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Sunday, March 15, 2009

2009 Princess Half Marathon Weekend Summary

My Journey
The weather was...warm and nice...when I left and...beautiful and just right...when I arrived.
The best thing about my journey was...landing in Orlando.
The worth thing about my journey was...leaving Houston late.
The funniest thing about my journey was...the gate agents fanatic and obsessive carry on luggage announcements and checks.
During my journey I tried watching Wall-E and the result was a fabulous and entertaining movie.
The most magical moment during my journey was...knowing I was on the way to Walt Disney World for another race!

My Room
The first impression of my room was...large and cozy.
The best thing was...being at a monorail resort and close to the TTC.
The worst thing was...being on the first floor right next to the entry door for the building.
The amenities were...fabulous.
I tried...Captain Cook's self serve kiosks..and the result was...an easy way to order.
The most magical moment was...getting to stay here again!

My First Day
The weather today was...beautiful, warm and breezy.
The best thing today was...going to the Magic Kingdom.
The worst thing today was...getting up at 2:50am.
The funniest thing today was...wipe your nose on your shirt, not on your hand.
Today I tried...flying in and going to the Magic Kingdom...and the result was...a long, but fabulous day.
The most magical moment today was...walking down Main Street and soaking it all in!

My Second Day
The weather today was...gorgeous, sunny and breezy.
The best thing today was...meeting so many nice people at the Expo and then at Epcot.
The worst thing today was...my knee still hurting.
The funniest thing today was...the dad and son on Test Track and after Mission Space.
Today I tried...Storm Struck...and the result was...a neat experience in 3D.
The most magical moment today was...getting my race packets.

My Third Day
The weather today was...cold morning, hot afternoon, sunny.
The best thing today was...running the 5K, meeting Rae, Eric, Fiona and her Mom and Kate.
The worst thing today was...my knee hurting again.
Today I tried...American Idol Experience...and the result was...a fun show, but not something I need to do every time.
The most magical moment today was...meeting the folks from Team Voice!

My Fourth Day
The weather today was...cool in the morning, hot towards the end of the race and after, nice at night.
The best thing today was...finishing my second half marathon.
The worst thing today was...being super tired.
The funniest thing today was...all the people at the half marathon and the comments being made throughout the course.
Today I tried...the inaugural Princess Half Marathon...and the result was...a fabulous race that was exciting, long, tiring and fabulous.
The most magical moment today was...getting my finisher's medal, high fiving Minnie and Mickey and beating my first half marathon time!

My Fifth Day
The weather today was...nice and cool.
The best thing today was...getting home to see my kids (birds and dogs).
The worst thing today was...being sore and having to sit still for so long on planes
The funniest thing today was...having a window seat that didn't have a window.
Today I tried...flying the day after the half marathon...and the result was...a long day.
The most magical moment today was...getting home!

My Magic Memories
My most memorable day was...Sunday, March 8, 2009...because...I completed my second half marathon and it was fabulous.
My most memorable place was...Animal Kingdom...because...it was full of fun and the place I met new friends.
My most memorable attraction was...American Idol Experience...because...it was new.
My most memorable activity was...running the half marathon...because...I did better than my first half marathon and I didn't hurt quite as badly as after the first half marathon.
My most memorable meal was...50's Prime Time Cafe...because...it was new to me and the company was great!
My most magic moment of all was...getting my finisher's medal...because...I did it!
Special memories of my vacation: It was great meeting Team Voice members!

Tip for Others
Even short trips are fun. Just pick what you must do and then anything else is just a treat. Don't try to kill yourself and do it all - you can't - and if you try to relax and go with it, you'll have more fun!


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