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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

2008 Minnie Marathon Weekend - Day 2

Saturday, May 3, 2008

The alarm (wake-up call) came at 5am this morning and I was up and at 'em right away. I took a nice shower and got dressed for the 5K.

I left the room at 5:45am and headed down to the bus. I don't think I mentioned it in my first post, but I had booked a package with Anthony Travel and transportation to/from the events was included. I boarded the bus and sat there nervously as I still had to do my packet pickup.

The bus left the Animal Kingdom Lodge at about 6:10am and it was a quick trip over to the Epcot parking lot. I got off the bus and headed straight for packet pickup. First you had to go to a board and find your bib number (290) and then you signed your waiver. Then you headed over to pickup your packet. It included a nice bag, t-shirt and some literature. Next up the booth to get your timing chip.

I attached the chip to my shoe and did the bag drop for the rest of my stuff. Then I started towards the starting line. There are a ton of people here - it's amazing! The atmosphere is just so happy and exciting.

I found the 9 - 11 minute starting chute and found a place to stretch a little and wait.

The race started at 7am with Minnie counting us down - and we're off! For the amount of people running it was slow starting, but we were at least running albeit slowly. The pack started thinning out pretty quickly and running was pretty easy. I kept a nice, uncomfortable pace - faster than I intended to go. At mile 2.5 I had to take a little walking break. Then I kicked it back in and finished at a full run. The clock time was about 30:30 so it'll be interesting to see my official time.

The course was a lot of fun. Running around World Showcase was a lot of fun, but I really enjoyed seeing some of the backstage areas. I loved the cast members out on the course cheering us all on! That is really special.

After the race I had my picture taken with my finisher's medal, drank a bottle of water and stretched out after picking up my bag.

I headed back to the bus, sent a few text messages to family and friends and then boarded the bus to sit down.

The winner of the race finished in 18:36 - now, to me that's impressive. Want to hear the really impressive part - she is four months pregnant. She is amazing and she sat across from me on the ride back to the hotel. I can only dream of running that fast!

I was back at the hotel by 8:30am or so. I headed to my room to take a shower and lounge around until 10:15am. I got ready and headed out to the but to go to the Expo. On the bus there were two other people - the same two that were on Magical Express from the airport. We started chatting - they are from CA and she's run over 50 marathons and is a Chi Runner. Turns out she was presenting at the Expo. I was going to catch her presentation for sure.

I headed over to packet pickup, found my bib number (390), signed my waiver, got my pins and timing chip and then my goody bag and shirt. The shirts are really nice, but I got a large and it looks tiny (turns out it is).

I wandered around the Expo for a while, then went over to catch some presentations. I was there for the end of the 5K winner's presentation. She was just as amazing as a presenter as she was as a runner. The next presentation was about different stretches that can help strengthen the runner's core - it was okay. Then it was time to hear about Chi Running. I'm intrigued and want to know more - it's a different way of running for sure.

I checked out the vendors and booths and then decided to head out. I had never been to Wide World of Sports before this so I did a little shopping to get a pin. I notice a long line of people waiting for something - then I remembered the Disney Channel Games and Concert were happening tonight. Wow - looks like there will be plenty of people on hand!

I head out to wait for the bus. Turns out I don't have to wait to long and the Chi Runners are back too. We boarded the bus and had another nice chat on the way back to the resort. We parted ways and I headed back to my room.

It was a quick stop and then I headed down to Zawadi to some more shopping. There's too many fun things to buy here. I took my purchases back up to my room and then headed down to The Mara to grab some food. Guess who I ran into - the Chi Runners! I grabbed a burger, fries and some fruit.

It was time for a nice nap. I wanted to be rested for the race tomorrow. Rested and relaxed, I woke up and had some peanut butter so I could get a little more protein and some graham crackers for carbs.

Time to get my gear ready for tomorrow's race. Everything is out and ready to go. The alarms are set for 4am and as soon as I finish writing this I need to try to get some more sleep.

I'm nervous and excited, but I know that I can do this. I've been training hard and it's all going to pay off tomorrow!

NOTE:My scanner has gone to sleep permanently - I will post pictures as soon as I get a new scanner!


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