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Saturday, March 14, 2009

2009 Princess Half Marathon Weekend Day 4

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The time jumped ahead an hour during the night so now I'm up even earlier. The alarms hadn't gone off yet, but I was awake just before 3:30am. I got up and took a shower and got myself all ready to go. Man, I am so tired!

I headed to the bus stop at 4:20am and I got right on the bus. The bus is way fuller today than it was yesterday! We left the Polynesian shortly after I got on the bus.

We pulled in to Epcot at 4:45am and man it's early. I got off the bus and did a physical check. My left knee is still a little bit sore and for some reason by lower back is a bit sore. I stretch out a little bit and start walking around to loosen up.

As I'm walking around there is this couple walking around. A gentleman and a lady. The lady is tiny and she let out this huge belch - it was just priceless and I couldn't help but chuckle. She just wasn't the type you'd expect that from at all. Time for a quick porta-potty break - time one :)!

Now it's starting to get busy. There are a lot of people, loud music, talking and the energy level is starting to rise. I got a text from Rae asking where I was.

I headed over and met up with Rae, Eric (not running today), Fiona, Fiona's Mom (not running today), and Kate right after I used the porta-potty for the second time. I was bound and determined not to have to go to the bathroom during the race :)! We all stood around and chatted while we waited to head to the corrals.

Now, when they say it's a twenty minute walk to the corrals they are not kidding! We all joined the crowds headed to the corrals. Half a mile from the corrals there is one more set of porta-potties. Rae and I were going to stop, but the lines were horrendous so we skipped it. We hit corral C and that's where Rae and I stop. Kate and Fiona headed on to their corrals - apparently they are both a lot faster than me - that's awesome!

As we wait to the ladies around us are all having a great time. One of them asked me what size shirt I had to go up to get it to fit. I told her a 2x and one of the other ladies said that's crazy I'm a 2x you're not a 2x. Yes, the shirts are very small. We all agreed that they should do a better job getting a wider range of sizes and styles to fit everyone.

It's almost time to go. We finally hear the national anthem being sung. Then the countdown for the wheelchairs and they are off. Now, it's our turn. We see the fireworks and we start walking slowly towards the start line. Here come the timing mats - it's time to go!

I start running, slowly just to get a feel. My feet and legs are already tired - I'm thinking to myself that this is not a good start! I do end up finding my rhythm pretty easily. I start out a little slow and work my pace up to around 12 minutes per mile. I am finding that my body wants to go faster, but I pull back as much as I can.

The mile markers are so cool. They are electronic - big screens each themed to a princess and there are loud speakers playing music tied to the theme as well. They told us that there was a hidden mickey on each one, but I can't say that I even bothered to try and look. I wish I was a good enough runner that I could slow down and enjoy, but if I get off pace I know I'll be in big trouble. Another cool thing along the course were all the princess trivia questions and answers. It was a great distraction.

I continued running at a comfortable pace. I am carrying water, but I grabbed water as I need along the course as well. I am impressed with the amount of Powerade and water they have all ready at each of the stops. They also have great medical stations that have Biofreeze, Vaseline, Tylenol, Powerade and more water. The stops are great and placed very well through the course.

The first four miles or so is pretty uneventful for me. I feel pretty good - my legs are tired, but not unbearable yet and so far my knee is doing okay and my stress fracture isn't even noticeable.

I know that the hill on the way to the Magic Kingdom was going to be tough - and boy was it! That's pretty good hill, but I was able to keep running all the way up it. I have to say that the DJs, volunteers, spectators and cast members have all been just awesome. It really helps give me energy.

We're on our way in to the Magic Kingdom - cool! The whole length of Main Street is filled with crowds of people. I saw Eric at the end of Main Street - that's amazing! We head in to Tomorrowland and then it's just a little further and we're going through the Castle. I'm kind of bummed because I don't think I'll get any good pictures of me going through the castle this time.

As soon as I got out of the castle I grabbed one of my gels. I downed it and drank some water, but I keep going. I've made it past six miles and still going. We're headed out of the Magic Kingdom now.

The course is about to get a bit boring now, but at least it's pretty easy. I keep going through mile 7, mile 8 and mile 9.

By mile 9.4 I'm really starting to wish that they'd just come and sweep me - I think I'm actually begging by this point. I had to stop running start walking. I knew this wasn't going to be a good thing having to walk, but I just had to. My feet were really killing me - my feet never hurt when I run.

As I neared mile 10 I knew I wanted to start running again. It was so hard to get going again. My knee was screaming and my feet felt like they were on fire.

I ran for as long as I could again and that brought me to a on ramp. I walked the hilly part of the ramp and started running again. I kept running until the next ramp, walked the hill and then got back to running again. Epcot is starting to get closer.

Now I'm at mile 12. I keep running. 12.5 - I have to walk just a little more and then back to running. I'm almost to 13 - keep going, keep going. Around a corner, then the next corner, really it's around the next corner - I promise says one of the cast members. This time it's actually true though - I know this part of the course and I am almost done.

I know I've run hard and I'm not even going to try sprinting to the end. I tried to get clear so I could hopefully get some pictures. Minnie and Mickey are waiting at the end and I high five Minnie, then I high five Mickey and he grabs my hand with both of his! I am done!!!!

It's such an incredible feeling to know that I am done.

My Garmin Time: 2:39:49 and 13.34 miles
Chip Time: 2:40:02

I am happy because I've shaved off 6 minutes from my first half time, but I still didn't hit my 2:30 goal. Guess I still have something to work towards :)!

