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Friday, March 13, 2009

2009 Princess Half Marathon Weekend Day 3

Saturday, March 7, 2009

I set two alarms for this morning - one at 4:10am and one at 4:15am. Normally, I wake up before my alarms go off. Not today - I slept through two alarms and probably some reminder rings. Thankfully, I woke up at 4:30am.

I got up and got dressed for the race. I was out the door by 4:50am. I headed towards the buses and I was the first person on the bus. After a few minutes a few more people boarded and we were on our way!

We arrived at Epcot and I was off the bus by 5:15am. It was pretty empty this early. I walked around and saw a concession tent. I went over to check it out and they had breakfast sandwiches, bagels, fruit, energy drinks, coffee, etc...A first time racer asked if she should eat before the race. I asked her if she normally ate before she runs. She told me that she runs after work. Okay - do you normally eat before you run after work? Yeah, I guess I do. My reply, then I'd go ahead and eat now. You'll want to do whatever your body is used to doing before you run. She thanked me and headed off to buy some fruit and juice.

I continued walking around and saw the Disney's Wide World of Sports Merchandise Tent. I headed over to check it out because it was cold and I thought maybe they'd have a sweatshirt or something warm I could buy. It was about 54 degrees. I know that's not cold to a lot of people, but it was cold to me - it was really my hands that were frozen! There wasn't much in the DWWS tent that I wanted to buy so I headed over to the porta-potties to take care of business.

Walking was the preferred way to warm up and waste time. My left knee is a little sore, but I used Biofreeze before I left the room and walking is helping to loosen it up a bit.

At 6:30am I headed to the corrals. I lined up in the 11 - 13 minute per mile corral. I figured I should be able to maintain that pace. There were security people stationed at each entrance to the corrals and they were checking every one's bags as they entered. This was new, I hadn't seen them do that before. It's cool though!

The wheelchair start was at 6:58am and then right at 7am we all took off. It was a slow start as we headed in to the parking lot. It was crowded, but I was still able to move around as I wanted to. As we came around to head through the backstage area it became very congested and then it thinned out nicely and it was easier to run.

We headed through the backstage area and man did the garbage stink this morning. Yuck! We finally made it to World Showcase.

Mulan was waiting for us in China. Aurora was in France. Donald was somewhere in there - maybe around the UK, I can't quite remember. Minnie and Mickey were out on the course too!

Then we came to that darn hill by the International Gateway. I kept running. Spaceship Earth and around it we go. Now we're by Leave a Legacy. Then we're headed out of the park.

Cinderella and Prince Charming are waiting right before the final stretch and Chip and Dale were on the course too! I was still running.

Final stretch and I decided not to push too hard. It was enough that I ran the whole thing today. Yes, the end! I did it! 33:51 was my Garmin time. It was slower than I had hoped to run but I felt good.

I got my medal or should I say rubber necklace :)! They had purple ribbons for the women and blue ribbons for the men. They are the rubbery plastic just like the Toy Story medal from the Family Fun Run in Disneyland last year.

Powerade, water and a banana - yeah, that'll work. I headed over to get in line to get my finisher photo taken.

All done with my photo I walked around while I ate my banana and drank my Powerade. I needed to stretch - so I did a quick stretching routine. Nothing too fancy after a 5K!

I headed for the bus and hopped on and sat down. As I sat down and bent my left knee I felt a familiar pain shoot down my leg to my ankle. This is not a good thing!

The bus left for the Polynesian at 8am and we were at the resort y 8:15am. As I stood up to get off the bus, there was big trouble - I can hardly walk. What is wrong with this knee? I hobbled along as best as I could.

As I'm walking along a cast member congratulated me on my race - I thought that was very cool! It's funny, people are very curious and stare at my bib and medal. I find it entertaining and honestly I've done enough races that I don't tend to even remember I have a bib and medal on.

I slowly made it to my room. I took some Tylenol and had some trail mix for breakfast. I decided it was time for a shower - I was hoping the hot water would help my knee. I'm going to head to Animal Kingdom after I'm dressed and ready to go. Right now it's about 9:20am.

Shocking isn't it? No, really - the hair dryer has wired exposed and I got shocked. That's not good.

At 10:50am I was headed out the door to get a bus to Animal Kingdom. The bus arrived within a few minutes. While on the bus an older gentleman said he thought that the must paint everything every two years or so because the colors are all so bright. I'm thinking that the painters probably wish it was every couple of years instead of how often they actually paint everything!

I was in the Animal Kingdom by 11:25am. I headed straight to Dinosaur where the wait time was listed as 20 minutes, but it turned out to be a walk on. I still like Indiana Jones better, but Dinosaur is still fun!

A hop, skip and a jump and I was over at Expedition Everest. I got in the single rider line. The cast member told me it would be 10 - 15 minutes. Turned out to be less than 10 minutes. I rode with a girl that works for Disney and she commented on my Princess Half Marathon shirt. She was jealous because she wanted to sign up, but it was full by the time she tried. She was really nice.

While waiting for the ride I saw an interesting t-shirt that caught my eye. It said, "if you choke a smurf what color does it turn?" I know, terribly tacky, but it does make you think :).

I took a nice leisurely walk through Maharajah Jungle Trek. As I was taking pictures of the fruit bats (which I think are very cool) I heard a lady ask her party - if they relax do they fall down? I found this humorous, it made me chuckle.

The tigers were all out and easy to see today. I really like the tigers, I think they are just beautiful and so regal.

