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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

2009 Princess Half Marathon Weekend Day 2

Friday, March 6, 2009

I set my alarms for 8:45am - yep, they went off and nope I didn't get up! I dozed off and on until 10:15am and then I got up and checked my email accounts. I took a shower and got ready to head out to the Expo.

I left my room at 11:40. As I was leaving my room Mousekeeping asked if I was the one that called about someone throwing up because she was trying to find the room to get and clean it up - People, please tip the Mousekeepers! Off to the lobby to find the bus. Easy enough to find - right there in front.

The bus left almost immediately and I was headed in to the Expo a little after 12pm. I went straight to the line for the 5K packet pickup. After about 20 minutes I had my shirt, bib, packet, bag and my mouse ears. I was underwhelmed by the mouse ears for sure. If I would have seen a picture of them I wouldn't have bothered to buy them.

Next, the half marathon line. It was crazy madness, the lines were all smooshed together and there was no way to tell who was in what line, so I just kept asking people until I found my number range. Even with all the people it really only took about 15 minutes to get my stuff.

I met a very nice woman in line that is doing her first half marathon. I love her story. She told her husband she wanted to do a half marathon as she was looking through Runner's World. He laughed and said only if it's for princesses. She flipped the page and there was the ad for the Princess Half Marathon. She said that was it - and signed up! Now that's what I call a sign that you need to do a race :)!

I had my bib, chip, bag and goodies. I headed over to the shirt pickup - I figured they'd be small so I ordered an XL. Well, considering the weight I've gained even that wasn't big enough. Thankfully, they had a shirt exchange and I headed over to get a 2XL. I would have gone bigger if I could have. The darn thing still looks small - oh well.

Now that I've done all that it's about 1pm and I jump in line for my party ticket. I met a nice couple from California that were at the Disneyland Half Marathon in 2008. There was another woman who is running her first half marathon. We all had a lovely chat as we waited in a very slow, long line. I got my ticket then headed over to check out the merchandise.

There was actually some good merchandise for this race. I ended up getting three shirts - $76 ouch. The line to check out was at least 20 minutes and I really think they set up the merchandise area wrong as there was no room to move around and it was in this little cage like area. You'd think Disney with all the queues they have would be a little better organized for lines at the Expo!

I wandered around the Expo checking out all the fun stuff. I threw $5 in the Make a Wish donation bucket, bought a Biofreeze roll on and signed up for Woman's Running magazine.

Finally, at about 2:15 I headed out to catch the bus back to the Polynesian. It was about a 15 minute wait and I met a woman that is a Team In Training coach and has done a lot of marathons. She swore she wouldn't do any more, but she said she couldn't stay away.

I headed back to my room to freshen up, change in to one of my new shirts and drop off my packets. It was a little strange, but when I got to my room maintenance was there. I decided to go in my room anyway - heck, it's my room right :)! I didn't figure out until later that they were changing the TV remote to one of the universal black remotes.

At about 3:50pm I headed back out and walked to the TTC to catch the monorail to Epcot. One advantage of the Polynesian is the ability to walk to the TTC instead of transferring monorails.

I was on Spaceship Earth by 4:20pm - it was a walk on! This is one of my favorite rides even though I think they messed it up with the last redo. I think the future with your head put on the cartoon body is cheesy and rather annoying. I know I'm probably in the minority, but that's okay. I also really miss the little scenes at the end - the future school, the kids talking across the globe, the remote doctor, etc...and I totally miss the lighted city on the way back down. I do not understand the decision to turn around the newspaper boy either. I get that they're making it like he's selling to people on the street in front of him, but it's weird. I also miss the animated chariot in the Rome scene. I could go on, but I think you get the idea :)!

Next up was Storm Struck. This was kind of cool - the 3D was good, the effects were good and the interaction was kind of fun as well. Not something I would have to do every time, but it is definitely worth checking out.

