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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Disneyland 2008 1/2 Marathon Trip - Day 5

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The cell phone alarm went off at 8:15am and the wake up call came at 8:30am. I got up took a shower and just took my time getting ready to go this morning. I finally headed out the door at about 9:20am.

It was the same walk I've taken everyday so far - not too far, not too difficult and a good way to get the blood circulating in the morning. My knee is feeling much better today - still sore with certain movements and hills, but overall much better.

I headed straight to California Adventure and entered the park. My first stop was the bakery - are you sensing another trend here? No, the word diet doesn't exist for me when I'm at Disney. I had a cookie (white chocolate chip) and a Mocha Frappe with Caramel - so good! I grabbed a table and sat and enjoyed a wonderful morning while waiting for rope drop.

I headed straight for Toy Story Midway Mania and joined the line with everyone else. The line went all the way up the hill into Paradise Pier. Guess what - the ride is down. Now, do I wait or do I go ride something else? I decided to wait since this ride was my single goal for the day. It was down almost half an hour but then it started back up and the line was a constant walk.

This has to be the best interactive ride I've ever been on! I got 120,400 points my first time through. Here's a testament to how much I liked the ride - my scores for the day included: 120400, 150400, 120600, 134700, 157000. I thought I only rode four times today, but I wrote down my scores each time so I wouldn't forget them and apparently it was five times.

The first time on the ride I stood in the normal queue, but Mr. Potato Head is not barking, in fact his area is all covered up. I wonder if it was the ride that was down or if it was just Mr. Potato Head that wasn't working. Interesting - hopefully he's barking later.

Next I did the Sun Wheel which was a walk on. I'm sure some of you aren't surprised by this, but I actually enjoy the ride and yes I do sit in the swinging car. I got the biggest kick out of the barf bags the first time I went on the ride.

I walked on Mulholland Madness next. It's an okay ride, but I'm not a huge fan of the wild mouse style coasters - a little to jerky for my taste.

Soarin' was a walk on for the single rider line. Love the single rider line and Soarin' is one of my absolute favorite rides and I love the queue in California Adventure so much more than Epcot. It just has a more authentic hangar type feel to it.

I had to head over to Monster's Inc. It was a walk on. This is such a cute ride. It does feel like you're riding through the movie. Just a lot of color and fun.

Tower of Terror was next on the list and again another walk on. I hated this ride until they put in the hand holds on each side of the seats - although now it doesn't bother me at all even if I don't hold on.

Everyone raves about Award Wieners so I decided that a chili dog would be good for lunch at about 1:00pm. It was an okay chili dog. I would have been much happier to have chili cheese fries instead of potato chips, but it still filled me up and that's the important part.

I went over to the Animation Academy next and today was Minnie Mouse. Of course they say that anyone can learn to draw, but I tell you I have very little drawing talent so we'll call it a doodle instead of a drawing.

I thought I'd take a trip on California Screamin', but it was down so I headed over to Toy Story Mania and hopped in the single rider line. Then the coaster was back up and running so I took quick trip using single rider line. Such a great roller coaster. It's so smooth and the take off is fabulous. Then it was back to Toy Story Mania single rider line twice.

My arms are tired and I'm thirsty so I grabbed a bottle of water and a bench in the shade. I took another plunge on Tower of Terror then back over to Toy Story Mania. Soarin' single rider line was a walk on again so I did soar once again.

It was about time for dinner, but what do I want today. I headed back to the bakery to buy a sandwich and a muffin for later. Then I headed out of the park for the walk back to the hotel.

A stop at the store to grab more water and some chips to go with my sandwich and I was back in the room by 5:30pm. Ah, much better that was a pretty good dinner.

I made some phone calls home, checked my work e-mail and took care of some things and now I'm writing in my journal.

I think I'll watch some TV before bed. I did a lot of walking today as you can probably tell by my ride order and it was very sunny today and I'm a little bit sun burnt. I think tomorrow may be a park hopping day or a bit of a rest day. I'm not going to make any plans and just see how it goes.

It's been a great trip so far and I'm really enjoying having some me time.


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