Next up was Kilimanjaro Safari. The wait was listed as 30 minutes and it was about a 20 minute wait. It was about 12:30pm. The lines sure didn't seem too bad considering all the people walking around.

As I was waiting in line there were two women behind me and I found them thoroughly annoying. Just making stupid comments about their place in line, the names of their future children, the fast pass line, etc...They were just very stereotypical and I just had to shake my head. One of them had a brilliant observation about Impalas and how that was where the car's emblem came from. The comment was something about it being a real animal. Boy! Later our driver would point out that the sable is a real animal too - you know the Mercury Sable...

I had the best safari driver ever on this ride. His name was Jonathan and he was truly amazing! Not only did he do his normal spiel, but he kept turning off his mic to talk to us in the front row as well. He also answered questions and he was really good at spotting the animals. One comment that I thought was super was about the hippos or rhinos or something fast. It was about how they could run 35 mph and one of the ladies that was behind me in line said I hope they aren't going to charge us. Jonathan turned off his mic and said, "I hope not because we can only do 8mph!" Classic - I loved that!

There were a ton of animals out - giraffes, elephants, ostrich, rhino, warthogs, okali cattle, oryx, and so many others. I really had a great ride!

Through the morning I had been texting with Rae from Team Voice and after the safari I was able to meet up with Rae and Eric. It was so cool to get to meet them. We headed off in search of corn dog nuggets and water.

We headed over to Expedition Everest and got in the stand by line. The posted wait was 30 minutes and it was about 20 minutes. I rode with a little girl that had never been on before. She was so cute. She didn't make a sound the entire ride and then at the end she was all smiles - so cute!

After that we headed towards Dinoland USA and we thought about going on Primeval Whirl, but the wait was 45 minutes so we took a bio break. Then we were set to meet Fiona (from Team Voice) and her Mom. We were looking for a green shirt and orange bag. We were going to meet over by Expedition Everest and we headed that way to wait.

We didn't find her until we found out they detoured to Dinosaur - so we headed over there to meet up with them. We finally met up at about 2:45pm and we had a nice chat. Then they headed on their way and so did we.

At about 3:15pm we headed toward the exit. Rae and Eric invited me to ride over to Hollywood Studios with them since we were going to do dinner at 4:20pm with Kate (from Team Voice). That was so nice of them - I would have been transferring buses forever :)!

We were in Hollywood Studios by 3:40pm and we made a quick stop to check for pins - nothing new. The Great Movie Ride was a walk on so that's what we did. Our driver was Nina - that's N long i na and boy was she peppy! It was a good ride though.

By the time we got off the ride it was time to head over to 50's Prime Time Cafe for dinner. We met Kate and were seated shortly. This is the first time I've eaten here. I have to say the atmosphere can certainly transport you back. I had the meatloaf with mashed potatoes and gravy and green beans (which I didn't eat). The food was good and the company was great. It was a lovely dinner.

At 6:20pm Kate suggested we do the American Idol Experience Finale Show so we headed over and joined the crowd. Kate had seen several shows today and Rae, Eric and I had never seen it. So the finale show is where the seven winners from the day's shows had a final performance to see who would get the golden ticket. The warm up host came out to get the crowd pumped up, take some videos and get everyone ready for the show. Our warm up host reminded me of Scott Hamilton - I really enjoyed him and I thought he did a great job.

We were let in to the theater. Wow - the stage is very cool and very high tech. I was impressed with how much detail was put in to this theater. Very impressive. I have to say I really wanted to like the show, but I really didn't have high hopes. I do watch American Idol and I enjoy the show, but I wasn't sure how it would translate to a theme park.

The warm up host came back out and continued to get everyone going for a few more minutes. Then the host came out and took over. The host introduced the three judges. The Randy like judge really annoyed me and honestly, who thought bananas was a good catch word? Yuck! The Paula like judge babbled just like Paula and I found her a bit annoying as well. The Simon like judge was from Australia and he was just okay.

Now, let's talk about the talent. There was actually some talent among the contestants. There were a couple of guys that were really good and a couple of girls that were really good. One thing was clear - a couple of the performers had obviously performed before and were more than likely seasoned performers. The guy that won is obviously a performer - he was way too comfortable on the stage and he knew what he was doing. I didn't vote for him because he wasn't raw talent - he was practiced talent. As I said earlier, the judges bothered me and unlike TV I couldn't fast forward through them and ignore them.

The show hits the mark for interactivity between guests for sure. The contestants were obviously bonded as they spent time together, but the audience was put together too. You could now debate with people during and after the show - you agreed or disagreed on the comments from the judges and who won. Everyone can have an opinion. I'll still be curious to see how long it lasts.

After the show we headed out and chatted for a few more minutes and figured out where we were going to meet for the race in the morning.

It was definitely time to head back to the Polynesian to rest for the big race tomorrow. At 8:15pm I was on the bus back to the hotel. I did a quick snack and water stop for before and after the race tomorrow.

I headed back to my room and got all my gear out and ready to go for the morning. I ended up not going to bed until 11:30pm and I knew it was going to suck getting up at 3:45am - especially with the time change.

It's odd - I'm not nervous for the race and I have to say that makes me nervous. We'll just have to see what happens.


Rae! said...

Love the report!!! And it was great meeting up with you.

Steph said...

Hi Amanda! I love reading your reports..it feels like I am right there with you! I just wanted to let you know I was reading along..looking forward to the next installment!

Amanda said...

Thanks for the comments. I have always done trip reports and it's a lot of fun to share with everyone :)!

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