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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Disneyland 2008 1/2 Marathon Trip - Day 7

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I must be getting old or sick or maybe both. The cell phone rang at 8:15am and I had no desire to get up. I pulled out the laptop to do some work and at 9:45am I checked in for my flight home tomorrow - the one thing I dislike about Southwest is the groupings. At least when you have a reserved seat it doesn't matter as much when you get on the plane - unless you have to put your carry on in the overhead bins.

I was out the door by 10:00am and I walked over and went straight in to Disneyland. The goal for today was Peter Pan - well, that was quick there was only a ten minute wait. Fantasyland was calling to me so I rode Pinocchio, Snow White, and Alice all without any waits.

Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear were next and both were walk ons. Then Star Tours and back on Buzz again without waiting.

I headed over to go on Big Thunder, but the ride was down and they were evacuating people from it. That's never a good sign. Instead I went over and rode Pirates which was so quiet that I walked back out and back in because there was no one in the queue line at all.

I did Winnie the Pooh next - another walk on. I find the bees buzzing at the end of the ride a bit disturbing and I still like bouncing with Tigger at Walt Disney World better.

Splash Mountain was a five minute wait and I didn't even get very wet for a change. Although the put me in the back of the log with a big group and it was a little odd as they didn't get why they had a tag along with them - oh well, Disney newbies what are you going to do?

I thought Indiana Jones would be fun, but it was down. The Tiki Room was up and running so I headed over there instead. Have you ever noticed that the birds here don't breath the way they do in WDW - just something I found interesting.

Of course I was at the Tiki Room so I had to have a Dole Whip Float and Casey's was right up the way so a Chili Dog for lunch hit the spot. Again, the hot dogs are good, but I'm not sure what everyone is raving about. Maybe we just have too many good hot dog places in AZ?

Yeah, Indiana Jones is back up so I hopped in a 10 minute line. Still a great ride. They should incorporate a few more of the better effects from this ride in to Dinosaur in Animal Kingdom.

I knew I wanted to do some shopping, but I thought I'd do a quick check on the time board first. The park was so slow that they actually shutdown Space Mountain for the first part of the afternoon and said it would be back up later. I've never seen that before.

I did my shopping at Disneyland and said my goodbyes until next time and headed over to California Adventure.

Toy Story Mania was calling to me (big surprise) and I hopped in the single rider line. My first ride was 164800. Then I hopped in the stand by line and this time I ended up with 152400. Both rides I ended up beating my ride partner so I was happy. I did have a bottle of water between the rides as I was pretty parched.

It was after 4:00pm so I decided I'd do some more shopping at California Adventure and then I headed out of the park.

That was it - I was done with the parks for this trip. It always makes me a little sad, but I always look forward to coming back to see what is new.

Back to McDonald's for dinner - funny thing is, I never eat McDonald's at home. I guess it was just because it was convenient that I had it so often. I was very sick of it by the end of the trip though. For me the food options at California are just not as good as Florida, especially if you are trying to do it on a budget.

I headed back to the hotel to eat my dinner. I checked my email and at 7:45pm I was very thirsty so I headed down to the store to grab some more water.

I finished packing, took a shower and decided it was time for bed since Super Shuttle was scheduled to pick me up at 5:50am.


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