I move forward and have my chip removed. As I stood there I started to lose my balance and darn near fell on my booty. I continue moving forward to get my medal and a towel to wipe off with. Woo hoo - I have my Tiara medal! It's so pretty and super shiny. I grab water and Powerade and head over to get in line to get my finish photo taken.

Well, my picture isn't going to be very good since I think my medal is turned backwards - oh well! I continue on and grab a banana and muffins. And now I'm done and headed out of the finishers area.

I walked around for a few minutes and then headed over to the finish line. I didn't know who was done or still going, but I figured I'd hang around for a little bit. I see Rae coming to the end. I hollered to her to keep going, but she is in the zone and doesn't hear me.

I headed over to the porta-potty and then I thought I'd go see if I could find Rae. I saw her and Eric on the other side of the finish stretch so I decided to head to the bus.

I was really starting to hurt. My legs were spent. I got on the bus and we were off pretty quickly. As we left there was a lady in the back of the bus on a cell phone that said we were all headed to the hospital. We all laughed at that and asked the driver to take a detour! It was about 11am when we left Epcot.

I headed to my room to get out of my sweaty clothes. I had some pretzels and water and then I took a nap. I know, you're not supposed to do that, but I was so tired! Man did I feel better when I got up a couple of hours later. I took a nice shower, had some snack mix and got ready to head out.

I was just taking my time. I headed out to the bus stop at 4:25pm and the bus was there in about five minutes. We made a quick stop at the Grand Floridian and right before 5pm I was at the Hollywood Studios.

The turnstile all the way to the right was set up for the Happily Ever After Party. There was a red carpet and two footmen waiting for us. Once inside there were cast members waiting to put on our wristbands and give us schedules.

I headed over to The Great Movie Ride where there was no wait. I had the same driver, but she wasn't near as peppy today - which was fine by me. I had a nice ride through the movies. I really miss some of the clips from the old ending movie. I used to love the drive by fruiting scene from Mrs. Doubtfire.

Next I headed over to Muppet Vision 3D and I got to see most of the pre-show. Bonus - I didn't fall asleep during the movie today. Unusual for me - I love this movie, but for some reason it makes me tired. I sat close enough to the front today to really watch the penguins - I love the penguins. I still think this is probably the weakest 3D, but the muppets are great so it's okay.

Today during the race it was like walking around in a sea of pink, but tonight it's like walking around in a sea of blue I did it shirts :)! Including me!

At about 6:10pm I did a quick walk through of One Man's Dream. I didn't do the movie tonight as I've done it several times before and I really just wanted to walk through the exhibits. If you haven't done this I highly recommend it. There is some really cool stuff in there.

Hmmm...I think I'm going to do the American Idol Experience Finale Show again. I think it needs one more try. I headed over to get in the crowd to go in. This time I saw a different warm up host and he was really good too. These guys seem to be really good at their jobs. It was the same show host and I think he's just too stiff and not personable enough. Then came the judges - the Paula host was the same as yesterday, but the Simon and Randy judges were different. The chemistry between the judges was so much better tonight. They interacted more with each other and just seemed more comfortable with each other - and no stupid bananas phrase.

The talent tonight was amazing. There was a 14 year old girl that did Fergie's Big Girls Don't Cry and she was amazing. I was blown away by her. A 48 year old guy did Tim McGraw's I Like It I Love It and he was just so much fun to watch. A 28 year old girl that has auditioned twice for the real show and not made it did Alicia Key's No One and she was absolutely amazing! The last girl did a Mariah Carey song and I can't even remember which one - she ended up winning and I don't know why. I'm guessing she brought a lot of people with her to vote because she really wasn't that great. I don't think she'll make it very far in the real show.

I was sitting next to a Mom, Dad, little boy and tiny baby girl. They were all very nice. The show does encourage people to talk to each other.

After the show it was time for the Happily Ever After Party to officially start. I didn't bother doing the chocolate or bead stations - they just don't hold a lot of interest for me. There were quite a few stations set up though.

I headed over to Toy Story Midway Mania. They had the fast pass line open and it was basically a walk on. I would have liked to spend more time in the queue as the theming is amazing - way better than the queue at California Adventure. The ride is just as fun though! I ended up with 145,500 - not too bad considering even my arms were tired from the race.

I walked around taking pictures for a little while. I like trying to take pictures from strange angles - just to get some different shots. It was fun just strolling around for a while.

I headed over to Rock N Roller Coaster and it was a walk on. When we got through the pre-show we were told to pick a row any row. I love this ride, but I didn't love it tonight. I guess after a Half Marathon it was just too much. I felt like I was being battered and bruised.

I stopped to purchase another Half Marathon pin and then headed over to Tower of Terror. Another walk on. We were once again told to pick any seat we wanted. I took the top left. I love Tower of Terror and it did not disappoint tonight.

I did a little shopping - didn't buy anything and at about 9pm I decided to head out of the park. I picked up my gift which ended up being the four park pictures that I already have. I think I got them at World of Disney last year as a gift for spending so much at the store. They are really nice pictures though.

The Polynesian bus was missing in action, but the TTC bus was there quickly and I decided to go ahead and take it. Once we hit the TTC I took a quick walk over to Captain Cooks for food.

I got my food and then did a little shopping at the hotel. Back to the room to eat and pack.

I ended up going to bed at 11:45pm. I had a 5am wake up call and alarm set so I could catch Magical Express at 5:30am.

It was a fabulous race and a very long day, but I am so glad I was able to race and enjoy the party! Tomorrow I'm headed home.


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