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Monday, February 2, 2009

A Little More Personal Half Marathon Information

I wanted to comment on a couple of things that I didn't do a very good job explaining:

I do carry my own water on my long runs at home, but I don't like to carry it during races because the placement of water stops on the course actually makes me drink at much better intervals. If I carry it myself I tend to not drink it.

I never drink anything but water while running. The reason - I have sensitive stomach that does not tolerate sports drinks while running. I'm fine to drink them after the race, but during it is a bad thing. If you've ever been stuck on a long run with no restrooms in sight and something didn't sit well with your stomach you'll understand this :)!

I didn't mention this, but I did have a pack of Sports Beans with me. I consumed them around mile 8 and they did provide me with a good boost of energy. I have to be very careful with eating anything while I run as it just doesn't settle well with my stomach. I am experimenting with a few gels for the next half marathon, but I've yet to find one I can handle.

I also didn't mention this in my post, but I did stretch after I was done. I always stretch after I run and I just didn't mention it in the post (sorry I missed that part). I have a pretty good set of total body stretches that include standard runner's stretches as well as some Pilates inspired stretches that really loosen up the muscles and joints.

Recovery drinks are a matter of personal taste and opinion. I have tried many and I do use one occasionally at home, but I've found that as long as I get a good mix of carbs and protein within the first half hour after running that my recovery is the same as if I use a recovery drink. It also costs a lot less ;).

As for joints I am a Glucosamine/Chondroitin/MSM believer. I've been taking it for about a year and it has done wonders for my running. I rarely have hip problems any more and it does actually help my knees as well.

My biggest problem for this race was the fact that I really only trained for about three weeks...and that training was spotty at best. I got very complacent after the 15K in May and it was a mistake that I don't intend to repeat. During my short training period I also cut back on my speed and then when I got to the race I had this ridiculous goal in my head and I pushed way too hard.

Now that I've been through a half marathon I am really looking forward to the Princess half in March as I now know what I won't do to myself. While training has still been less than I would have liked, I feel 100% more ready for this race than I did the last. I'm sure that will make for a much better overall race experience!


Rae! said...

Yes I do know what is like in a race and no rest room around.I hit the wall in the tot13k. I do know. I havent run that race since then. Iwas so sick after the race, I had to be wheeled out in a wheel chair. I couldn't walk,I dont even remember much of the race after mile 5. I was sick all that night.
I take glucoamine/chondrotin with msm. I will swear by it.
The stuff I use for after the race for recovery is all natural and organic. And I have to say I can tell the difference from running drinking it after, and not drinking it. I just tell my story to everyone.
Glad to here the little things you left out. :)
I can't wait to meet you!

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