opinion I'll try to let you know what my experiences with D23 are and you can make up your own mind.


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