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Friday, February 27, 2009

2008 Minnie Marathon Weekend - Day 4

Monday, May 5, 2008

Did I mention how bad my sunburn is? Oh, and that Mulan and Mushu were out at the 15K in Hollywood Studios?

Anyway, after a 20+ hour day yesterday the 6am alarm went unheard or turned off - not sure which. I was just too tired to get up and get going. I slept in 'til 8am then just hung out until 8:30am.

I got up made some decaf coffee and had some trail mix for breakfast. I got up, got dressed and stuffed my suitcase.

I was out the door by 9:15am and headed to the lobby. I had one of the valet attendants get me a cab and I was on my way to Pop Century - the journey cost $17 including tip. I didn't think this was too bad. I headed to check in and my luck was with me and I was given a room that was already ready. Room 2169 - 50' building 2, 1st floor. I am right by the bowling pin pool. I was a bit worried about noise but I think it will be okay.

A quick email check was in order since I wasn't able to log in at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. My dogs and birds are being good so far - YEAH! I took care of a little work then headed to the bus stop for Hollywood Studios. Wow - the line for the bus is huge!

Here comes a bus - no, make that two buses for us. I get on the second bus and it's standing room only. That's okay though, I'm thinking Hollywood Studios is going to be packed since it's evening extra magic hours tonight.

I got to the park a little after 11am. Bag check was quick and easy and I'm in the park. There does seem to be a lot of people here and I bet lines will be long. I decide to head straight for Tower of Terror - it says 30 minute wait and it took 30 minutes to get through the line and ride the ride. I was in the back far left if you were looking in the car. It was a great ride!

Next, I head over to Rock N Roller Coaster. The sign shows a 50 minute wait time, but it only took 30 minutes to go through the line and ride the ride. I'm in the very back row all by myself. Another great ride!

One of my favorites is The Great Movie Ride (though I think it could use some updating). The wait here is only about 10 minutes. I'm in the front row. We had a great driver and as usual I really enjoy soaking it all in.

The cool thing about today is that I'm noticing details in the queues and rides that I've never taken the time to look at or have just overlooked because I'm always in a hurry.

It's now after 1pm and I'm starving. I headed over to Sci-Fi Dine In to see if there are any openings. There are - yes! I only had to wait about 5 minutes to be seated. Okay, I'm not on my diet now...I had an Oreo Milkshake - one of my favorites here. Then I tried the baby back ribs with fries. It was a wonderful meal. A lot of people give this restaurant a hard time, but I've always had great service and a good meal with atmosphere. I do avoid desserts here as I've never had one I liked. Still, I'm completely satisfied and it was another good meal.

I headed over to Star Tours. It was so cold in this ride today - I was actually shivering. I really hope the rumors about an update are going to come true. While I enjoy this ride, it's so overdue to be updated.

Muppet Vision 3D is next. I have rarely even had to wait here, but today I actually had to line up outside of the building in the sun no less. I still really like this show, but I'm sorry to say that most of the 3D isn't very good to me. It's still a fun show to see.

I decided to wait for the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular and while it could use some updating I still like this show too. It was fun and I'm glad I waited to see it.

The Magic of Disney Animation was next on my list. I don't do this every time I am here, but I really love Mushu so I like to catch it now and again. I love doing the drawing session and today we did Eeyore. I've never drawn him and I still haven't...They can try but I cannot draw to save my life.

Back to Tower of Terror. The sign showed 20 minute wait and it was no more than 10 and I'm a single rider so I get on even faster. Top row, dead center! On one side I have a little girl that's never ridden before, on the other side another little girl that's never ridden before. We take our ride and on one side the little girl wants to do it again, and on the other side the little girl does not want to do it again. Both of these girls are so cute and handled the ride equally well considering the outcome.

I bought a pen (yes, the kind you write with) and headed back to R-N-R. Single rider line has me in a limo with no wait! I enjoy the ride again.

Okay, now it's time to do some shopping. Spent more money than I should have - again, what else is new!

It's 7:15pm and I decide to head out. I waited about 10 minutes for the bus and I'm on my way back to Pop Century. I stopped by the lobby concierge to see if I could get a morning ADR for Concourse Steakhouse - I'll take a cab over to the Contemporary. From there I'll head to the Animal Kingdom where I have an ADR for Yak & Yeti for an early dinner.

The day has come to an end, but I'm ready for another great day tomorrow.


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