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Monday, February 2, 2009

Disneyland 2008 1/2 Marathon Trip - Day 6

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The cell phone alarm range at 8:15am, but I was already awake. I took a nice shower and got ready to head out for the day. I left the hotel at about 9:20am and headed out to walk to the park. I got in line and we were all let in California Adventure at about 9:35am.

So, what do I do first? Head straight to Burr-Bank Cones for my caramel mocha frappe and a cookie (chocolate chip today, even though I asked for white chocolate chip). I sat in the shade and enjoyed my totally bad for me breakfast until after rope drop at 10:00am.

Then I headed to Toy Story - no single rider line yet, but it only took about 10 minutes to wander through the queue. My first ride was 157000 - same as my highest score yesterday.

I went and walked on California Screamin'. Then back over to Toy Story - 173000 this time, my highest score yet!

Tower of Terror and Monsters Inc were both with no wait. Next up was Soarin' where I met a lovely older couple that got to California Adventure and Disneyland twice a week! Now that's how I want to spend my retirement.

I know, I'm addicted. I headed back over to Toy Story Mania. This time in line I met a local Mom and her daughter who came just to ride Toy Story. They were both very nice and I was able to give them some pointers on things to aim for. This ride was 166700 - I seem to keep hovering in the same range.

It is time for lunch and I need to rest my arm. I headed over to Pacific Wharf Cafe where I ordered a Shrimp Louie - it was a little odd as it was a salad that came in a bread bowl and an orange soda and a bottle of water.

Yep, I headed back over to Toy Story Mania - 157300 this time. I'm telling you if you like gaming and having interactive rides this one is super addictive.

Soarin' was a walk on again and so was Tower of Terror. I was going to Monster's Inc. again but it was closed. I figured I'd just go do Toy Story Mania again - nope, it's down too. I just stuck around and watched Mr Potato Head. I watched him remove his ear and put it back on - pretty cool! It's pretty amazing how he interacts with the crowd as well.

After about 1/2 and hour or so I went on California Screamin' again - another walk on. Then back to Tower of Terror where I met a Mom and daughter from Everett, WA (that's where I grew up). We had a great discussion and they were very friendly and nice.

The park was full of nice people and I so enjoy meeting new people at the parks. It's just fun and something that you can't do everywhere you travel.

Back to check on Toy Story and it's still down. So, I take one last ride on California Screamin'. I really do like that coaster, it's so smooth and fast.

I'm starting to get tired so I decided to do some shopping. Bought a few souvenirs and headed out of the park. I was still in a bit of a shopping mood so I headed over to Downtown Disney.

First stop, World of Disney - another addiction of mine. Why is it that every time I go in there I just can't live without so many things. I was going to make this a cheap trip - well, not so much after that stop!

I'm weighed down with shopping bags now and it's time to head back to the hotel. I was really tired and my legs were sore from all the walking and I needed some food. I dropped my bags off in my room and ended up buying more junk from the little store at the hotel for dinner. Yikes, my diet has been so bad this trip.

I ate some dinner, checked my work email, did some work, checked my personal e-mail - guess what, the pictures are up from the half marathon! I actually had quite a few great pictures this time, I'll end up buying quite a few from this one.

I packed up my clothes and the stuff I bought and hopefully won't go over the weight limit on my checked bag - fat chance of being that lucky I'm sure. Now it's time for some TV and reading and then it's bed time.

I'll check in for my flight at 9:45am in the morning and then I'll have a good last day at Disneyland. It's been a really nice trip and I think I just might be ready to think about training for the next half marathon ;)!


gogranniego said...

WOW! Sounds like you had a great day. One time on Buzz lightyear, I made 200000 but that was a one time deal. And toy story maina i did about 150000.
For the Princess we will not be staying on site. Just cant do it.
See you real soon! I have Team Voice shirts if you would one. They are 17.99 and five of it goes to Jonathan. I make nothing off of it. It is the wicking material and it keeps you cool and dry or dry and warm. That way we can see you out there for photos.

Rae! said...

That was me Rae, I didn't realize my Mother was still signed in. That is my Mom's blog name.

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