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Sunday, March 29, 2009

2008 Minnie Marathon Weekend - Day 5

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I have to say that I'm pretty impressed with Pop Century. It was quiet and peaceful last night and I slept well. The wake up call came at 6am this morning and I rolled out of bed at 6:10am. Time for a shower, email check and getting ready for the day. It was really tempting to sleep in and not got to breakfast at Concourse Steakhouse, but I really wanted one last breakfast there before it closes.

With motivation going for me I was out the door at 7am. Straight out to get a cab and I was quickly on my way to the Contemporary. $20 later I arrive and head inside. I have to wait about 15 minutes.

I am seated and my waitress is Andrea. I ordered a Tropical Passion Smoothie and the Steakhouse Platter. As I wait for my food I had a nice chat with Andrea about The Wave. She told me that all Concourse Steakhouse staff would be moving to The Wave, they would be serving organic beer, organic Vodka, smoothies with vitamin add ins, there wouldn't be a frier on premises and they would have a red wine room and a separate white wine room. The far would be healthier, but with a sophistication. Concourse Steakhouse has been adding one of The Wave's menu items each week to test them and let the staff get used to them - after a week the item is removed and a new one is added. The fourth floor is scheduled to become more kid ad family friendly. It all sounds interesting and exciting, but I'll miss Concourse Steakhouse too!

After a wonderful breakfast I headed down to the bus stop, took a couple of shots of the new DVC Tower (oh, the unannounced DVC tower) and sat down to wait. The bus arrived pretty quickly and we were off to the Poly and then the Animal Kingdom. I'm in the gate by 9am!

Seems like there are a lot of people again - oh well. First up - Expedition Everest - it's a walk on and I turned around and rode a second time. I love this roller coaster. The queue is amazing and detailed and I wouldn't might slowing down a little bit to see more of it.

Next I headed over to Finding Nemo the musical and it was as good as ever. The music, the story and the puppets with their actors are amazing.

I decided to do Pocahontas and Her Forest Friends. I always find this show a little heavy handed with the save the forest message, but it killed a little time before Festival of the Lion King. After Pocahontas I headed straight over to Festival of the Lion King. I sat in the Warthog section and I've never sat in this section before.

The show was great as usual! I head over to It's Tough to Be a Bug and went right in. This is another show that I don't' think the 3D is spectacular, but it certainly has it's moments. I do like the show, but I still can't believe how many parents can't figure out that it is scary to kids!

I went over to Dinosaur and it was a ten minute wait. I was in the front left row. This is a good ride - I like the dinosaurs. Next I was in Dinoland so I figured I'd do Primeval Whirl. This is not one of my favorite rides. I can't help but think of the cast member that passed away here recently and I can see the sensor mats that were installed as a result.

The only thing I waited for all day was Kilimanjaro Safari and the wait was only about 30 minutes. There were white rhino, black rhino, giraffe, elephants and all sorts of animals out today. It was kind of fun not snapping pictures and just looking for all of them! I have time before dinner so i went and did the single rider line at Expedition Everest and pretty much walked on. Then I took a quick tour of Maharajah Jungle Trek and did a little shopping.

Time for dinner at Yak and Yeti. I was seated immediately and my server Chris came over just as quickly. I ordered a fruit punch and pot stickers to start. The pot stickers were quite tasty. I had honey chicken for my entree. My entree came out before I was even half done with my pot stickers - geez, rushed much ;)! The honey chicken was good, there were a couple of broccoli florets and some rice. It was just okay - nothing super special. I ended with Mango Pie - it was good, but not as good as it sounded. I kind of wish I would have tried the fried won tons with pineapple instead - oh well, maybe next time.

It's almost 5pm and I walk the long way around the park and out to the bus stop. There was a Pop Century bus waiting and I'm the first person on board. We were still off pretty quickly and after a quick stop at Blizzard Beach it was a short ride back to Pop.

I did a quick stop at my room to drop stuff off and do a quick email check. I write my journal entry and then head out to Everything Pop for some drinks and snacks for later.

Tomorrow is Epcot!


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