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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

2009 Princess Half Marathon Weekend Day 1

Thursday, March 5, 2009

It's almost 6am and time to take off for Houston. I can't believe it's time for my second half marathon already. My training for this race has been better than for the first one despite a stress fracture in my right shin. I didn't lose as much weight as I wanted, but at least I'm back to my first half marathon weight. I joined Team Voice and I'm so glad that I did. It has really helped me to hear from and talk to other people with the same interests and goals as me! I am excited as I may actually get to meet some of the team this weekend!

We're on our way so I'll write more later.

We're air born now. I'm tired, but I'm going to watch some TV I recorded and put on my iPhone.

Still in the air on the way to Houston. I still have remnants of my cold, but hopefully it won't hinder me in my races.

While I was almost dreading my first half marathon, I am so looking forward to this one. I have a feeling that each half marathon will get better and better for me. At least that's what I hope :)!

I think we'll be starting our descent in to Houston soon. Then I'll change planes and be on the way to Orlando! I'm very excited to see the rooms at the Polynesian - it's been nine years since I was there last.

Got off the plane on time in Houston - 9:25am. I had to find a flight board to find my gate and my 10:15am flight isn't leaving until 11am now. I went and found a restroom and then bought a berry smoothie and headed to the gate.

I checked my work email from my iPhone - gotta love this thing :)! It's a little after 10:20am and there was an announcement that we're on a maintenance delay. That's one thing I really never want to hear. So, we could be here a while longer - who knows.

My left knee started hurting again when I got off the plane. I think it has something to do with when I sit with my knee bent for too long. At least I know that I can walk it out now. Oh, and I had a bloody nose when I got here. Let's hope that I'm getting all my aches and pains worked out now before the races.

Looks like we're going to be boarding soon!

I'm back in the air again on the way to Orlando this time. Our plane had a fuel pump problem so they replaced it which is what caused the delay. We ended up leaving somewhere around 11:15am. They gave us little turkey sandwiches, carrots and a fun size M&M packet. It totally worked for me - just enough to get me to the resort.

I've got Wall-E playing on my iPhone so I'm going to watch that and I'll write more later.

Wall-E is such a good movie and it's almost over, but we've started our descent so I don't get to finish it. It was a pretty uneventful flight so far. Next stop Orlando and Disney's Magical Express.

I got off the plane and headed to side A instead of B - I guess I've never come in to Orlando on Continental before - I was totally turned around. I finally found the right area and checked in for Magical Express. I boarded a bus and we were off within a couple of minutes. As we drove along I just enjoyed the view.

Then, we crossed in to WDW property and there was Epcot and they already have tents and porta-potties set up for the races. Now I'm really excited. Within ten minutes I was getting off the bus. I tipped the Magical Express driver and headed in to the lobby.

I waited a few minutes in line and then checked in. Did you know that the Polynesian serves complimentary cookies in the afternoon? I abstained. Check in was quick and painless and I was off to find my room in minutes.

I'm in Tokelau - first floor. The room is nice, big and rather cozy. I took a few pictures (I'll post those later), freshened up and headed out to take the monorail to the Magic Kingdom. Within
30 minutes I was through bag check and on Main Street.

A huge smile spread across my face and I just took a minute to soak in the sights and smells. Fabulous!

I am starving so I head toward Pecos Bill - wait, Captain Jack is out. I took a quick picture. Hmm...Pirates has a 10 minute wait listed. I hop in line and guess what the real wait was - 10 minutes. I love this ride and it puts me in a good mood.

I really did need food now so I headed over to Pecos Bill. I ordered through the self serve kiosk - pretty slick. I had my food in about two minutes. I of course had a burger so I had to stop at the fixins' bar. I know that others say there are better burgers on property but I haven't had them yet :)!

I am thoroughly stuffed now. I head over to Big Thunder - 30 minute wait listed, but it turns out to be about 10 minutes. Another great ride!

Over to the Haunted Mansion - a walk on! I love the 3D audio in the stretching chamber. It's very cool and this is still a favorite for me - and yes I can recite the ghost host lines, but I don't do it out loud most of the time.

I wandered towards Fantasyland and jumped in line for It's a Small World - not a favorite of mine, but it's still a good sit down and relax ride.

I forgot to mention that after Big Thunder my left knee started in again. Whatever this is it causes me to lose my breathe and shoots pain from my knee down to my ankle. Thankfully, it starts working out again while I walk and massage it, but it continues to annoy me.

Mickey's Philharmagic is next. This is my all time favorite 3D movie. I absolutely love it and the 3D is so incredible!

It's 7pm now and I head towards Tomorrowland. A quick pit stop and I go to check on Space Mountain. 40 minute wait. Yep, I did it. I wanted a go on this one in case I don't make it back to the Magic Kingdom this trip. The wait really was 40 minutes, but the ride was fabulous.

It's almost 8pm so I head out of the park for the monorail. It's standing room only and packed! It was a nice group of people though and it made the ride enjoyable.

I made a stop to buy water and headed back to my room by 8:30pm. I did some work and now I'm finishing my journaling.

Next it will be time for bed. Packet pickup is tomorrow.


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Sounds like a nice trip here and a great way to end the day.

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