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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

$10,000 - A Great Motivator

Okay, so I'm watching The Biggest Loser right now. I don't want this post to sound wrong or petty, but sometimes this show really bothers me.

Tonight's challenge was of all things - run a half marathon. Run a half marathon the fastest and win $10,000. Of course there's a twist and other contestants can eat cookies to add time to another contestant's total time.

Regardless - they have to run a half marathon. I can applaud that - I've done that. They've been on this journey for 10 weeks. They haven't trained for a half marathon and yet here they are all running/walking a half marathon.

Some were running inside on a track, some outside, some a combination of the two. Now, as those of us that have run half marathons know outside is a lot different than a track. Hills versus flat, smooth versus rough, etc...

So, why am I blogging about this? Let me list the ways...

1. Are they sending the right message to the general public? Yes, I want everyone to experience the thrill of finishing their first half marathon. No, I don't want people to think that they can go out and run a half marathon without proper training. Running at 200+ pounds is hard on the body and the mind. Just waking up one day and saying I'm running a half marathon today is not the best approach.
2. Is it fair that some ran track miles while others ran road? No, I don't think that's a fair comparison. There are a lot of differences between treadmills, roads and tracks. To be fair they all should have had the exact same terrain. That could drastically influence a person's time.
3. Did all of these people actually finish in the times given? If so I feel like a total failure...Here I am training for months, working hard and I can't beat these people that have only been exercising for 10 weeks. Man what a depressing thought.
4. Did they stress hydration? No! While they showed the contestants drinking a little bit here and there no one stressed the importance of hydration and fueling during a run this long. Again, I don't think this is responsible.
5. Do they lose sight of what's important? Yes, they need to focus on the healthy living aspect more and less on strategy and game play and money won. Of course the contestants want to win money - who wouldn't, but it can't be all about the money. How about showing more about how the contestants get through sweet cravings or being starving after working out so much, etc...

I have been a long time Biggest Loser watcher and there have always been little things like this that bother me, but this one got me. I guess it could be the fact that I'm still recovering from the Princess Half Marathon, but I just wish some of this stuff was portrayed a little better.

On the flip side, if I had the opportunity to run for $10,000 - I'd kill myself to win it :)! Hmm..maybe I should use that as motivation for my next half marathon. Where oh where will I find someone to donation $10,000 to me?

Just some food for thought!


Jeff W. said...

I often have mixed feelings during this show. Early in this season I was amazed at the amount of cross team support for one another. But in the past couple of weeks the gloves have started to come off.

Last weeks luxury get away was the one that really steamed me. Did everyone on the black team really go bonkers on their own...or did the producers egg them on? I mean that food and drink fest was insane. Why sabotage yourself so severly?

The other thing that bugs me more than just a little bit is the product placement. I like how they worked the edge gum ad in last night using Tara and her brother. You know that had to be scripted.

I feel that the two black team members that are training with Bob should either man up and train with their team or not participate in the challenges and rewards.

Ok sorry for the brief rant.

Congrats on your Disney Princess Half!

Amanda said...


Thanks for the congrats!

I appreciated your rant and you stated a lot of things that bug me too. The product placement is annoying and very scripted.

I know I've blown my fort plenty of times on my own, but certainly not that quickly in to the process and I can't imagine it would ever happen if I was dieting for money!

Chris said...

Kinda sounds like exploitation... I don't watch the show, but could understand why they'd spice it up every now and then to make for good T.V. watching. After all, the networks goal is viewership. If they can help make some people healthy in the process then it's just icing on the proverbial cake.

I think the goals and means of attaining them here at Team Voice are of a much more noble nature. Great people motivating themselves by a lifetime of being healthy...how much more noble does it get? I'd wouldn't trade the resting heart rate of 60 for any 10k....I feel mentally and physically stronger for being able to achieve it simply by wanting it! :-)

Great post, I like the ones that make me think (even though it hurts! ;-))

Rae! said...

I was so mad last night when I was watching the show. I know some of them run and stuff but it wasn't fair to the rest of the people in the show.
Plus we all need to remember they are in a gym 6-8 hours a day. We can not do that. I agree they need to show more personal side where they are having bad days, and the 2 guys that are clashing with Jillian, E and I both think they can't handle the trainer being a woman.
It's a love hate relationship with this show.

Amanda said...

Chris - You make a great point. I do run because I love that I feel so good afterwards (even when I'm in pain). It's all about the health and personal accomplishment for me.

Rae - I'm with you. I love and hate the show too. I watch because the transformations are amazing and there are some good tips and advice if you listen hard enough. Like you and E - I think the whole trainer thing is a bit ridiculous. If you were serious about learning a new lifestyle it wouldn't matter who was training you because you'll learn from the different styles!

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