I headed over to World Showcase - on the way I saw Belle and Beast in France. Japan was calling to me and I decided on Yakitori House for dinner. I had a lemonade and a combo with teriyaki, sukiyaki and a tempura shrimp and rice. It was okay - my memory of the food was much better than this meal, but it worked.

Kim Possible - call me, beep me, if you want to reach me! Okay, I'm a huge fan of Kim Possible and I love Rufus. So, I figured I'd have to give a mission or two a try. I headed to one of the stations and the cast member gave me Japan. Back to Japan I go. I'm not going to go in to details, but I will say it was fun and I think kids would really love the clues and effects. After Japan, I did another mission and this time I did Norway. It was fun and I'll definitely have to try the others. The one thing that I did was if I saw someone else doing the same mission, I waited for them to finish before I continued. That way the surprise wasn't ruined for me and we didn't interfere with each other.

I headed over to Mexico next and did Grand Fiesta Tour. Okay, this is not meant as a dig to any one but Disney, but my family calls this the poor man's small world. I do think the addition of Donald and friends helped, but not much.

At 6:45pm I headed in to Club Cool to get a sample of Japan and China and off I went. Terribly sticky floor and now my hands are sticky too.

I headed over to the Living Seas to see Nemo. As I was taking some pictures I saw a Mom, Dad and Son and I offered to take their picture. They were surprised and so thankful. It really makes me happy to do that for people. Now they have a family picture on their camera and it didn't cost them anything.

I found Nemo! I like the clam mobiles and the characters and the ride was another walk on.

The Land was calling to me....Do you know why? Soarin' - another favorite of mine. It was a 65 minute wait, but I decided to get in line anyway. While waiting in line I ended up giving an Epcot virtual tour to a lady as she bombarded me with questions. She was from Washington DC, by way of Iran - it was challenging at times. There was also a Mom, Daughter and Grandmother from Tennessee and we all had a good chat as we waited. The wait turned out to be about 30 minutes - not bad at all. As I got on the ride I had first time riders on my left and a first time couple on my right. Everyone loved the ride!

I went over to Journey Into Your Imagination. This was a complete walk on. There was a Dad and two boys and me in the entire ride. Of course I love Figment, but this ride used to be so much better. I also decided that you've ridden this version to many times if the skunk smell doesn't smell bad any more. I bought a stuffed Figment for my great niece and oh my gosh it was 15% off - how rare ;)!

Next up was Test Track. I was put in a row with another Father and Son. Today was the boy's first time on a roller coaster. What roller coaster did he start with? Rock N Roller Coaster - now that's what I call an initiation in to the coaster world! Of course he loved it. They had never been on Test Track and they both really loved it. I really enjoy this ride in the dark - 64.7 mph tonight! They asked what else they should do and I told them to go to Mission Space and make sure you do the more intense version.

I headed over to Mission Space and got in the orange line. I was following a family and the Mom and Son went green and Dad went orange. I asked if they abandoned him and he said no, but this is the first time I've been able to try the orange side. I told him just look straight ahead and you'll be fine! I was put in a row with three first timers - a Dad and two Daughters. The girls were a bit nervous. We all made it out alive and everyone was okay and no one got sick! On the way out I met the Father and Son from Test Track and they loved Mission Space. I think the boy liked it best and I think Dad needed a break.

It was time to head out, but as I was leaving I couldn't walk past Spaceship Earth and since it was a walk on I headed in. I'm not super fond of the room key instead of the wrist band for Extra Magic Hours, but I do understand that they don't have to staff the wristband stations and they don't have all those wristbands to throw away, etc...

I was out of the park by 9:10pm, on the monorail by 9:20pm and back on the walkway to the Polynesian by 9:30pm. I stopped by the lobby to grab water and trail mix and was back in my room by 9:45pm.

I laid out my gear for the race in the morning. It's a ritual of mine to get everything out and ready to go before bed.

Now, it's almost 11:30pm and I need to get some sleep as 4:15am comes mighty early!


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